3 Ways to Keep 2018 Organized

I’m shocked by how quickly 2017 came and went, and to be honest, I’m so glad it’s over in just a few days.  I’ve been reflecting on my 2017 and let me say, it was def not the greatest for me.  So, with that being said, I am 100% ready to embrace and take on 2018!
I feel some of the biggest resolutions people have in the new year, aside from eating healthy and working out more, revolve around staying “more” organized, whatever that might mean.  For me, it’s relatively easy to stay organized, but I do get into a rut sometimes.  Staying organized encompasses a lot of our daily life, whether it’s staying organized in how you keep your plans, how you approach work, keeping your home clean, etc., it’s not always easy to keep it all running smoothly, all of the time.
Today I’m sharing three easy to implement ways to stay organized, they’re all connected through planning out your day as much as possible.  This thought can seem daunting at times, but, at least I find, it truly helps me stay grounded and most important, productive!

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