Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum

Before I start explaining how much I love this product, let me make a slight disclaimer. The Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum is an amazing product that will give you fast results, but it’s def not cheap! While I feature a lot of budget buys on my posts, some of my products aren’t the most budget friendly, like this one! Just wanted to throw that out there before you get to the bottom of the post and are thrown off by the price. =)

Okay, now on to the info…

My lovely mother purchased this eye serum for me a little while ago- I was so excited to start using it. I love the Murad brand, it’s one of the reasons I use Massage Envy for my monthly facials, and I know they use only high quality and proven ingredients in their products. This eye serum was new to me, and def not something I’d purchase on my own- although now that I’m out, I might!

The major ingredient in the Youth Renewal Eye Serum would be the retinol, which helps boost collagen and stimulate cell turnover. This is a powerful & essential ingredient for anti-aging skincare routines, but not an ingredient to be played around with. Any and all products containing retinol should only be used in the evening as it causes skin to be more sensitive, and sun exposure is a big no no after use.

In addition to the retinol working to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, the Youth Renewal Serum also has marine kelp which aids in moisturizing, firming, and brightening up the under eye area.

I’m fortunate in that I don’t experience dark circles or fine lines (yet!), but I wanted to show this picture, from the Murad site, of 4 week results when using this product. I can certainly speak for the brightening and firming benefits of the Youth Renewal Eye Serum, and I rely on the retinol as a preventative measure. If you struggle with fine lines around your eyes, I hope this gives you a better idea of how this product may help you combat that issue.

As I mentioned, Murad is a top brand with great products, and this is def one of my favorites by them. As I also mentioned, it’ll cost you more than your average eye cream, but if you feel that under eyes is a problem area for you, it’s more than worth the splurge. For me, it’s all about preventative maintenance, which is why I will be repurchasing. If you need results quickly, I think this product will absolutely deliver on


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Murad Redness Therapy Recovery Treatment Gel

Soooo, I have rosacea…yay.  Not.

I’m on the prowl for ingredients to calm redness and I found a winner with Murad’s Redness Therapy Recovery Treatment Gel.  I just ran out and I’m looking forward to buying another because seriously…I need it.

The Murad Recovery Treatment Gel was recommended to me by my esthetician at Massage Envy, as Murad is the brand they use for their facials.  My rosacea has just developed within the last 6 months,  I thought it came out of nowhere, but turns out my grandmother had it so really it’s really not surprising to find out I do too.

I apply this serum during my morning routine, specifically targeting my nose and cheeks.  Murad claims it’s supposed to keep skin calm all day long, but sometimes I still notice some slight redness.  As far as calming goes, it does it job perfectly, the non-irritating formula is cool and overall makes my skin feel much better.  Also, I really love the texture of this product, at first I was worried it may be somewhat sticky, but it wasn’t at all.

When going through the reviews I noticed some saying it made skin oily, I only applied this to the areas where my redness was prominent, and nowhere else.  It worked for me, but it might not work for everybody.
  I’m thinking about using more of the Redness Therapy line once I go through some other products I have.  Overall, I’ve heard great things about the Redness Therapy line, and since I need to tame my rosacea somehow, I might jump on board and see what else they have to offer! 
Murad Redness Therapy Recovery Treatment Gel | $55

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