The Body Shop’s Aloe Protective Restoring Mask

I recently purchased the Body Shop’s Aloe Protecting Restoring Mask, and I reallllyyyy realllyyy likeeeee itttt!!

First of all, it’s recommended by Vogue, so obviously it must be good.  But, that’s not the reason I bought it.  I tend to have some redness sometimes on certain areas of my face, you can never tell with makeup on, but I don’t always want to wear makeup.  SO, I need something to combat this issue.  We all know aloe heals sunburn, so using aloe in a mask form for the face just makes sense.  Duh.

This mask is very cooling and refreshing, it doesn’t have that ‘stingy‘ feeling most masks do.  I’m using it weekly, and I hope to see results soon!  Although, if I don’t I don’t think I’ll necessarily mind, it’s just nice to use once a week to unwind, it’s very relaxing.  Anyway, the texture is very creamy, so it applies more like a moisturizer than your typical face mask does.

I think this mask will really show its true colors in the winter weather when everyone’s skin is battling the harsh coldness.  Hopefully it’ll keep me hydrated and glowly during the winter!

I def suggest this product, as always I love love love The Body Shop.  If you’re a little weary on the price just sign up for their emails, they’re always sending out coupon codes and deals — I recently saved over $70 and ended up paying only about $30 for my order.  Perfection, right?

The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector

I’m the ultimate hand washer, I’m always washing my hands, all the time — sometimes for no reason.  The only downside to this is it can be drying, even if using moisturizing hand soap.  SO, to combat this I started using The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Protector.  Similar to the Strawberry Shower Gel I wrote about the other day, I got this product in the Black Friday promotion bag.  It was a small travel version, I was surprised it had a ton of product in it — which can be unusual for lotion.  When I finished that up I got the big version, I keep it next to my bed, and I slather my hands in it every night before I go to sleep, and I wake up with super soft silky hands.

The Body Shop has a whole Hemp collection, but so far this is the only product I’ve tried.  The main ingredients are hemp seed oil (duh), glycerin, organic beeswax, allotonin, and panthenol.  All of these combine together to repair dry skin and help soften.  The hemp seed oil contains a ton of fatty acids, which helps return moisture to the skin.  I’d also suggest using this on elbows or knees if those are dry spots for you, I’ve never tried it, but I would think this would work great for those areas too.

The smell isn’t too great, but it’s not bad either….the most important part to me is the purpose of the product actually taking effect, which it does…so the smell doesn’t factor too much into my decision to keep using it or not.  I also suggest using only a small amount, and then more if you need too.  It can apply a little greasy, which is another reason why I only use it at night…it might not be too great for during the day when I’m touching things, etc.

PS: For $10 off a $20 purchase use code: June10 at

Summer Favorites

Now that summer is in full swing, I think I’ve found some new favorite summer products that I know I’ll be using nonstop for the next couple of months.  All links are included under the pictures enjoy!

I love love love tarte’s Lipsurgence Natural Lip Stain in ‘Peaceful’.  I got this in my Birchbox, April’s box I think, and I’ve been using it nonstop since I’ve gotten home from school.  This color is perfect on top of your lip balm- I know it looks a little dark in the picture, but it’s very natural looking on the lip, and is perfect for wanting a little color, but not too much on a hot summer day.  I love the way this product applies, and even though it’s called ‘lip stain’ it is non-drying, which is important for the summer, and it’ll last a super long time, no need to keep reapplying!

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The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Skin Boost

As I’ve said before, I love the Body Shop and all their natural, yummy-smelling, products.  One product I bought  to help boost brightness in these winter months was their Vitamin C Skin Boost serum.  Like everything else I own from The Body Shop, I really liked this silky serum.  We all read about how important vitamin C is for our skin, in addition to all the benefits of antioxidants from vitamin C it also helps to produce collagen, which keeps our skin looking young and healthy.
The main ingredients in the Vitamin C Boost are Brazil nut oil and camu-camu berries which supply the vitamin C .  I use this product in the morning before I apply my makeup.  I mix it in with my moisturizer and it leaves my skin looking silky and bright.  I think it pretty much acts as a good primer for skin as well, so I don’t really need an additional one after I apply this.
The smell is super citrus-y which is always a plus, especially in the morning when I’m still half asleep– and because it’s super concentrated, you only need a small amount to get the job done, which is great because then your product lasts longer!!
I really want to try out other products from The Body Shop’s Vitamin C line, like their Facial Radiance Capsules and  Microdermabrasion Facial.
PS: There’s a pretty good promotion going on right now (there always is at The Body Shop).
Buy 3 products, get 2 free
Buy 2 products, get 1 free
Buy 1, get 1 50% off

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Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment

I love the Body Shop for many reasons…products are natural, they participate in community trade, run great campaigns for social issues, and their products smell great (oh, and they have great sales too).  So far I’ve found that their skincare products work well, and it’s made me want to try more of their various skincare lines.  The first product I ever tried was the Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment, it’s a gel that’s oil-free which is exactly what I need.

The main ingredients are (duh, seaweed) but also antioxidants and vitamin b-2.  While the Body Shop says it can be used for all skin types, I would suggest a more normal-to-oily skin type would be best for this product as it really aims to control shine.

