Recipe Wednesday: Home Chef’s Popular Pepper Shrimp

When the pandemic started and food options were somewhat limited I decided to join Home Chef & I’ve been obsessed ever since. I had tried other meal delivery services before and didn’t love them- but with Home Chef, I’ve really enjoyed the recipes, freshness of ingredients and quality of meat. I like how I can plan my meals out weeks ahead and make modifications to the type of meat I want. I’m always impressed with the variety of recipes Home Chef has to offer and I’ve always been able to find multiple meals to add to my delivery!

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Grief is…Strange.

End of January I shared some pretty sh*tty news on here, I lost my daughter Aaliyah at 31w pregnant. Love. Life. Beauty. will certainly be taking a new direction with some posts- a direction I never thought would touch me. I want to share both my grief journey and my new every day life, which, believe it or not, still kinda involves skincare and makeup. It’s a super weird and interesting dance between living daily life and just wanting to do absolutely nothing.

If you’ve experienced loss, any type of loss, I’m sure you know this feeling. When we lose someone we love we mourn and we grieve. I really didn’t focus on the difference between the two until they both totally smacked me in the face. Do you know the difference?

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When Love. Life. Beauty Turns to Love. Life. Loss

Writing this post absolutely sucks. Ab-so-lutely-f-ing sucks. Over the summer I shared how happy, and surprised, I was to find out I was pregnant. All those initial feels of shock quickly switched to over the moon excitement and planning overdrive for all things cute & fun. Finding out we were having a girl really put me to next level excitement. I’d have someone to give my beautiful handbags to, an ever present nail salon date and a beautiful girl I could educate on the importance of top notch skincare. Plans were made, a beautiful baby shower was had, the vintage Winnie the Pooh nursery ready to go.


All of these incredible plans came to a sudden halt the night of November 28 when I was exactly 31 weeks pregnant. I won’t go in to detail on this post, but my daughter no longer had a heartbeat. All of those dreams I had for her, and quite honestly for us, went right out the f’ing window in a matter of seconds. My constant thoughts of future play dates and ridiculously cute outfits instantly changed to constant thoughts of, “oh, I’ll need to deliver a sleeping baby”. It’s weird how your brain needs to make that sudden shift…and still somehow survive after it.

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Thursday’s Fab Five

I’m so happy to be writing a Fab Five for today! I missed this so much! Here are five products I’ve been using just about daily for the past couple of weeks.

Bath & Body Works ‘Fresh Fall Morning’ 3-Wick Candle, $24.50

My candle game since quarantine has been ridiculously strong. Now that it’s fall, my candle game is just out of control & I have no regrets. Every time Bath & Body has some sort of candle special I head to the mall to pick up at least two more. Teaching from home means a lit candle at all times – my home smells like the epitome of autumn and I couldn’t be happier. Of course, Sweater Weather and Leaves are two of my faves, but Fresh Fall Morning has been my most recent and I loveeeeeee it! It’s woody with a hint of apple, and I love lighting it at 7am while sipping my decaf Nespresso while watching GMA. If you aren’t signed up for Bath & Body Works emails, sign up now, so you can stay updated on any and all candle sales. DO NOT BUY any candles from Bath & Body Works without a special going on- just wait a week and I can guarantee they’ll either be half price or BOGO.

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Hair Must Have: Briogeo Scalp Scrub

The Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Microexfoliating Scalp Scrub has been a total lifesaver for my scalp recently. Thankfully pregnancy hasn’t been rough on my skin at all, the only skin change I’ve noticed is my scalp gets oily way quicker than it used to.

I typically go for 4-5 days before washing my hair and now I need to wash it every 2 days. My scalp is all of a sudden oily and I really can’t stand it. I have a great shampoo & conditioner I’m using (more on that next week) but I felt like I needed a scrub to help detoxify my scalp. I was browsing Sephora a couple of weeks ago and asked for suggestions and the Briogeo scrub was immediately brought up.

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Vitamins, Vitamins, Vitamins

In case you missed my last post, I’m pregnant! Cue all the pink confetti in the world!

Today I want to talk about vitamins. Vitamins are super important for our every day lives but even more so during pregnancy. I was pretty good about taking vitamins pre-pregnancy, but now I’m a vitamin psychopath & very proud of it!

When I was 18 I had a gynecological procedure done & was told it would probably be a challenge to get pregnant in the future. I honestly thought about that all the time through my 20s and so I had originally always wanted kids young because I thought I had a better chance. Well, thank the good Lord that never happened, but as I approached my late 20s I began to question my chances.

I had no idea when my time would come (and def didn’t think it would be May 2020) but I wanted to make sure my body was constantly prepped with vitamins and nutrients needed. I’ve always taken fish oil, B12, and had been taking D3 off & on, but I also added folic acid to my daily vitamin mix about a year ago. I’m going to go into the benefits of these vitamins below, but just wanted to start out by sharing I had already been taking these for quite some time before becoming pregnant.

