Weekend Getaway: Montréal

This weekend my mom & I took a girl’s trip to Montréal and stayed at the newly renovated Ritz Carlton.  Needless to say it was absolutely amazing and perfect and I never wanted to leave.  I mean the beautiful bathroom with a TV alone was perfect, I could’ve just hung out in there all weekend.
Cocktail Hour in the Palm Court of the hotel.
The restaurant connected to the Ritz, Maison Boulud, was outstanding as well.
Tango Passion – Cocktail Hour.
Amazeballs French Onion Soup
Chocolat Coulant with caramelized milk ice cream.
It was a short weekend, and the weather wasn’t particularly wonderful, so we just did a few activities and then ate & drank the rest of the time at the best restaurants ever. hehe
First, we went to the Notre Dame Basilica.  Of course, it was breathtaking.  Old Montreal is super cute, lots of small stores & restaurants.

The Biodome & Botanical Gardens were amazing.  The Botanical Gardens had the Butterflies Go Free exhibit open, which was perfect for me because we all know about my obsession with butterflies.


I really liked this guy.

And these guys.
Afternoon tea.
 Saturday night we went to the number one restaurant in Montreal, Europea.  This was by far, and I mean, FAR, the best restaurant I have ever been to.  From the moment you walk in it’s ultimate elegance and as I like to call, a culinary adventure, of Asian-French fusion cuisine.
I’m big on the now super trendy tasting menus, so naturally we chose that option.  It was about 10 tasting courses, not counting the little extras from the kitchen.  When we sat down the waiter brought over a little personal handwritten note, welcoming us to the restaurant and hoping we enjoy our time at Europea.  Too cauteee!
Before even receiving menus prosciutto chips, goat cheese/ parm/ pesto lollipops, garlic-herb breadsticks, & parm popcorn were brought to the table.  Done and done. 
The first of the official courses, lobster bisque cappuccino with a truffle puree.
Fresh squid.
Giant scallop with creamy white asparagus.
The final “savory” course, cornish hen.  They actually brought it out for us to view before cooking it in a cast iron dutch oven.
The cheese course, a melted creamy goat cheese.  So pretty.
The pre-desserts: Cotton Candy, Pina Colada, Praline & Poprock Lollipops, and assorted pastries.  DO YOU SEE THAT COTTON CANDY?!
The main dessert, a chocolate mousse with a chocolate wafer.
We walked out with tons of presents too, a box of madeleines, little candies from the Sinfully Sweet Tree they brought to the table, breakfast bread, and macaroons.  I asked for a copy of the menu & our waiter was nice enough to go down and have it signed by the chef.  It was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to go back!
Now it’s back to reality of a presentation due Thursday, an upcoming final paper, & summer job searches!
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