Thursday’s Fab Five

Happy Thursday!  Long time no Fab, ugh, I know!  Here’s what I’ve been loving the last couple of weeks.  Don’t forget to comment below, or Tweet me, with some of your favorites!

Bath & Body Works Candle in ‘French Lavender’, $24.50

This is my current living room scent and I am loving it for this time of year.  Lavender & lilac scents are my favorite, so I always make sure to keep a candles stocked up.  Right now Bath & Body Works is offering 20% off purchase with the code, GLOWING.  & once the weekend hits, who knows what candle deals they’ll have!

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Lush Santa Lip Scrub

Anyone who knows me knows I love Lush products, so much so that my bestie, Heather, and her fab family bought me literally everything in the store for Christmas this year.
One product I’ve been having so much fun with is Santa’s Lip Scrub, which unfortunately is no longer available, but I need to rave about it anyway.
First of all, it tastes delicious, as a lip scrub should.  This tastes like cherry cola and I love it, despite my hatred for soda.  Second of all, IT’S MADE WITH GLITTER AND HEARTS, hello, instantly obsessed. 
The main ingredient in this sugar scrub is coconut milk powder, so you know you’re lips are getting the ultimate conditioning.  Lip scrubs are crazy important during the winter months, especially since this winter has been so harsh!  I use it every other week, I think if I used it any more than that I would cause irritation.

Once you use the scrub slab on a ton of lip balm and you’re good to go.  I highly suggest using this at night so that the lip balm can moisturize all night long!

Even though this product is no longer available, Lush USA still has some fab lip scrub options, bubblegum or mint julep anyone?  Yes, please!! XO

Lush Mask of Magnaminty

I bought Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty while on the search for a mask that would help control oil production and improve the condition of my pores.  I finally settled on this mask, and not only because it’s by one of my favorite cosmetic brands.  I’ve read so many great reviews on Mask of Magnaminty that I knew I had to try it!

This mask is a little different than most others, when I put some on my hand in the store I noticed the consistency was chunky and thick…it’s not smooth at all (but in a good way).  It’s hard to apply with your fingers, so (like with all my other masks) I apply it with a foundation brush, just like the one pictured below, and literally paint it on my face.  
The main natural ingredients are peppermint oil, honey, and ground aduki beans.  This mask is an exfoliator, which you can feel as you apply it and as it sets on your skin.  It also clears pores by lifting dirt up off the surface of the skin (think blackheads).  The peppermint oil is cooling and tingling, but not in a uncomfortable way.  Lush recommends leaving the mask on for about 15mins, I usually leave it on for about 20 then wash it off with warm water.

When I bought the pot the woman told me it had about 20 masks in it, and there’s an expiration date which I like because it ensures the naturalness of the product and forces me to use it!  Right now I’m using it once a week because I use another mask during the week as well.  I’ve honestly noticed a difference in the texture of my skin, and I’m loving it!  And, another plus, it smells great because of the minty-ness so it’s very relaxing at night!

There are two sizes, a 4.4oz for $11.95 and the larger pot (which I bought) that’s 11.5oz and $22.95.  When you do the math, for the larger pot, that’s $1.15 per mask…way cheaper than getting a facial!!
PS: If you’re prone to acne on your back or chest area I’ve read this mask does wonders for those areas too!
PPS: If you have a small breakout and want quick relief, you can use this as a spot treatment and not all over your face!

