Thursday’s Fab Five

I’m so happy to be writing a Fab Five for today! I missed this so much! Here are five products I’ve been using just about daily for the past couple of weeks.

Bath & Body Works ‘Fresh Fall Morning’ 3-Wick Candle, $24.50

My candle game since quarantine has been ridiculously strong. Now that it’s fall, my candle game is just out of control & I have no regrets. Every time Bath & Body has some sort of candle special I head to the mall to pick up at least two more. Teaching from home means a lit candle at all times – my home smells like the epitome of autumn and I couldn’t be happier. Of course, Sweater Weather and Leaves are two of my faves, but Fresh Fall Morning has been my most recent and I loveeeeeee it! It’s woody with a hint of apple, and I love lighting it at 7am while sipping my decaf Nespresso while watching GMA. If you aren’t signed up for Bath & Body Works emails, sign up now, so you can stay updated on any and all candle sales. DO NOT BUY any candles from Bath & Body Works without a special going on- just wait a week and I can guarantee they’ll either be half price or BOGO.

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