Holiday Gift Guide: Tokyo Milk Makeup

Last week, I featured a few of Tokyo Milk’s moisturizers- they smell luxurious and I love them, read more about it all here.  All of this Tokyo Milk goodness came from my Mom who bought it all for me from Good Morning America’s Deals and Steals one fine morning.  Isn’t she the best???

Today I’m featuring two Tokyo Milk makeup products that would be a perfect gift this holiday season.  The first one up is the Tokyo Milk Lip Gloss in Sheer, a super moisturizing gloss that gives a great shine and shimmer to your lips.  It doesn’t have color, which to me is the best part.  Why, you ask?  Well, sometimes when wearing lip stick or gloss, especially if it’s matte, we can feel dry and our lips don’t feel their best.  A couple swipes of this sheer lip gloss and you’ll feel back to life- hydrated without being too much, if you know what I mean.

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Holiday Gift Idea: Tokoyo Milk Moisturizers

I’m a huge fan of Good Morning America, I watch about the first 15 minutes every morning before leaving for work, so I get caught up on current affairs, and that’s about it.  One thing Good Morning America is known for is their Deals & Steals segment, where brands sell products at deeply discounted prices, with a promo code, just for GMA watchers.  My Mom is a huge fan of this segment, and thought of me when GMA featured the brand Tokyo Milk one morning.  She got me a bunch of Tokyo Milk goodies, shoutout to my momma, and I’m taking the time today and tomorrow to review them for you all!  I think these products are perfect for gift giving this holiday season, they’re luxurious products that don’t break the bank.

I had never heard of Tokyo Milk before my Mom mentioned them to me, so I was, of course, excited to try out a new brand.  Tokyo Milk is a brand by Margot Elena, and upon visiting the website, I noticed that they’re affiliated with brands I’ve seen at Anthropologie.  So, to me, that means they’re pretty darn good.  Tokyo Milk has a great Indie boutique vibe, and the packaging is awesome.  It’s mostly a perfume brand, and can be found at Sephora and Morphe, but I’m focusing on reviewing some of their moisturizers today, they’re  much more in the gift giving price range!

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