Lush Ocean Salt

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub is Lush’s #1 seller for a reason…a really, really, really good reason.
In addition to my favorite Lush product, Coalface (past review linked) I’m equally addicted to Lush’s Ocean Salt exfoliate.  This is a body/face exfoliate, although I only use it for my face because I prefer some other amazing body exfoliates (past review linked).  I first bought this while I was at school in D.C., the girl helping me in the Lush store was kinda bored and just wanted to try products on me.  When she suggested this one I was slightly skeptical because I’ve always looked at salt based products as super drying…but this is perfect and is designed for normal to oily skin.
I loved the texture and consistency of this product, and decided to try the small pot (120g).  The area of my hand that she tested it on was super smooth, and when followed up with lotion was amazingly soft.  So, I figured that if the back of my hand felt like heaven, my face probably would too.  
You don’t need to use a lot of this product for it to have an effect, the picture below is about the amount of product I use per use for when I’m only exfoliating my face.  When I’m doing neck and face I’ll use a tad bit more. 
When you first buy this the mixture isn’t set…when you open it up it’ll look like the photo below.  They give you a little mixer and the first time you use it just stir it up a couple of times and you’re good to go!  It might look a little scary when you first open it, because it just looks like a pile of salt…but it’s okay no worries.
Before stirring the mixture.
After, ready to go.
Ocean Salt smells so yummy, it’s kinda zingy.…which makes sense given it’s super cool ingredients.  The mixture is composed of lime, coconut, avocado, grapefruit, and sea salt…it’s vodka based which basically just proves how much of an astringent/antibacterial it is…meaning more benefits for your skin!
I use this product twice a week, you shouldn’t use it more than that because it could potentially dry you out.  I can promise you that Ocean Salt will deliver results, I found that the longer I spend massaging it into my face the better the results are.  I have mildly sensitive skin, and because it is a serious exfoliate it sometimes leaves me red, but it’s only for about 5mins after and then my skin looks great and glowly!  
I’ve moved on to the larger (250g) pot, and gave the rest of my smaller pot to my mom to use.  My aunt recently tried it out too and loved it.  This product can be expensive if you use it all over your body, which is why I only use it for my face.  The smaller pot is $19.95 and the larger pot is $34.95.  One of my favorite aspects of all Lush stores is they will give you an ample sample (lol) of anything you want, go to a Lush store (or if there aren’t any around you they have their own stores within most Macy’s) and ask for both a sample to take home and a test right there in the store!      
Seriously, go try this out right nowwww!!!

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Lush’s H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment

Last night I put the incredibly popular hair mask, H’Suan Wen Hua by Lush, on and I absolutely love it!  I have super long hair so I used almost the entire pot, but it was def worth it.  My hair is also extremely colored treated, base color and highlights, so I was skeptical on whether or not this mask would have an obvious effect.
Since it’s kinda thin (I heard it was super thick…so, I’m slightly confused…but whatever), it was a little bit messy but no big deal.  I left it on for 12 hours (they recommend 20mins, but I’ve heard the longer you leave it in, the better).  I decided to just go to sleep with it in, then I shampooed and conditioned normally when I woke up.  I just pinned up all my hair, and covered it with my Hello Kitty ;] shower cap, it was fine and comfortable all night.
So far, I’m loving the effects on my hair.  I added the products I normally do right after I wash it, and I can tell there’s a difference from the texture of my hair to just the way its falling today as its drying.  It feels light and overall just looks healthier, shiner, and softer.  The smell lingered a little bit, a mix of cinnamon and bananas..I hate bananas…but I don’t mind this at all.  
This hair mask contains tons of natural ingredients (what Lush is known best for)…free range eggs (the main ingredient) bananas, avocados, watercress, bay leaves, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, rosemary, and cinnamon oil.  It also has some chemicals in it, but just from the consistency and overall effect I can tell how natural and pure it is, which is exactly why I like it so much! 
I’m giving the rest of the pot to my mom to try, she has short, color treated, curly hair.  I’m interested to see the different effects (if any) the mask has on our two different hair types!
Overall grade for the Lush H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment: A+  Everyone should def try it if there hair is needing a little love!  You can find it at any Lush retail store or Macy’s Lush store for $18.95.  I rather spend $19 than hundreds at my salon to get a hair treatment, so it was well worth the money!

Lush’s Coalface Facial Cleanser

So, fresh off talking about how much I love Lush here is a  review on my absolute favorite product by them– Coalface Cleansing Bar.
The coalface bar is perfect for anybody who has normal to oily skin.  If you have dry skin steer clear using this as a daily cleanser, the bar might be way to harsh for you and dry you out.  I’m right on the border of normal to oily which is why I think this product works so well for me.
At first I was leery of buying a “bar” cleanser– I’ve always viewed them as moisture stripping and just the idea of them sounded ancient to me.  But, when I tried coalface in the store I was intrigued and bought some to try.  Ever since then I’m already on my second bar (each bar lasts a fair amount of first one lasted me 4 months).

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OBSESSION: Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

For the passed year or so I have been absolutely addicted to Lush products.  Every time I walk into a Lush store I wonder how many bags I’m going to walk out with. 
Answer: always at least 2
Here’s a quick rundown on why I LOVE LUSH!!
Their products are all natural and organic– I’ve recently been switching over my morning/nighttime routine to strictly organic and it’s had amazing benefits for my skin.
I’m a HUGE animal lover and I don’t agree with animal testing– which is perfect in this case because Lush doesn’t test on animals!!

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