Dr. Brandt’s needles no more Eye Depuffing Gel

Wow this is a great eye gel. Like really, my eyes feel so great after I apply this in the morning it’s unreal. Dr. Brandt products are super high quality, and while I haven’t used very many in my routines, I’m so happy to have the needles no more NO MORE BAGAGE Eye Depuffing Gel as part of my current eye care routine. This is a FabFitFun product that was in my last box, and I’m so worried about running out soon. HELP.

Similar to all eye creams or gels I use, this product aims to depuff and combat dark circles. If you’re familiar with my under eye talk, I’m very #blessed that I do not have any under eye concerns at this point in my life. I’m super thankful for this but it also means that I’m super extra when it comes to being proactive in preventing any issues from popping up in the future. The under eye area is so delicate and prone to dark circles and pooling, I’m trying to avoid that as long as possible as I inch closer to 30. Using a great product like this Dr. Brandt Depuffing Gel greatly helps.

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Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum

Before I start explaining how much I love this product, let me make a slight disclaimer. The Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum is an amazing product that will give you fast results, but it’s def not cheap! While I feature a lot of budget buys on my posts, some of my products aren’t the most budget friendly, like this one! Just wanted to throw that out there before you get to the bottom of the post and are thrown off by the price. =)

Okay, now on to the info…

My lovely mother purchased this eye serum for me a little while ago- I was so excited to start using it. I love the Murad brand, it’s one of the reasons I use Massage Envy for my monthly facials, and I know they use only high quality and proven ingredients in their products. This eye serum was new to me, and def not something I’d purchase on my own- although now that I’m out, I might!

The major ingredient in the Youth Renewal Eye Serum would be the retinol, which helps boost collagen and stimulate cell turnover. This is a powerful & essential ingredient for anti-aging skincare routines, but not an ingredient to be played around with. Any and all products containing retinol should only be used in the evening as it causes skin to be more sensitive, and sun exposure is a big no no after use.

In addition to the retinol working to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, the Youth Renewal Serum also has marine kelp which aids in moisturizing, firming, and brightening up the under eye area.

I’m fortunate in that I don’t experience dark circles or fine lines (yet!), but I wanted to show this picture, from the Murad site, of 4 week results when using this product. I can certainly speak for the brightening and firming benefits of the Youth Renewal Eye Serum, and I rely on the retinol as a preventative measure. If you struggle with fine lines around your eyes, I hope this gives you a better idea of how this product may help you combat that issue.

As I mentioned, Murad is a top brand with great products, and this is def one of my favorites by them. As I also mentioned, it’ll cost you more than your average eye cream, but if you feel that under eyes is a problem area for you, it’s more than worth the splurge. For me, it’s all about preventative maintenance, which is why I will be repurchasing. If you need results quickly, I think this product will absolutely deliver on


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VIIcodeT2 Oxygen Eye Cream Review

I’m always raving about my love for serums, I think it’s a major component to any skincare routine.  One part of my routine that I sometime slack on, and need to start focusing more on, is my eye cream game.  I’ve actually never been eye cream lazier that I was in the beginning of the summer, so when VIIcode reached out to me about their T2 Oxygen Eye Cream, I was too excited…now I’d have to stop slacking and start giving some love and care to my under eye area.

One of the main reasons I slack is because I’m #blessed with very little under eye issues.  I don’t have circles or lines, and I’m never worried about looking dull.  I sometimes forget that this won’t last forever, and I’ll skip an AM or PM eye cream.  I was initially unfamiliar with VIIcode, but by the time my T2 Oxygen Eye Cream showed up at my door I had learned a lot.

The brand was started in Austria at the end of the 18th century, with a focus on luxurious skincare for the eyes.  VIIcode has two products, the Oxygen Eye Cream that I was able to test out, and a variety of Oxygen Eye Masks for a range of under eye concerns.  As you can see, the packaging is sleek and gives that luxury vibe.  My first thought was that it’s a small amount of product, and for a $99 price tag, it’s not the most budget friendly eye cream on the market.  But anyway…
I’ve been using the T2 Oxygen Eye Cream at night, for about a month now, and I’m almost done with the little pot.  I traveled to Europe, and it came with me, because I knew I was going to wreck havoc on my skin from long flights to late nights out.  I needed something hydrating and healing to deliver some love to my under eye area.  I was so pleased with how the T2 Oxygen Eye Cream kept my under eyes hydrated and bright.
The thick consistency of this product is what I enjoy most, it prevents you from using too much, and is perfect for PM skincare routines.  I mentioned above how pleased I was with the hydration this eye cream delivered, jojoba oil and elderberry work together as the key antioxidant and hydration ingredients.  Aside from being intensely hydrating, this eye cream also battles under eye wrinkles with evening primrose .  Luckily, I don’t have wrinkles yet in life, but I love using products that help to combat any fine lines and wrinkles.  Prevention is key in your 20s.
Overall, the consistency and obvious hydration is what made me fall in love with the T2 Oxygen Eye Cream.  In order to extend the life of the product I only used at night, I know I would not necessarily purchase this right off the bat, the cost is just too much for an eye cream in my opinion.  However, I do think it is a great product, and if you’re going to spend this type of money on an eye cream, make it your nightly eye cream so that you can use it longer.
[Disclaimer: This product was provided to me by VIIcode for review.  All opinions are my own.]
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m-61 Favorites: Hydraboost Eye Cream & Power Glow Facial Peel

If you haven’t heard of this brand, let me tell ya something…
m-61 is a top of the line skincare brand designed by BlueMercury founder Marla Beck.  All m-61 products have powerful ingredients, literally their tagline is powerful skincare, and with good reason. 

