Sara Happ, The Lip Scrub

Ever since Rachel Zoe recommended this product last year, I’ve been seriously loving Sara Happ’s Lip Scrub.  Winter weather is harsh on lips, and sometimes your wonderful chapstick/ lip balm can’t really moisturize your lips if you aren’t properly exfoliating them.  If you’re lips are feeling dry or even worse, flaky, I def suggest you try out this lip scrub.  It’s super moisturizing and, added bonus, also super yummy.  You only need to use a little bit, and while it may leave your lips kinda red and tingly for a little bit, the end result is worth it.

 I just used the lip scrub this morning when I got out of the shower, the ingredients are all edible, so don’t necessarily purposely eat it, but if you do, it’s gonna taste good and isn’t harmful at all!  I have Vanilla Bean, it’s my favorite, although I might try the cinnamon sugar lip scrub next.  The other flavors are: almond creme, peppermint, creme brulee, brown sugar, and cocoa.  I’m sure all are equally yummy. 

Anyway, after you use the scrub use a lot of chapstick/ lip balm so your lips really take in those moisturizing ingredients.  Throughout the day you’ll notice noticeably softer and moisturized lips! YAY!