NYFW: Maybelline Makeup Looks

Here are some backstage videos of the models getting hair and makeup done before the shows.  I can’t imagine what the energy must be like before each show begins.  It all seems so hectic, yet each show seems to run smoothly and perfectly.  
I’m loving these videos I found from this year’s New York Fashion Week, highlighting the various makeup trends seen on the runway this season!  Check em outtttt =] 
All of these looks were created using only Maybelline (official makeup sponsor of NYFW), so it’s super easy to just head on over to CVS if you feel like recreating any of the looks! 
Rachel Zoe 
I loved the look of the models walking Rachel Zoe, they were so natural, and I loved the polish choice!
Betsey Johnson
Call me crazy, which for saying this I know I am, but I loved the black eyeliner-eyebrow look, I think that model looks (while “cartoonish”) absolutely beautiful!
Victoria Beckham
Dewy and natural.  Everybody’s favorite, right? 
Check out more videos on Maybelline looks here