Frankly Chat

{Disclaimer: This opportunity was presented to me through the Her Campus Blogger Network.  Compensation is provided.  All opinions are my own.}

I love trying new things, so when I found out about a new app called Frankly Chat, and quickly became familiar with all of its amazing features, I jumped on board and couldn’t wait to test it out.

In simple terms, Frankly Chat is a fun way to chat with friends, it reminds a bit of the ever popular Snapchat in that the messages you send are erased quickly and when a screenshot is taken of a chat the sender will find out!  I love that.

{Isn’t that hilarious?!}

To make this super easy for you all, I’m just going to list all of the awesome features Frankly Chat offers its users…

Messages come in scrambled looking, which I think is hilarious!  Your chat isn’t revealed until you click it.

I mentioned that the chat is automatically deleted (after 10s)- but that’s totally up to the sender.  If the person who sent is doesn’t want it to be deleted, you as the sender have that option too.

COLOR.  I love all the COLOR.  You can choose the color of your message, (hello, pink).  There are a ton of color options.  It makes me happy.

Wanna send a photo?  No problem.  Frankly Chat can do that.

The power of the “unsend”.  If the person receiving the message hasn’t yet opened it, or if you had originally chosen the option to allow the message to stay and not be auto-deleted, the sender always has the option of unsending it.  Why can’t this be an option with texting?!?!  It’s great.

Another reason this is better than your average text….YOU CAN CHANGE THE SIZE OF THE FONT.  So when I want to be really obnoxious I can send super large font.

Group chats.  A group of friends wanna chat?  Perfect.  A group of friends wanna chat, maybe about something super private or personal?  Even better.  You have the option of having everyone in that chat (even though you invited them) chatting anonymously.  You’ll know who is in the group chat, but not who is saying what.

Frankly Chat is getting all of the attention it deserves from The Wall Street Journal to Daily Candy.  I think it has all of the right ingredients to be a huge success among young adults who believe privacy is #1.

Take the plunge and download Frankly Chat, I can promise you you’ll have so much fun with it.  Sending it to your friends is super easy, just allow Frankly Chat access to your contacts and easily send them an invite.  It takes less than a minute to sign up!