D.C. Happenings: A Visit with Pennsylvania 6

I had the pleasure of touring D.C.’s Pennsylvania 6 Restaurant this week for D.C. BarScene.  As you may know, I posted a couple of weeks ago about a new venture I’m working on…@dc_barscene!  You can check out the full post here, but basically I’ve created an Instagram that will focus on the District’s best cocktails & wine.

I’ve been having so much fun reaching out to bars & restaurants in D.C. to feature them on my page.  I’m learning so much about the bar scene in the Capital and I’m super excited to feature Pennsylvania 6 both on D.C. BarScene and Love. Life. Beauty. today!!

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D.C. Happenings: Fare Well on H St.

Before the start of the new year I had this grand idea in my head of attempting to go vegan.  It ended up not working out so well, but the good news s, I have been making healthier eating choices.  D.C. is def a health conscious city, and there are yummy vegan restaurants popping up left & right.  My personal favorite has been Fare Well, a cute little bar/ restaurant/ bakery on the H St. corridor.

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D.C. Happenings: Green Pig Bistro in Clarendon, VA

I planned a day all to myself during my school’s spring break this year- I booked a massage, walked through Clarendon’s Market Common to do some shopping, and then found myself starving…of course.  I’ve been wanting to visit Green Pig Bistro for, literally, the past 5 years, so I figured why not take myself out to lunch?!
The decor of Green Pig Bistro is fresh, clean cut, and sustainable.  I love the reclaimed wood throughout the restaurant, and the set up of the bar is sleek and clean.

It was a quiet afternoon when I popped in, so I took a seat at the bar, and asked the bartender pick their best drink for me.  He mentioned how incredible the Green Pig’s Moscow Mule is because of their homemade ginger- beer.  I ordered it, and the prettiest Mule came a few minutes later, in a highball glass, much different than how your average Moscow Mule is served.  I really enjoyed seeing the color of the drink, it was a great reminder that summer is right around the corner!

The ginger beer was amazing, it was strong, but had such a great crisp taste. The bartender explained how they use a fair amount of peppercorns and cinnamon sticks to get that strong spice taste- I wish I had one right now it was so refreshing and delicious!

I wanted to start with an appetizer, so I opted for the Onion Soup with Emmental cheese and croutons.  Had I been with a group of friends, I probably would’ve opted for the “buffalo” ribs.  I was told it’s their most popular appetizer, but I knew that would be way too much food.  So, I stuck with the soup…which was so incredibly yummy.  The onion soup was super cheesy and hearty, and not too salty, which is really easy to do with onion soup.  It was a big serving, so I took about half home for my boyfriend, he absolutely loved it too!

For my main course the bartender suggested the Black Angus Cheeseburger with GPB sauce and fries.  The GPB sauce is the chef’s version of a Thousand Island dressing, & it was perfect for the burger.  One interesting aspect of their burger I loved is that they add ground bacon into the burger meat, doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?!  The burger was so flavorful, and the homemade bun added another unique element to a classic lunch.  My server also brought out some of their homemade spicy mayo for the fries, & just like the rest of the meal, it was delicious!

The Green Pig Bistro is the perfect spot in Clarendon to get a relaxing lunch, it was everything I had expected and more.  The food, atmosphere, and attentive service were all great, and I can’t wait to return to check out their brunch options!

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D.C. Happenings: SER Restaurant Week Lunch

The DMV has been pretty snowed in since the weekend, no school Monday & Tuesday meant I could get out and enjoy a nice Restaurant Week lunch!  Restaurant Week in the D.C. area means a 3-course lunch ($22) or dinner ($35) at participating restaurants.  I’ve had my eye on Spanish eatery SER in Arlington, Ballston to be exact, so I figured it would be the perfect spot to sit, get some lunch, and get some work done on report cards.

