Origin’s High-Potency Night-A-Mins

We all know how I feel about Origins, I wish I could be their spokeswoman, that’s how much I love them.  Well, I’ve been using their moisturizer, High-Potency Night-A-Mins since the summer and now that I’ve finished my second pot, I figured it’s time for me to talk about it! 
I’m always really cautious of using a night moisturizer, I didn’t want to make my skin more oily.  However, especially in the winter, I def need a good moisturizer at night, especially for my forehead area.  So, I walked into Origins one day over the summer [to stock up on VitaZing and Checks and Balances– click for my reviews] and the woman convinced me to purchase Night-A-Mins.  
First, I was totally sold on the scent, it’s like a punch of citrus, which some may better enjoy in the AM, but I also equally love it at night.  I have some issues of being scared of my skin looking dull, and that’s exactly what Night-A-Mins combats.  We all know how important it is to infuse our skin with antioxidants and vitamins, Night-A-Mins packs in vitamin’s C, E, & H.
Here’s a quick breakdown of what exactly each vitamin does…
Vitamin C
-Slows free-radical damage
-Collagen producer 
Vitamin E
-Anti-aging benefits
-Antioxidant benefits   
Vitamin H
-Softens, calms, and hydrates kin 
When you use this moisturizer you can tell it’s working right when you apply it, I’m not kidding.  It feels amazing, and the next morning you can see your skin is bright and supple despite having been asleep on a pillow for the past 7hrs.  Added bonus, you won’t feel greasy when you apply it, or when you wake up in the morning.  The ingredients are really perfect!
This is one of Origins best selling products, so obviously tons of people love it! xo  

Origins ‘Checks and Balances’ Cleanser

Since getting my Clarisonic for Christmas (see post here) I’ve become absolutely obsessed and use it every single day. I’ve seen an incredible improvement in my skin and I seriously couldn’t be happier. The first cleanser I used with my Clarisonic was Murad’s Clarifying Cleanser.  I liked it, but I didn’t love it.  So I decided to stroll into one of my favorite places, Origins, and find a good cleanser for use with the Clarisonic from them!  I told the sales associate about my skin, what I’m looking for, my problem areas, etc and she directed me towards one of Origins most popular products Checks and Balances frothy face wash.

Once I used up the rest of Murad, I began using Checks and Balances and I absolutely love it!  It is super frothy so you only need to use a littleeeeee bit which means the product will last a while.  After getting a skin assessment last month I realized my skin has changed and I now have pretty basic combination skin which is right up Checks and Balances runway.  Wheat protein and kelp extract are the main ingredients which fight both dryness and oiliness respectively.  However, one tinyyy downfall to this product is that it is in NO WAY eye sensitive.  If you get this wash in your eyes, it will hurt…bad.  But, if you’re careful, which you always should be with facial products around your eyes, then no worries!!   

I feel clean and refreshed after using this with the Clarisonic, but it’s also just as good if you don’t have a Clarisonic!  The smell is great, and for some strange reason it just literally feels “natural” — it kinda reminds me of Lush’s Coal Face (see post here) in that I feel squeaky clean after using it.  I really think I’m gonna stick to using this product, it’s balancing out my skin perfectly and I’m really happy with the results I’ve had so far!

Boost Those Eyes: Origins GinZing

I first bought Origins GinZing eye cream when I purchased my favorite AM moisturizer of all time VitaZing (check out the link for my post on it).  At first I didn’t really use this product too much, but then I read online about the multiple benefits of eye creams (even for young adults) and I made sure I incorporated this into my everyday routine.  My main concern for underneath my eyes is lack of brightness.  Luckily, I don’t really ever get puffy unless I’m out all night and just haven’t slept.  However, I do want to begin prevention of fine lines and wrinkles, and GinZing covers both.

I only use this product in the morning, since it’s purpose is to make your eyes look better (and do behind the scenes work too) — nobody will care if my eyes look bright while I sleep…I don’t think.  The main ingredients in GinZing are, not surprisingly, caffeine derived from coffee beans, and ginseng.  If you’re not familiar with ginseng, it’s a chinese herb that can be used on the skin and taken in pill form as a supplement.

Super creamy texture. Light pink color.

I apply this after my morning serum by gently tapping a small amount into my skin right underneath my eyes.  I let it sink in for about 30secs and then apply my VitaZing.  I see the results right away, my eyes really do look brighter and more awake.  Hopefully, the fine line and wrinkle aspects of the cream are doing their secret work as the day goes by!

If you’re looking for a new eye cream to add into your routine, I highly suggest this product. Or, poke around Origins.com and see if there are any other eye creams that may suit your skin type better!

Origins VitaZing Moisturizer

I purchased Origins VitaZing sometime right after Thanksgiving.  I will NEVER look back to any other type of morning moisturizer (I used to use philosphy hope in a jar religiously).  I have absolutely nothing negative to say about VitaZing, I know for a fact it has helped my skin become more radiant and even toned since I have started using it back in November.  
This moisturizer contains mangosteen, which has TONS of antioxidants in it.  It also has a SPF of 15, and we all know you should never wear a moisturizer without SPF in it!  It took me awhile to figure out how much I should be using, but I really only need about a penny size.  I smooth it all over my face and I literally instantly look awake, refreshed, and glow-y. Not to mention, you can feel your skin being hydrated and replenished when using it.
An interesting aspect of this moisturizer is that VitaZing has tiny beads in it that gives your face some tint, I like to think of it as the smallest amount of tinted moisturizer possible.  For my 8am class, bio-psychology….I rarely go…, I literally just put on my VitaZing and add some concealer.  The product is great, and super easy for early morning because it makes me look so alive!  And…my favorite part about VitaZing is…its oil-free! YAY!
Oh, one quick FYI, don’t use this at night, it’s strictly an AM moisturizer, but I’m sure the fact that there’s SPF and tint in it kind of gave that away.
Lastly, since December I started coupling my VitaZing with Origins GinZing eye cream and I am equally addicted.  My eyes look brighter, which matches my overall bright face thanks to VitaZing! 
My skincare routine has become so important to me and Origins products (just like Lush) are extremely environmentally friendly to both the planet, and our faces!  Using natural products should become everyone’s must because with all the pollution our bodies are exposed to nonstop we should give our skin a break with real ingredients !!
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