Giveaway: Tree of Life Serum Pack

It’s a Fri-yay…AND a holiday weekend!!  YAY!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Instagram Valentine’s Giveaway I just took part in with a few other bloggers.  I have yet another giveaway opportunity for everyone, this time with Tree of Life Skincare! 

I’ve been using a mixture of the Tree of Life Serums for about 3 weeks now.  The brand was nice enough to send me their Anti-Ageing Serum Combo Pack, which includes three serums that I’ve been using both in the morning and the evening.  I’ve been switching them out to use them all evenly.  Talk about a major punch of great ingredients…

The Hyaluronic Acid Serum has been my go to in the evening to help my skin’s texture and overall appearance.  This is an ingredient I always make sure is somehow imbedded into my nighttime routine, and I am so happy this serum is, for a lack of a better term, specifically dedicated to it.  

I’ve been switching back and forth between this serum and the Retinol serum at night.  Retinol is another great ingredient to boost elasticity, increase moisture, and increase Vitamin A in the skin.  I’ve been using retinol in my nighttime routine for months now and the changes I have seen in my skin have been incredible.  I feel like my skin looks healthier and brighter in a way that I had not noticed before.

The last serum in the pack is the Vitamin C Serum, which is perfect for the morning.  Vitamin C helps to brighten your skin, fight free radicals, and up antioxidants.  It’s a great refreshing step of my skincare routine and I really look forward to it every morning.  

I love serums like these where you use a dropper, I can easily control how much I’m using.

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