One Kings Lane | Reflect Your Style

Mirrors are wonderful accents.  They make rooms look larger, can add light and 

depth to different types of spaces, and most of all, they allow us to successfully 
complete our hair and makeup in the morning!

I plan on moving into a larger apartment in the fall, and I know for a fact I want to 
have a beautiful vanity in my bedroom.  I have a gorgeous 3 panel mirror vanity at my 
mom’s home (thanks Ms. Claus!) and I really miss sitting down each morning to get 
ready at my vanity.

I’m a huge fan of One Kings Lane, I’ve bought Christmas and birthday presents 
from OKL before, in addition to some great home accents and a ridiculously cute 
ceramic dog treat canister.  One Kings Lane is a brand that can be trusted, so 
when I was approached about joining the Reflect Your Style Campaign, I was 
immediately on board!

First off, I’m loving the gold Vevey Oversized Mirror as a starting point to 
creating my vanity look.  It’s a beautiful mirror that’s ornate enough to be a 
statement piece, but not too overpowering.  What do you think?

Reflect Your Style

6″ Hydrangea in Cube, Faux | Sm. Beaded Hurricane, Gold |
  10″ Three-Level Glass Box, Gold |  2 Metal Trays, Blue |

Now that I have a beautiful mirror picked out, here’s how I would decorate the space…

The purple color of the faux hydrangea’s is an instant pick me up and a perfect way to brighten up a space.  I always have a candle burning, and this hurricane is simple and elegant for a vanity space.  The gold glass box is perfect for some makeup storage, you can see exactly what you have, and the blue metal trays add another dimension of color and mesh nicely with the purple of the hydrangeas!

So, what beauty products would I have placed on my vanity…that’s easy…here are some of my favorite products to showcase!

Staple Beauty Products