Remay Glide & Shave Gel Bar

I’m super pumped to be going to Naples, Florida for a few days during my spring break.  A few teachers, off work for a week, at the pool…could get pretty wild & I cannot wait.

One thing I know I’ll need to bring if I’m going to be lounging around poolside is my Remay Glide & Shave Gel Bar, which I’ve become obsessed with.  As women, shaving our legs can be super annoying, especially if you choose to use shaving cream.  It gets all over, is messy, hard to apply while trying to shave, the list goes on.  I typically use shower gel, but I hate using so much product like that, and I realize it’s not moisturizing my legs the way they need to be after shaving.

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Whish Body Shave Cream & Hair Inhibiting Gel

[Disclaimer: I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Millennial Central for Whish Body. I received a promotional item and Whish Body samples to facilitate my review.]  

Long summer days at the pool & beach require silky smooth legs, right???
These past few weeks I have been obsessively using Whish Body’s Shave Crave Shave Cream & Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel to keep hydrated, silky, & bump free.
Whish Body Shave Cream is so moisturizing, it kinda looks like a whipped cream lotion, and the scent [I have lavender], is amazing.  Natural ingredients include shea butter, raspberry butter, and natural squalene [Omega 3 fatty acids], coconut oil, green tea, and jojoba seed oil…all organic!  The whip allows for a close shave, and I had no nicks or any other issues that are always possible when shaving.
Personally, I never use “shaving cream”, I typically use conditioner or a creamy shower gel, but I really enjoyed this product, especially the fact that it is lavender, one of my favorite scents!  Using these products allowed me to take a greater interest in the ingredients I’m using while shaving, and since I did notice such a different in the way my legs felt immediately after using the Shave Cream, I think I’ll be sticking to this product. 
The Shave Cream was fab, but you always need to follow-up with a hydrating and healing moisturizer, and the Shave Savour is just that and more.  This product will not only keep you feeling moisturized and smooth, but it is also a hair inhibiting gel, which seriously makes this product that much more AH!
 Keeping with the natural ingredient theme, this product features shea butter, panthenol, and aloe to keep your gams hydrated, chaparral extract which helps to inhibit the hair growth, and lastly, hyaluronic acid and retinol palmitate which help protect skin and promote cell turnover.
Using the Shave Savour was my favorite part of my Whish Body experience, it felt great on my skin, you could instantly tell my legs were hydrated and smooth, and again, the lavender scent was perfect!
All Whish Body products can be found at Nordstrom, I love the looks of the entire line and seeing that I was so pleased with these two products, I think I will def be purchasing the Hair Serum and a Sugar Scrub next time I’m in Nordstrom.  Not to mention, I think the packaging is so cute, especially the colors!
PS: For some great exfoliating, shaving, and moisturizing tips check out Whish’s How To section on their website!