Revitalize Your Skin with When Face Masks

Face masks are my thing, seriously my face mask collection is growing at a rapid rate, and I’m loving every minute of it.  For me, the ritual of the face mask is the best part, whether it is a Tuesday night or midday Sunday, face masks are relaxing and give me time to pamper my skin.
Sheet masks are having a moment, and it makes sense.  The ease of pulling out a mask, already soaked in goodness targeted for your skincare needs, and the no mess clean up of it all is so appealing for women constantly on the go.  Also, I’ve found sheet masks are totally addicting.  I love searching through Sephora for some new masks to try, particularly Korean sheet masks, which are all the rage.

I was so excited to try out a couple masks from When recently, I know Sephora & Ulta carries this brand, so it is crazy easy to obtain these masks (also, Anthro & Birchbox sell When online) and now that I’m branching into Korean skincare products it was perfect timing.  Everything I had read about the quality of When the masks was positive, for example, they’re vegan, & they have a great variety of masks to target different skincare needs.  Also, I love the bright & punchy packaging, they look so exciting to use!  I was able to pick out two masks, so I chose Snow Magic, to brighten my skin, and 10:00 PM to replenish my skin.
The When sheet mask leaves plenty of room for eyes & mouth while not being too big.
All of the When face mask sheets are made from a fermented coconut juice, the sheets themselves feel better on my skin then other sheets I have used, and I found that for each When face mask the size and shape of the sheet was the best I’ve ever used.  The fit of the mask on my face was perfect, I barely had to adjust it at all and it was so comfortable.
The first mask I tried was the Snow Magic, I felt my skin looked a bit lackluster and blah, so I was looking forward to this brightening me up a bit.  Ginseng and hyaluronic acid are responsible for refreshing the skin, while niacinamide works to brighten.  I kept the mask on for about 20 minutes, it’s tempting to want to leave it on longer but I know that that isn’t always the best idea.  I never had to adjust the mask at all, or worry about any of it getting into my hair, as I said, the sheet fit perfectly. 
 When I took off Snow Magic, I was shocked by how magical my face truly looked.  I was noticeably brighter the second I removed the mask, I was so impressed!  I’ve used quite a few masks that promise to and sometimes successfully deliver instant brightening, but this one, in a sheet mask, takes the cake for $7.  I would def repurchase this and use it before a big glam night out to give my skin an extra oomph.  

The second mask I used was the 10:00 PM, designed to restore and revitalize tired skin.  For me, that’s after a hectic teaching workweek…which is, just about every work week.  Similarly to Snow Magic, 10:00 PM has ginseng and hyaluronic acid, but it also contains collagen & watermelon extract to help improve elasticity.  Watermelon extract sounded so great, I don’t think I’ve used any type of mask with this ingredient before, so that was nice & new.  
Once again I was very impressed with the look and feel of my skin after using this When face mask.  My skin felt so soft, hydrated, and fresh looking.  I felt I looked alive again, which is just what I was going for…see ya later tired skin!
When is sold at Sephora & Ulta, so go check out their line of sheet masks next time you’re out shopping, at $7 each, they seriously do not disappoint!!
[Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post powered through Brandbacker.  I received this product to review.  All opinions are my own.]

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