SER stands for simple, easy, and real, & it’s a Spanish tavern, not a tapas restaurant.  I love the relaxed & modern vibe of SER, mixed with their non-stuffy seriousness of the menu, offering “a gastronomical journey and cultural adventure”.  Did that description even make sense?  In my mind it did…& either way, it’s a compliment for sure.
Seeing that most people decided to stay off the roads, which were pretty clear honestly, it was just me and a few others in SER for lunch.  I took a seat at the bar, pulled out my laptop, and ordered a white sangria.  It was delish, & how cute is that little bottle?!
For my appetizer I ordered the Crema de purrusalda con picatostes, which was a leek & potato creamed soup with croutons.  I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be served at the temperature of a soup, it was more warm than hot.  Regardless, it was smooth, had balanced flavors, and the croutons were great.
For my second course I ordered the Buey con papas “arrugas”,  a grilled hanger steak with Canarian potatoes and spicy pepper sauce.  Oh mah gawd, this was amazing- not to mention it was the perfect sized portion.  The spicy pepper sauce was so yum with a bold flavor that added greatness to the already tender and flavorful steak.  The added tomatoes and onions on top sealed the deal with a fresh flavor.
Lastly, for dessert I chose the Tarta de queso fresco, which is a Spanish cheesecake, and it was served with a berry compote.  I don’t think I’ve ever had Spanish cheesecake before, it was an interesting texture, the berry compote and cinnamon on the edges was a great compliment to its flavors.

If you’re looking for a place to try this Restaurant Week, definitely head over to SER in Ballston.  The vibe is perfect for young professionals and the food was outstanding.  So glad I stopped by!
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NJ Eats: Metro North, Princeton

When I’m home in Jersey for the holidays I make sure to go to some of my favorite restaurants.  On a dreary day while home my Mom and I decided to head over to Princeton to casual eatery, Metro North, and took a seat at the bar.

Since we usually eat one large meal a day when I’m home, we went all out.For appetizers I started with a small Caesar salad, and my Mom ordered the clams casino.  Both were great, the salad was the perfect size & I loved the amount of cheese on top, and the clams casino had great flavors from the peppers & onions.

As our entrees I ordered a simple cheddar cheeseburger with parmesan truffle fries, while my Mom tried out the


My cheddar cheeseburger was yummy, & the parmesan truffle fries were to die for, they were crisp and perfectly seasoned.

Lastly, we shared creme brûlée for dessert- it was okay, not the best I’ve had, but the presentation looked great.  I wish we had ordered either the Oreo cheesecake or Tartufo, but oh well, there’s always next time.  I also ordered an Irish Kiss martini featuring vodka & Bailey’s.  It tasted great, & was a perfect warm up for the gross weather outside, but the presentation piece was kind of boring.

If you’re in the Princeton area and are looking for a cozy restaurant to catch a bite to eat at, I highly recommend stopping by Metro North!

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D.C. Happenings: Bistro du Soleli

I was lucky enough to be invited to #DcTravelBlogger dinner, hosted by Jessica van Dop DeJesus of The Dining Traveler, at Bistro du Soleli in Alexandria last week.  Guests dined on a 7-course culinary tour through Morocco, guided by Bisto du Soleli’s Chef Samir Labriny.  Each dish on the menu heightened taste buds with bold flavor and rich culture.
Our welcome cocktail, created by the Chef, was called a Moroccan Orange.  The color was amazing, I should’ve written down what liquor was in it, I could certainly taste vodka though, which is my absolute favorite.  Our first course were assorted Moroccan salads consisting of eggplant, carrot, cucumber, tomato, and green pepper salad combinations.  It was the perfect starter, light and refreshing.
The next course came with a cooking demonstration by Chef Labriny himself: bastilla.  I honestly did not know what this was before he started explaining, a phyllo dough stuffed with eggs, almonds, parsley, and chicken….topped with cinnamon and powered sugar.  The ultimate mixture of sweet and savory, the flavors worked so well together, it was an incredible dish.
Next up was chicken with lemon and olives, the chicken was so full of flavor and tender- not to mention the combination of lemon and olives is one of my favorite.  & after that we were treated to an incredible lamb dish with honey and almonds.  I can’t even begin to tell you how great this dish was, it was by far my favorite of the evening.

The main courses ended with couscous with seven vegetables.  I wish I had had room for more, it was so delicious.  I was so grateful for the to-go boxes Chef Labriny gave at the end, I ate my couscous for lunch today & it was to die for.
For dessert we indulged in baklava and finished off the evening sipping mint tea.  Ever since I visited Greece a while back, I have been obsessed with baklava, the pastry was so flakey, it was heaven.
I’d like to thank Jessica and Chef Labriny for hosting such an unique dining experience.  I’m happy I was able to try out a restaurant I’d never been to before in Alexandria, & I know I’ll definitely be returning sometime soon!

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