Vitamins, Vitamins, Vitamins

In case you missed my last post, I’m pregnant! Cue all the pink confetti in the world!

Today I want to talk about vitamins. Vitamins are super important for our every day lives but even more so during pregnancy. I was pretty good about taking vitamins pre-pregnancy, but now I’m a vitamin psychopath & very proud of it!

When I was 18 I had a gynecological procedure done & was told it would probably be a challenge to get pregnant in the future. I honestly thought about that all the time through my 20s and so I had originally always wanted kids young because I thought I had a better chance. Well, thank the good Lord that never happened, but as I approached my late 20s I began to question my chances.

I had no idea when my time would come (and def didn’t think it would be May 2020) but I wanted to make sure my body was constantly prepped with vitamins and nutrients needed. I’ve always taken fish oil, B12, and had been taking D3 off & on, but I also added folic acid to my daily vitamin mix about a year ago. I’m going to go into the benefits of these vitamins below, but just wanted to start out by sharing I had already been taking these for quite some time before becoming pregnant.

After finding out I was pregnant I immediately started researching other vitamin options to add to my daily mix. I’ve added a daily prenatal, choline, and magnesium. I’ve been taking these every day and I’ve no ill feeling side effects from any of them. My iron levels are normal, so I never added an iron supplement. If you have low iron levels you will definitely want to talk to your doctor about either incorporating more iron rich food or a supplement. Iron supplements aren’t the most fun for our bodies, so I’d steer more toward iron rich foods such as leafy greens, apples, dates and lentils.

I truly think stocking my body with all of these different vitamins helped curb any potential morning sickness. Maybe I just got really lucky in that area, but I had 0 morning sickness. Literally, 0…and that’s with a girl! We 100% thought she was a boy (and were calling her one for weeks before finding out) because I had no sickness and felt so great the entire time. I’m starting to think, and my midwife said it’s a possibility, I avoided morning sickness because of my vitamin cocktail intake. Of course, who knows if that’s why, but if it is, that’s an easy thing to add to your daily pregnancy to do list!

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Are You Taking Evening Primrose Oil? You Should Be.

One of my 2018 resolutions has been to take more supplements and vitamins to keep me nice and healthy.  I’ve been incorporating a daily multi-vitamin, which I’ll share in another post, but I’ve also been adding in Evening Primrose Oil pills daily too.

Photo: Pixabay

If you’re unfamiliar with evening primrose oil, it’s best known as being a great supplement to take for hair, skin, & nails.  The beauty girl vitamin so to speak.  Well, it does much more besides help grow your hair longer…

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