Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

All of the Burberry perfumes have always been my favorite.  But, oh em gee, I always heard about how amazing and incredible Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black was, so naturally, I felt I could no longer live my life without purchasing it.

Words cannot describe how in love I am with this perfume.  It is the most sophisticated, feminine, and sensual perfume I have ever come into contact with.  No lie.  I want to bathe in it…weird, but also true.

I originally just purchased the roller ball, which is great because it gave me time to figure out if I really wanted to purchase the full size bottle, AND I can literally bring the rollerball everywhere with me…which I do.
The Nirvana Black has strong notes of vanilla, violet, and sandalwood…the blend is just flawless and super sexy.  Bravo Mary-Kate & Ashley…bravo.

Side note: Who knew they’d go from Michelle Tanner to high fashion designers who make an ridiculously amazing fragrance??

Anyway, when layered with the Nirvana White both perfumes are just unstoppable.  I tried the combo out in Sephora and loved it, I just need to put aside some $$ before I go and purchase Nirvana White too!

I highly advise stopping by Sephora and trying out Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black, and White, but Black is def my top choice if you’re only going to purchase one.

Spring Scent: Burberry Brit Sheer

I’ve been a fan of Burberry Brit for way too long, I’m talking like maybe 8th grade I started using it??  Definitely throughout high school I did, and I still do now, it’ll always be one of my favorites.
Now that it’s no longer a polar vortex, although it is super rainy and cold as I type this, I enjoy switching to a lighter spring scent.  Burberry Brit Sheer is a super fresh scent that screams spring with the sheer pink bottle alone.
Burberry Brit Sheer, $86
Sheer is romantic and light, and I love the notes of white musk and peach blossom- each note contributes to the fresh and lightly fruity-floral smell, and of course, I love it all.
If you’re looking for a new spring scent, I’d give Burberry Brit Sheer a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed!
PS: Through May 11 Sephora Beauty Insider’s receive 3x points on fragrance purchases! 

Thursday’s Fab Five

Fab Five
Here are my favorites from the week!! XO

The Body Shop’s Hemp Body Butter
Cold winter = dry skin.  Hemp Body Butter = loved skin.  I can’t live without this and it was my favorite product during the polar vortex.  I kept hydrated and my skin never felt dry or flakey.  It’s amazing, go try some!  Check out my review of the Hemp Hand Cream here!
The Body Shop’s Warming Mineral Mask
I’ve written about this product before [see here], but it’s on my Fab Five list because I just ran out & I’m so sad!  This warming mask is fabulous.  I always make sure to, after the 20 minutes, massage it into my skin to really get the warming effect.  It’s been perfect for my sensitive skin and I need to buy another bottle ASAP!

Jawbone UP
Ms. Claus got me a Jawbone & I love it so much!! I’ve been trying really hard to remember to add in my food, etc- but I’m loving the tracking of sleep and walking.  So far so good & I’ll write up a real post about it some day soon.  I know I should’ve gotten the UP24, but I had already opened my UP and really, I don’t care.

Sephora Tote
This may seem silly, but I don’t care because I’ve been using it everyday.  I got this small tote when I ordered from the VIB sale a few months ago.  At first I didn’t think I’d have much use for it, but hello it’s the perfect lunch bag.

Burberry Brit Eau de Toilette
This is my signature scent, and while I left it to explore other perfumes last year, I’ve come to my senses (ha, get it) and I just can’t move on.  So, Burberry Brit is once again my everyday go to signature scent, yay!

August Birchbox!

That’s the theme of August’s Birchbox, which is appropriate for me since I’m preparing to move down to Arlington, Virginia and begin graduate school at GWU.  This month’s box was ahhhhmazing, and had tons of goodies that I ended up using right away, and am definitely thinking about purchasing in the very near future!
The first item I took out of my August box was Stila’s ‘forever your curl’ mascara.  Now, I typically only use benefit for my mascara (see my battle of the benefit mascaras here).  However, since stila is one of my favorite brands, and I’ve never tried their mascara, I was happy to see this!  The mascara def created a good curl, but I love extra va-va-voom in my mascara, and this one just didn’t cut it for me.  BUT, I still love stila! PS: I couldn’t get a good picture of it because of the shape of the bottle and how small it was.  
The next item I saw was the Shu Umeura Art of Essense Absolute Nourishing Protective Oil for hair.  Considering the retail price for this item ($68), I’m pretty sure I would not regularly purchase it, especially since I’m so loyal to Bumble and Bumble.  Nonetheless, it’s always great to try new products.  You can use this hair oil as a pre or post shampoo/ conditioner serum, or to help style on dry hair.  Multiusage is super important, and from what I have read about this product, it certainly accomplishes that.  I’ll let you know when I try it out!
Next we have my favorite product from this August box, Talika’s Oil-Free Lash Conditioning Cleanser.    I’ve never heard of this brand before, which is why I love Birchbox so much, it allows me to try new brands I might not find otherwise!  Anyway, with the amount of mascara I wear on a daily basis sometimes I worry about my lashes.  I try to take off my mascara every night, but some nights when I don’t end up going home it’s not always easy…especially since it’s waterproof!!!  This lash cleanser is also a conditioner, nourishing lashes and restoring some of that wear and tare from both applying mascara, and then removing it.  I will definitely be purchasing this from the Birchbox store!
I was surprised to see the Schick Hydro Razor in this month’s box, but alas, this is an important part of beauty upkeep.  The Hydro Razor, keyword hydro, is supposed to moisturize legs for up to two hours after shaving, and it uses five blades for a super close shave.  I am extremelyyy loyal to my Schick Intuition, and have been for years.  Although using this razor was fine, I know I won’t be leaving it’s cousin Intuition anytime soon! 
The last sample is Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy La Fleur — which I have used samples of in the past.  It’s very fruity, super girly smelling, which is fun but I don’t love it as an everyday scent.  The fact that it’s so sheer though, good for end of summer and beginning of fall, is nice and keeps it light. 

So Hooked On Carmella

When Benefit came out with their perfume line last year I was super excited to try all of the scents out.  I ended up getting a sample pack, with the first four fragrances, for Christmas last year.  Now that I’m almost out of my samples, and I’m dying , I figured I’d talk about them a little bit!

Benefit is seriously expanding and becoming a mega cosmetic company.  Between their fragrance line, new and popular skincare line, and their cute and colorful packaging of their cosmetics, this company knows what’s doing to attract a loyal audience.


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