Perlier Honey Miel Face Royal Elixir Youth Serum

Yesterday I featured the serum I have been using for my PM skincare routine, and today, I’m featuring my AM serum, Perlier’s Honey Miel Face Royal Elixir Youth Serum.

This product swears by the use of Royal Jelly pearls and an organic Italian honey to create flawless, youthful, and full of glow skin.
This product is perfect for those who are looking for an anti-aging serum, I can’t really speak to that part of it since I’m at the age of just preventing, but overall I think this is an awesome product because of it’s unique ingredients.
One of the main features I’ve noticed in the past few weeks of using it is that my skin is incredibly soft after I apply it.  The texture is, in my opinion, creamy and overall has such a luxurious feel to it.

The product also has a golden sheen to it that really illuminates and brightens the face after it’s applied.  Sometimes I really worry about dullness, which is why I’m always wearing some sort of makeup, but I went out for two days makeup free while using this, and it felt so great!

It might be a bit pricey, about $100 on HSN, ($200 on the Perlier website) but, as I mentioned earlier, this serum really does look and feel like such a unique skincare product, you should give it try!  If you’re looking to mix brightness with anti-aging benefits, and some powerful ingredients, Perlier’s Honey Miel Face Royal Elixir Youth Serum may be for you.

PS: I love the packaging, & the bottle looks so regal among my other beauty products!

[Disclaimer: This product was sponsored in partnership with iFabbo.  A full-size version of the product was given to me for testing and reviewing purposes.  All opinions are my own.]