Fresh ‘Life’ Body Lotion

It’s a standard rule, you need to apply moisturizer after the shower…everyone knows this.  In the winter I’m using body butters, most likely from The Body Shop, but in the summer I switch to a lighter formula that doesn’t make me feel slimy and totally ew the second I walk out of the door.
Fresh 'Life' Body Lotion

I was lucky enough to receive the Fresh ‘Life’ Body Lotion in a blogger swag bag from Blue Mercury during the holidays.  I held off on using it because it was using a thicker body butter during those months, but once the weather got warmer I was dying it bring out this lotion. 
The Fresh ‘Life’ Body Lotion literally smells like summer…in every way possible.  The Vitamin C & Vitamin E keep skin sooth, hydrated, and fresh (pardon the pun) looking.  It’s light-weight but doesn’t just sit on the skin like some lighter moisturizers tend to do, it absorbs and hydrates well.

The way the bottle describes the scent is so amazingly accurate I need to share it, “freshness of a clear blue sky, sweet morning air, a sparkling sun, and velvety water”.  Fresh ‘Life’ is the perfect body lotion, delivering a luxurious scent and feel that screams summertime.

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