I count this product as a serum in my nighttime routine, so I use it after I cleanse (with my new Clarisonic of course!) and use my toner.  Then, I apply my eye cream and moisturizer after I layer on the Seaweed Clarifying Treatment.  You may not need a moisturizer after applying this treatment (actually, it’s considered a moisturizer so you shouldn’t need one), but I personally find I do in the winter…it’s never made me too oily by doing this.

I’m really looking forward to trying more products from their seaweed line, especially the seaweed clay mask!

December Favorites

I’m going to try to make sure I do a favorites post at the beginning of every month of the products, accessories, and whatever else I was obsessed with during the previous month– in no particular order! 

Essie ‘Bobbing for Baubles’ and Deborah Lippman ‘I Love the Nightlife’


I love these polishes so much and sported these nails on New Year’s Eve and a few more times throughout the past month.  I’m obsessed with the glitter, although beware, it’s not easy to take off.  At all. 
Wine Bites

I bought this book at the Water Club hotel in Atlantic City, they had an amazing store called Vintage, it was basically a wine tasting store with tons of choices and different tasting sizes.  They had a cute gift section and when I saw this book, Wine Bites, I knew I needed it.  For Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s I made their Salmon and Caper Dip.  I’ve also made their Crabmeat Dip and amazing little cheese puffs, fancy term, Gougeres. (All in the pics below)  I’m truly obsessed with this book it has amazing little appetizers and gives suggestions for wine pairings with each one. 

The Lovely Bones

I love to read books on my phone, it’s super easy and convenient to be able to read wherever I want to, whenever I want to.  Many people have told me how great this novel is, and I’ve been meaning to read it for a while now.  So far I’m loving this book, the story is heart wrenching, but it’s written so well– I’m sure the movie doesn’t do it justice.  If you’re interested check it out here on Amazon. 

I loveeeee the scent of this holiday body butter.  It’s not overpowering, and the smell of cranberry is great.  It was a perfect choice for the holiday season, and as always, the Body Shop’s body butter is great for the winter weather. 

Bvlgari’s Eau Parfumee White Tea

My mom bought this perfume a while ago, I has used it a few times, but for some reason I decided I really loved it so I basically stole it from my mom. You can find it at any department store, or here on the Sephora website.  According to Sephora it has notes of artemisia leaves, ambrette, white pepper, white tea, musk, and woody amber.  I think it smells clean and fresh, and you can wear it day or night.  It smells mature and classy, which sounds weird, but if you can a chance to try it out you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! 

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Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Mask

 I decided this was a perfect time to write about the Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Mask because…it’s currently on my face.  
If you don’t know, vitamin E is fabulous for your skin…and your body in general.  It’s an antioxidant which helps the skin battle pollution and sun damage.  It also seriously helps in the anti-aging category.  It can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and keeps the skin super hydrated.  Lastly, it can also help fade any scars you may have, for example any acne scarring.

It’s basically a super thick lotion, you apply it all over the face and leave it on for however long you’d like.  They suggest minimum 10 minutes…you can even sleep with it on if you have super dry skin and are looking for a serious treatment.  Also, you just tissue off the mask, no water required, which helps to allow the moisture to be locked in.
The main ingredients are vitamin E (duh), cotton seed oil, rice bran, and organic soya oil.  These other ingredients (besides the vitamin E) have repair and healing properties in them which is why the longer you leave it on, the potentially better results! 
I really love this mask and I try to use it once a week.  It’s very calming and cooling, unlike most masks that have the tingling feeling to them.  You have to remember the purpose of this mask is not to clear up skin or unclog pores– it’s to hydrate and repair aging or sun damage. 
This will be perfect to battle the harsh winter weather, even though we still have a few more months…keep this mask in mind!

The Body Shop Body Butter

I was in the Body Shop about a month ago and picked up their Body Butter which I’ve been wanting to try for awhile.  I was instantly hooked.  I chose the Pink Grapefruit body butter, I had a birthday coupon so I thought it was a perfect time to try out something new!
I knew the Body Shop was known for their body butters, most recently the Body Butter Duo, one side is regular body butter while the other side is formulated specifically for dry skin.  I’ll buy that the next time around to try out.
Anyway, the smell of the pink grapefruit is lovely for summer, and in the morning after I shower really wakes me up.  It’s super refreshing and natural.  Some people don’t like using a body butter in the summer, but I enjoy using it all year…I love the results it gives, my skin is always super soft and healthy looking.
The main ingredients are shea butter, cocoa butter, and glycerin.  When applying this moisturizer you can literally feel it melt into your skin, which proves just how much of these great ingredients it’s really made of.
There are so many different types of body butters, and they all serve different purposes depending on your skin type.  I have normal skin, which is why I can use this product all year round…and the pink grapefruit is in this category.  There are a bajillion different types, so click here to see which would be best for you!
PS: I’ve recently become obsessed with abuncha Body Shop products, and I’ll be doing a lot of reviews since I’ve been using them long enough now to have solid opinions. I love how the Body Shop supports community trade by getting ingredients from poorer countries to help villages generate income.  They also do not test on animals, and currently have a campaign running to raise awareness of human trafficking.
Watch this video to learn more about the Body Shop’s Community Trade efforts!