Derma E Blue Shield Spray & Serum

Before I get into today’s post…how are you doing? I know the world is quite crazy right now, and it’s important we’re checking in with one another and making sure we’re all doing alright. With that being said, I know a lot of us are working from home now. Teaching online is certainly different, but I’ve been trying to do the best I can with what I’ve got. I’ve been at my computer a lot more than the norm, have you been? I thought today would be the perfect time to highlight two products by Derma E designed to protect your skin when exposed to a lot of blue light.

If you haven’t heard of blue light it’s certainly a current buzz word for wellness. For one, we have blue light blocking glasses to protect our eyes from our tech toys. The glasses help to block the blue light penetration to the retina which can be harmful. The newest blue light trend though seems to be in protective skincare from this light.

Derma E has some products aimed at reducing the digital pollution our skin is exposed to daily. With a facial spray and serum Derma E has formulated products that highlight Lutein, which is a skin protectant from free radicals and “blue light aggressors”. So, think sunscreen but from your laptop & cell phone!

I’ve been using the Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum daily in the morning. I used to use it every once in a while when Derma E first sent the product, but now that I’ve been WFH I’m using it daily in my morning skincare routine. In addition to the Lutein, this serum also highlights blue green algae, activated charcoal (a favorite of mine) and ginseng extract as ingredients. I wish they had a blue light shield moisturizer so I could follow up with that, but they don’t (yet?). This Derma E serum reminds me of their other serums, all of which I’m a huge fan of because of their texture and skincare focus.

After applying the Blue Light Shield Serum and an SPF moisturizer in the morning I follow up with the Derma E Blue Light Shield Spray. I usually do this as I apply makeup, most often when I’m blending my concealer. This hydrating mist adds another layer of protection with the lutein and blue green algae ingredients. I also like to keep it on my desk through the day, it’s super refreshing and cooling on the skin after staring at my laptop for hours on end. Similar to the serum, the spray also has activated charcoal and ginseng root extract to give my skin a mini detox midday.

You can find both of these products on the DermaE website, which is also 3.5% cash back on Rakuten! If you don’t have an account with Rakuten, you can sign up for one here!

Derma E Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum | $22.50

Derma E Blue Light Hydrating Mist | $17


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