Thursday’s Fab Five

Happy 2019 everyone! I’m so happy to be starting a new year and can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store. I’m here today to share my current Fab Five, featuring some gifts from the holidays! I would love to know what has been on your favorites list recently, so feel free to share below, or Tweet me @elizabethmayce.

Rifle Paper & Co. Celebrations Calendar, $26

It’s really important to me to remember friend birthdays, and other special dates- but, sometimes I slack. I love this celebration calendar because I can reuse it every year, all you do is write down the birthdays / special events for each month next to the date. I try to put special dates in my iCal, but I always like a written reminder as well. & seriously, anything from Rifle Paper & Co. is gorgeous, so it’s a nice addition to my office.

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Laura Mercier’s Art Deco Muse Holiday Collection

Laura Mercier’s new holiday collection, Art Deco Muse, was released last week!
Obviously, I think Laura is just ahhmazing…and this new collection doesn’t disappoint!  
Laura Mercier drew her inspiration from Paris in the 1920s and transferred this  great lip, eye, nail, and cheek cosmetics.  I love this gilded look, I think it’s especially great for celebrating New Year’s!!
 Check it out below, and let me know what you think of her new holiday collection!

Art Deco Muse Holiday Collection, Laura Mercier

All three nail lacquers are available at Nordstrom here
I just ordered Noir Glace & Modern Red. 
Both lip lacquers are available at Nordstrom here
All four eye colors are available at Nordstrom here
Graphic Liquid Eyeliner available at Nordstrom here. 

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder with SPF 15

Everybody is loving mineral makeup, and rightfully so.  I love it because it makes my skin appear luminous, flawless, and natural.  Also, if you “forget” to take off your makeup one night, mineral bases won’t wreck the havoc on your skin the way other products will.  

Anyway, I’ve been using Laura Mercier’s Mineral Powder with SPF 15 in ‘Real Sand’ for a while now.  I love that this product is oil-free and it won’t budge on a hot day.  It creates a very matte look for me, which is what I always want since I’m so conscious of shine.  My skin can also be sensitive sometimes, which causes redness.  Using the mineral powder is really calming, and covers up all signs of sensitivity.  

This product also covers up all your little imperfections from breakouts to wrinkles.  I never need concealer when I use this mineral powder since it already does all the work.  And no worries on looking cakey, it applies light and as I already said, makes you look flawless.

  Another bonus: you don’t need touchups, it’ll last all day long…which I really need now that I’m leaving my apartment at 6:30am and not coming back until sometimes 8:30pm.  

I definetely suggest trying Laura Mercier over Bare Escentuals, I know how popular Bare Escentuals is, but I really feel Laura is better!  Have any of you tried Laura Mercier’s Mineral Powder?  Let me know what you think! xo  


Cult Favorite: Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

True life: I don’t wear foundation during the day…everrrrr.  The base for my everyday makeup is Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20.  I follow up with some concealer and bronzer, but for the most part I don’t even need those sometimes if I’m tan and having a good skin day.  We all know I love Laura Mercier products, it all started when a Laura specialist did my makeup for my junior semi-formal in high school (urm, super long time ago).  I really haven’t stopped using this tinted moisturizer since, I tried using Stilas but it just wasn’t the same.

First of all this product has 10 different tones to choose from, so no matter what complexion you are…super pale or super dark, there is without a doubt, a color for you.  I really appreciate this about the Laura Mercier brand because it shows care for the customers by recognizing diversity.  ANYWAY, one major plus to this product is the SPF in it.  Your everyday moisturizer should always contain SPF, but it’s always nice to have it in an actual makeup product as well (i.e. for during the day touch-ups).  PS: although this is a moisturizer I still use an actual AM moisturizer, wait a few mins, then apply this tinted moisturizer.

The best part about this product is definitely that it gives decent coverage, yet feels and looks so lightweight.  Now, even though I say it has decent coverage you may still want to put on under eye concealer and/or blemish concealer, it’s not meant to give full coverage.  Buttttt, it evens out skin tone and gives your complexion a nice natural dewy look after it’s applied.

Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer will forever be a staple in my, as well as my mom’s, makeup bags.  Perfect for everyday use, I guarantee you’ll never stop using this product once you try it out!  You can find this product at Sephora, the Laura Mercier website, or any Laura counter at department stores.

PS: To check my post on Laura’s amazingggg Secret Concealer, here!

Laura Mercier: Secret Concealer

Photo: Laura Mercier 
Laura Mercier is my favorite makeup brand, I’ve been obsessed ever since I went to Blue Mercury literally 4 or 5 years ago.  A Laura Mercier rep was there and begged me to let him do my makeup.  I loved everything he did and ended up buying almost all of it, including some brushes.  It was the first time I ever really paid attention to the quality and application of my makeup, and I was thrilled with the results.
One product that has become a staple in my everyday makeup bag is the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer.  I have gone through so many of these little pots, it’s ridiculous…but necessary.  It is by far the best concealer I’ve ever used, Benefit’s Erase Paste is a close second…but I’ll save that for another time.  In my opinion, concealer is (next to mascara) is the most important part of any daily makeup routine.  
I use the Secret Concealer in #2, and if I’m darker than that, like in the summer, I just make sure I have bronzer on.  This formula is very dewy on the skin, and while it’s recommended for under the eyes only, I occasionally use it to cover up a breakout (it’s a thick formula so it covers everything perfectly), but I make sure I layer a little extra finishing powder on top.  Anyway, I really only use this for under the eyes, and trustttttt meeeeee it makes a huge difference in your overall appearance.  It makes me look alive and bright whether I was up all night from studying…or partying.
Layer this concealer on after your tinted moisturizer or foundation, it settles and looks much better this way.  I usually apply with my ring finger (FYI: this finger applies the least pressure, so try to only use your ring finger around the sensitive under eye area!) by gently pressing and blending the concealer into the eye area.
I really love this concealer, but it needs to be applied correctly in order to make it work.  It can be thick, so I always remember that less is more with this product…seriously.  If you’re looking for something new to try, I suggest this product!  Go to Sephora or any department store to try it out first and find your color.