Unique Buy: Feather & Bone Face Gems

One of the toughest packing challenges I have is making sure I have a high quality face cleanser that won’t spill in my bag or take up too much space.  I’ve had my favorite travel cleansers miraculously open en route to my destination, covering all my beauty products and just causing a mess.  Ugh, too annoying.


Feather & Bone put a new spin on facial cleansers with their Face Gems Face Wash, making their all natural exfoliating cleanser in a tablet form.  Super unique, and perfect for traveling, I loved throwing the foil wrapped tablets in my makeup case during a few weekend getaways.

The tablet is formed using sandalwood, fullers Earth, and starch- which deliver cleanliness, exfoliation, and hydration…in that order.  All I did was run the tablet under running water, crush it up, and massage it into my skin.  It worked perfectly- didn’t irritate, fully cleansed my skin, and left me feeling clean.

All in all I really enjoyed using this super unique face wash.  It was something new to me, and I had fun using the Face Gems.  While I might not use it regularly while I’m at home, I would certainly use it while on a trip- you really cannot beat the convenience!!

Each box of Face Gems Face Wash has 60 tablets, so they keep you covered for quite some time.  Check them out on the Feather & Bone site, and pick up a box for $15…a steal in my opinion.

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[Disclaimer: Feather & Bone sponsored this posting.  All opinions are my own.]