After finding out I was pregnant I immediately started researching other vitamin options to add to my daily mix. I’ve added a daily prenatal, choline, and magnesium. I’ve been taking these every day and I’ve no ill feeling side effects from any of them. My iron levels are normal, so I never added an iron supplement. If you have low iron levels you will definitely want to talk to your doctor about either incorporating more iron rich food or a supplement. Iron supplements aren’t the most fun for our bodies, so I’d steer more toward iron rich foods such as leafy greens, apples, dates and lentils.

I truly think stocking my body with all of these different vitamins helped curb any potential morning sickness. Maybe I just got really lucky in that area, but I had 0 morning sickness. Literally, 0…and that’s with a girl! We 100% thought she was a boy (and were calling her one for weeks before finding out) because I had no sickness and felt so great the entire time. I’m starting to think, and my midwife said it’s a possibility, I avoided morning sickness because of my vitamin cocktail intake. Of course, who knows if that’s why, but if it is, that’s an easy thing to add to your daily pregnancy to do list!

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Woah There, 2020…

Well this is awkward coming back here after months on hiatus! Let’s just dive right on in…

Back in the spring virtual teaching during a pandemic took up a lot of my time and energy. Planning and then teaching on the computer daily wore me out, by the time 3pm rolled around I had no desire to even look at a screen. I did however cook a lot, read some great books and stay ridiculously dedicated to my AM & PM skincare routines. During quarantine I def got into a great rhythm, it just didn’t involve writing, or making time for writing, and I’m ok with that.

The fall of 2019 started a peace of mind for me that I hadn’t felt in years. Living in an insanely toxic environment had made me numb to everything around me. Now, living in a healthy and happy environment has allowed me to thrive like no other. Physically, spiritually, socially and financially my life has been at its all time best and I’m so thankful for that.

2020 has had its fair share of surprises for us all- it has made me appreciate friends, family and all that I’ve been blessed with more than I ever had. Aside from needing to figure out how to teach virtually, and constantly wondering how our society has gone to complete shit, I haven’t had any huge pandemic inconveniences. I have more tutoring clients than ever, my yoga practice has strengthened, and I’ve spent quality time catching up with old friends thanks to Zoom. & then 2020 had another huge surprise for me in early June…

After wondering where the hell my period was my friend convinced me to take a pregnancy test. I thought it was pointless but I was honestly wondering why it’d been over a month and nothing was happening- I kinda thought “Oh I’m almost 30, maybe my body is just changing…”. Well, in typical 2020 fashion, the pregnancy test came back positive and I just about died on my bathroom floor next to my dog. So yes, another reason I’ve been so MIA from the blog is because…I’m pregnant!

*Cue all quarantine jokes…le sigh*

It’s been quite the journey since June and honestly all of it has been great…it’s just…a lot! I’ve been in a relationship for some time now but I’ve been enjoying keeping it private. My time with him has been so peaceful and happy- we’re just really chill people who enjoy really chill things. Close friends know him, but there’s been something special about not advertising anything and keeping life low key. This pregnancy was certainly a surprise, but also a huge blessing for the both of us. Life works in mysterious ways and this is absolutely proof!

I plan on getting back to reviewing products, I have so many I’ve been using lately. & I also plan on using Love. Life. Beauty. as a space to share more of my everyday life including pregnancy tips and tricks for beauty, health and whatever else I think would fit well here. So, stay tuned for what’s in store…I’m excited to get back in the swing of things!

PS: We’re having a GIRL which is just the MOST exciting thing ever!


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Budget Beauty: Ponds Cold Cream

My BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Heather, swears by Ponds Cold Cream. Cold cream was my go to years & years ago, but with so many makeup removing products on the market I honestly forgot about it. I was recently out of makeup removing cleansers and decided to pick up Ponds Cold Cream while perusing Target one day. I 100% forgot how much I love this product and I am SO HAPPY it’s now back in my skincare routine.

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Budget Beauty: Bioré Rose Quartz Charcoal Cleanser

I don’t know about you, but I’m flying through all my beauty products! Which, in my opinion, is a great thing because it means I’m making more room for new products once this quarantine craziness is over!

The one product I’ve been using recently that’s newer to me is the Bioré Rose Quartz Charcoal Cleanser. This is a perfect pandemic Budget Beauty buy because you can find it in stores that are still open like grocery stores and drugstores!

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Derma E Blue Shield Spray & Serum

Before I get into today’s post…how are you doing? I know the world is quite crazy right now, and it’s important we’re checking in with one another and making sure we’re all doing alright. With that being said, I know a lot of us are working from home now. Teaching online is certainly different, but I’ve been trying to do the best I can with what I’ve got. I’ve been at my computer a lot more than the norm, have you been? I thought today would be the perfect time to highlight two products by Derma E designed to protect your skin when exposed to a lot of blue light.

If you haven’t heard of blue light it’s certainly a current buzz word for wellness. For one, we have blue light blocking glasses to protect our eyes from our tech toys. The glasses help to block the blue light penetration to the retina which can be harmful. The newest blue light trend though seems to be in protective skincare from this light.

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