Thursday’s Fab Five

Happy Thursday!  I hope you all had a relaxing & enjoyable Thanksgiving.  I loved being up in Jersey with my family and friends, Thanksgiving is always a special time.  I’m now in the Christmas spirit, ready to take on this holiday season!

With all the business of life, I have a few new products and things in my favorites lineup.  Check out what I’ve been loving this month, and leave a comment, or Tweet me, some of your recent favorites.  I’m always looking for new and exciting products!

Tarte’s Pineapple of my Eye Collector Set, $59

I bought this super cute Pineapple palette when Sephora first released their holiday gifts.  I think this is the perfect Christmas gift for the makeup lover in your life.  The eye shadows in the palette are amazing, although you want to make sure to use a shadow primer since there is some fallout.  I love the mascara and lip tint that comes with it too, it’s totally worth $60, and makes for an awesome holiday gift.

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Mario Badescu Almond & Honey Face Scrub

Now that the weather is getting warmer, and more humid, I feel like I want to use a face scrub each night.  Most face scrubs can be a bit too much to use daily, which makes perfect sense.  However, I think I finally found an amazing daily/ every other day product in Mario Badescu’s Almond & Honey Face Scrub.  
First off, the ‘non abrasive’ feature right on the label immediately caught my eye.  My skin can be sensitive on some days, so the fact that this scrub isn’t grainy really made me happy.
Mario Badescu Almond & Honey Face Scrub

The smell is amazing, it’s a soft scent of almond & honey, obviously, but it smells great and isn’t overpowering.  Honestly, the first few times I used this product I wondered if it was even doing its job, the almond and cornmeal particles are so incredibly fine…but after each use my skin felt refreshed and clean, and noticeably smoother.  The best part for me, especially when using this product in the morning, is that I experience absolutely no redness.

Right now I’m using this about every other day with no other exfoliating products.  I’m so pleased with the results so far, and I’m looking forward to adding some more Mario Badescu products to my beauty cabinet in the near future, I’m already a huge fan of his Cucumber Cleansing Lotion.

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Mario Badescu's Cucumber Cleansing Lotion

I hate super astringent-y toners, they can sting and irritate sensitive skin quite easily.  I’ve never heard a negative remark about Mario Badescu products, so while shopping around Blue Mercury in Alexandria one fine Saturday I decided to pick up a bottle of this cleansing lotion and see what it could do for me. 
The girl checking me out was raving about Mario products and said I would absolutely love it & she was totally right!
{Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion, $26}
First, let’s discuss the cucumber aspect.  We all know cucumber is great for skin, hello eye masks.  This product contains a cucumber extract astringent and 4% alcohol, it’s perfect for acne-prone/ oily skin.
The Cucumber Cleansing gel is so cooling and refreshing & perfect for the AM for its t-zone oil control.  All I do is soak a cotton ball, apply evenly all over my face, and I’m ready for serum & my moisturizer.
The best part about this product is it’s doing the work of an astringent without drying you out or irritating skin at all.  It’s a must have in my beauty routine now, and I can’t wait to add more Mario Badescu products to my lineup!