Woah There, 2020…

Well this is awkward coming back here after months on hiatus! Let’s just dive right on in…

Back in the spring virtual teaching during a pandemic took up a lot of my time and energy. Planning and then teaching on the computer daily wore me out, by the time 3pm rolled around I had no desire to even look at a screen. I did however cook a lot, read some great books and stay ridiculously dedicated to my AM & PM skincare routines. During quarantine I def got into a great rhythm, it just didn’t involve writing, or making time for writing, and I’m ok with that.

The fall of 2019 started a peace of mind for me that I hadn’t felt in years. Living in an insanely toxic environment had made me numb to everything around me. Now, living in a healthy and happy environment has allowed me to thrive like no other. Physically, spiritually, socially and financially my life has been at its all time best and I’m so thankful for that.

2020 has had its fair share of surprises for us all- it has made me appreciate friends, family and all that I’ve been blessed with more than I ever had. Aside from needing to figure out how to teach virtually, and constantly wondering how our society has gone to complete shit, I haven’t had any huge pandemic inconveniences. I have more tutoring clients than ever, my yoga practice has strengthened, and I’ve spent quality time catching up with old friends thanks to Zoom. & then 2020 had another huge surprise for me in early June…

After wondering where the hell my period was my friend convinced me to take a pregnancy test. I thought it was pointless but I was honestly wondering why it’d been over a month and nothing was happening- I kinda thought “Oh I’m almost 30, maybe my body is just changing…”. Well, in typical 2020 fashion, the pregnancy test came back positive and I just about died on my bathroom floor next to my dog. So yes, another reason I’ve been so MIA from the blog is because…I’m pregnant!

*Cue all quarantine jokes…le sigh*

It’s been quite the journey since June and honestly all of it has been great…it’s just…a lot! I’ve been in a relationship for some time now but I’ve been enjoying keeping it private. My time with him has been so peaceful and happy- we’re just really chill people who enjoy really chill things. Close friends know him, but there’s been something special about not advertising anything and keeping life low key. This pregnancy was certainly a surprise, but also a huge blessing for the both of us. Life works in mysterious ways and this is absolutely proof!

I plan on getting back to reviewing products, I have so many I’ve been using lately. & I also plan on using Love. Life. Beauty. as a space to share more of my everyday life including pregnancy tips and tricks for beauty, health and whatever else I think would fit well here. So, stay tuned for what’s in store…I’m excited to get back in the swing of things!

PS: We’re having a GIRL which is just the MOST exciting thing ever!


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