Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer

I’ve recently gone on a primer binge.  I used to not apply primer before work in the morning…well, more like some days I would (i.e. if I was going out after work) & others I wouldn’t.  
I apply my makeup around 6:30am and my day ends around 5:30pm…seriously, my makeup wasn’t cutting it for 11 hours.  Between the temperature of my classroom, doing 500 things in the span of 7 hours, and not always hydrating as much as I should be I felt like I looked like a mess by 5pm- it didn’t even look like I had any makeup on.
My solution?  Purchasing a high quality primer.
I’m really into color correcting products since I have rosacea, so I figured I’d give the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer a try.  I have used the standard Photo Finish Primer before, so I already knew it was a great product.  I was hoping the Color Correcting Primer would give me just a bit more oomph and conceal any redness.
The first rule with this product, and any primer, but I really notice it with this one…is to let your moisturizer/ eye cream completely dry before applying it.  The primer won’t stick and it’ll feel kinda wet/ slippery if you try to apply it over skincare products that haven’t completely set yet.
As far as the color correcting aspect, I expected more.  It did tone down redness a little bit, but I had much higher expectations.
After using this primer my makeup applied super smooth and even.  Although I’m bummed out about the lack of color correcting this Smashbox Primer does, I am impressed with its ability to allow makeup to last all day without feeling like it slid off my face.
I can’t speak to the other colored Smashbox Foundation Primers working the way they claim to, but I do know that overall the Smashbox Foundation Primer line is amazing at doing it’s primary job, creating a great canvas to helping makeup last.

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Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

I’m a huge Smashbox fan, I love their primers, and most recently I’ve been over the top obsessed with the Full Exposure Mascara.  I never use false lashes, I’m super lucky in that I don’t need to, my lashes look crazy big just with mascara.  Since I create dramatic lash looks…basically daily…I need a mascara that’ll deliver length, volume, and curl.  Anddddd, since I use mascara daily, it’s super important for me to have some type of nourishing qualities in the mascara I’m using.  I’ve used a few in the past (I won’t name names) that’ve just completed dried out my lashes, and then I get super sad.

The Full Exposure Mascara gives amazing length and volume, and contains olive oil to help keep lashes hydrated healthy.  I also really love the wand, it covers all my lashes in one sweep, and while the formula itself for this mascara does not clump, the wand doesn’t cause any clumping either.
In terms of color, the Full Exposure Mascara is offered only in black, which is fine with me, I’ve never used any other color, and don’t plan on it either.  It’s “Jet Black” and I think the color lives up to its name just perfectly.  I do a ton of coats, just because I’m over the top like that with how my eyes look…I’m sure the average person puts about two of this on.

My one gripe, and it’s not even a big deal to me personally, is that this mascara is not waterproof.  I don’t plan on jumping into any pools with this on, but I’m just sayin’, it’s something to be aware of.  I don’t really care for waterproof mascaras, I find they really dry out my lashes and I hate the process of getting it all off.  Butttttt, I know some people are particular about their mascara staying on no matter what, so I just wanted to throw that in there.

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Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35

By now I am sure you all have heard of/ are on the BB [beauty balm] Cream train.
This product will totally/completely/ without a doubt make you camera ready.  I’m pretty sure Smashbox is holding the crown for being one of the most popular BB creams out there right now.  
First off, it has SPF 35, so that’s fabulous as we should all be wearing SPF daily…but I’m sure you already knew that.  It’s super lightweight and perfectly blend-able.  Bonus: it comes in five shades so, hopefully, you wouldn’t have trouble finding your perfect match. 
Your treating your skin by moisturizing and priming…you’re protecting with the SPF…and your covering up flaws with the tint.  I’ve found the Smashbox BB Cream helps to create a great canvas for makeup application…and it’s also fine totally on its own without makeup.  I generally only wear this bb cream while at work, I’ll add some NARS Orgasm Multiple during the day to add some color if I feel like it, but I find I don’t need concealer and I don’t even need bronzer.
The best part about the Camera Ready BB Cream is that you will definitely notice a difference in your skin’s texture and appearance over the course of using it..and that’s the point of a beauty balm, you’re treating your skin while still using it as a “makeup”.  Think of how important your nighttime skincare ritual is and all the construction work that does, and translate that to bb cream during construction work during the day.
PS: While many bb creams tout themselves as being your only morning process, I still use AM moisturizer before applying the bb cream.  Try doing this, if you feel you’re too shiny or just aren’t happy with the appearance don’t do it, but I think you’ll find an added benefit in using your daily moisturizer and then applying your bb cream!

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