Kate Moss for Rimmel

The iconic, and recently super glamorously married, Kate Moss is launching a lipstick line with Brit fave, Rimmel.  She’s been the face of Rimmel, appearing in countless advertisements, but this is the first time she’s collaborated with the brand on her own line.
I’m not real big on lipstick, I’m a gloss gal…but I like a few of these colors…and they’re all high shine.  My favorite is the third one in, I usually only wear pink or nude colors on my lips so this one would be perfect for me.  My next favorite is the soft pink (the fifth one in).  Andddd, I really love the packaging too! 
This line launches September 7th in the U.K. — I’m not exactly sure when it’s making it’s way to the U.S. but I’m sure it’ll be pretty obvious when it does!