Virginic Skincare’s Sweet Almond Oil Makeup Remover

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post talking about my collab with Virginic Skincare.  The giveaway for a Virginic Activated Charcoal Powder is supposed to end tomorrow, but I’ve decided to extend the giveaway until Thursday!  You can   read the post & enter here, or through Rafflecopter below!

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In addition to the Activated Charcoal Powder, Virginic was kind enough to pass along their Sweet Almond Oil Makeup Remover for me to try out as well.  Makeup remover should be the first step in any nighttime routine, it preps the skin for your cleanser and creates a great base for the rest of your nighttime product.

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Ole Henriksen’s Truth to Go Wipes

Facial wipes are essential for everyday living, for a variety of reasons.  

When you wake up in the morning but don’t feel like washing your face — grab a facial wipe.

After a run on the treadmill or after Pilates class — grab a facial wipe.

When you come home from a long night out, a wee bit intoxicated, & we all know you aren’t removing your smokey eyes & liner — grab a facial wipe.

See, these are just some of the many reasons these little things are just so important in our lives.  SO, I’ve made it my personal mission in life to try out as many different brands and types of facial wipes as I can.  I go through them like crazy, which is why I put myself on this mission — it’s just more fun!

Okay so a little while back I reviewed Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum [posted here], which is everybody’s favorite…except mine.  I’m not sure why it didn’t work for me the way it works for everyone else.  I’m thinking I may have actually gotten a bad bottle or something, I really want to try it again, once I use up my current serum.

Howeverrrrr, these wipes are the BEST, I love them!  I use them in the AM, the citrusy sent wakes me up & leaves my face feeling fresh and ready to start the day.  My skin feels clean, not sticky or aggravated, and my daily AM products work perfectly after I use Truth to Go.

These wipes are loaded with Vitamin C and essential fatty acids — there’s actually texture results when using these wipes, not just makeup removal results.  So, when you come home at 3am in a daze, keep these by the bed to quickly take off your makeup.  Your skin will thank you for it! xo

You can find Ole Henriksen’s Truth to Go Wipes at Sephora, here!

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes

Hello!!  I know I’ve been on a little hiatus, being home (or lack thereof) and always out with friends has slowed me down a bit from writing, but for the time being…I’M BACK!!

I recently picked up Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes, and I have to say, I am absolutely loving them!  I had yet to find a good cleansing wipe, even some I have tried that were labeled “oil-free” still left me feeling kinda slick and ew.  Howeverrrr, I don’t feel like that at all after using these, my face feels clean and fresh and all my makeup comes right off.

Getting home late at night super dead and tired, or not getting home at all, I still worry about leaving makeup on my face overnight.  I actually just bought another pack of these to keep in my car, so I always have them on hand to feel fresh and clean, and hopefully avoid any possible breakouts, before I drift off to sleep….no matter where I may end up!  

I think the whole grapefruit line by Neutrogena is great.  I once used their graprefruit face wash, and I really liked it too.  Oil-free is so important to me, and I think this line of products stands by that, and has great ingredients to combat oily skin.

The only drawback I would say this product has is….it will burn your eyes if you use it as a mascara/ eyeliner remover.  Most cleansing wipes are made for full eye makeup removal, these wipes can get the job done, but it’s not exactly a great feeling.  Also, it has a strong smell, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it bad.  

If you’re looking for a great makeup remove cleansing wipe, that still does other things such as combat oily/ acne prone skin…then this is def the product for you.  Think about trying out the whole Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit line here!