SkinCeuticals Skin Retexturing Activator

Yes, of course I’m going to talk about yet another serum…serums are life, and when my skin is looking incredible when I’m 60+ years old, I will owe it all to the variety of serums I’m using now.  The new one I want to tell you about today is a bit on the pricey side, but for my summer skin desires, it’s exactly what I need.
SkinCeuticals is a great brand, I discovered them at Blue Mercury a few years ago, and have mostly just used samples of a few of their products.  I was lucky enough to receive a full size Retexturing Activator in a Blue Mercury swag bag…as much as I want to buy an $80 serum, it’s not in my budget right now…unfortunately. 
I’ve been using this serum for about a month, daily, and the results have been awesome.  First, the major difference in this serum compared to your average serum, is that it is an exfoliator.  So, for me, this is ideal in my summer routine when I’m constantly worried about oily skin, or buildup from sunscreen, or even sweat.  It’s oil-free, another obvious plus, and is packed with amino acids that help to promote cell turnover.

Now, I know it’s summertime, which may mean our bodies are getting a ton of vitamin D from the sun, and this could present an issue if you don’t use this product properly.  Since the ingredients are a bit on the strong side, it may irritate sunburn and/or make your skin more sensitive to sunburn.  However, I’ve been fine using this product, I’m just sure to use the proper amount of SPF in the morning, and reapply as needed through the day if I know I’ll be at the beach or pool.
Since using this product I’ve noticed a great difference in texture, my skin feels super smooth and balanced.  I feel hydrated without feeling oily or sticky, and I think it’s helped manage my hormonal acne I sometimes have to deal with, which is huge for me because rarely do I find a product that helps manage this.  Most of the time I need to just wait it out!  I’ve also noticed that my skin looks more radiant and bright, I really noticed this change when I began using the product twice a day instead of just at night.  Using it the recommended twice daily will seriously amp up the results.
Another great aspect of the Retexturing Activator is that it works for all skin types: dry, oily, sensitive, combination, etc.  Yes, despite the ingredients, sensitive skin can still handle it!!  If you’re trying to combat dehydration, acne, aging, or discoloration I highly advise you try this out…if you don’t mind dropping a pretty penny! 
Since it is such a powerful product, the price tag does make sense.  SkinCeuticals is a high end brand that is known to have top of the line products.  The application dropper helps you manage how much you use, which means you won’t be using too much of the product and wasting it…which is super important with an expensive product like this.
Stop into Blue Mercury and test it out, it’s truly an amazing product that will get your skin in tip top shape!!

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