Eye creams are so important to me, I don’t experience any under eye darkness or circles, and I need to keep this up for as long as I can.  So, I use a variety of eye creams, serving different purposes, to keep me looking hydrated, fresh, and bright.  The m-61 Hydraboost Eye Cream consists of hydrating peptides and vitamin b-5, which aid in firmness and hydration.  The natural ingredients of aloe, centella asiatica, and tamarind help to balance those powerful ingredients by soothing and repairing any under eye issues such as puffiness or fine lines.

I use the Hydraboost Eye Cream as part of my morning routine, that way I know it’s working throughout the day to keep my eyes looking bright and refreshed.  A little goes a long way, and I gently press the cream underneath my eyes with my ring finger.  It’s so lightweight and absorbs wonderfully into the under eye area.  I would highly suggest this product if you’re looking for a powerful fix to any under eye issues.  I’m using it as a preventative product, but I’ve read plenty of reviews that say this product works and it works quickly for reversing signs of aging.
My next favorite m-61 product is their Power Glow Peel, an amazingly powerful one minute exfoliating facial peel.  Here’s a breakdown of the ingredients in this product, and what they do…
+Glycolic & salicylic acids help to improve skin tone & texture, reduce pore size, & reduce fine lines
+Vitamin K fights spider veins and dry patches 
+Chamomile & lavender help to calm and soothe the skin 
I have the occasional breakout, and I seriously worry about looking dull, but using the m-61 Power Glow Peel on a weekly basis helps to keep breakouts at bay, and gives my face a great exfoliation, leaving my worry about dullness behind.  Now, I’ll be honest, this isn’t exactly a comfortable experience, sometimes I feel the acids more than others, but the results are equivalent to spending good money for a facial.  

You can use this peel up to three times a week, I personally use it once a week because I have rosacea and I try to avoid redness at all possible costs.  Like all m-61 products you are paying for top of the line quality and ingredients, so this isn’t the most budget friendly product, but it is beyond worth it.
If you have a BlueMercury near you, stop in and ask an associate for m-61 suggestions, they have a great range of products for a variety of concerns, all of which will deliver results.
Have you used m-61 products before?  I’d love to know some of your favorites!

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Budget Beauty: Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On

I’m super lucky I have no under eye issues at the moment, no dark circles or puffiness…I’m not sure how I’ve gotten to be so lucky, but I’m riding this wave as long as humanly possible.
I’m obsessed with Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum, I’ve been using it for years.  I’ve even gotten my mom & a few friends hooked on it.  Butttt, it does come with a $29 price tag, which isn’t ideal, but always seems so damn worth it..le sigh.
My back-up eye treatment is Simple’s Revitalizing Eye Roll-On, which at $11 is a bit more wallet friendly with about the same product impact & results.  The application process is the same, the cool metal roller ball soothes under eyes with Pro-vitamin B & Cucumber Extract to combat puffiness and that tired eye look.
I really enjoy using Simple products, I’m a big fan of their Cleansing Facial Wipes, because their products are hypoallergenic and perfect for those with sensitive skin.  I also find their products very refreshing, probably because of their great natural ingredient choices.  
The Revitalizing Eye Roll-On is so refreshing and cooling, perfect for both morning as a “waker uper” and evening as a relaxing “omg I’m so tired where did the day go” eye gel.  It absorbs quite well & I never have that sticky feeling, which can happen easily with under eye creams/ roller balls.
If you’re looking for a budget friendly eye treatment that delivers on it’s promises, then think about trying out Simple’s Revitalizing Eye Roll-On, you can find it pretty much anywhere & I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, it’s the perfect staple product.

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Modere Beauty Box: Antioxidant Gel & Dual Action Eye Gel

This is the last posting in my series on Modere skincare and haircare products.  In case you missed it I reviewed the Modere Beauty Box’s Antioxidant Hair Serum, Exfoliant & Anti-Aging Serum.  They’re great products and I’ve really enjoyed incorporating them into my routine for the past month.
The last two products I want to share are the last two steps to any solid skincare routine.  First, the Antioxidant Gel is a great follow-up after the Anti-Aging Serum.  I love that it’s a gel, I’ve never used a product like this before, and I’m finding I really like the consistency.  This product is an alternative to a cream/ moisturizer, honestly I was a little weary at first.  The gel is very lightweight and you can tell it does its job of penetrating the skin, it doesn’t feel sticky and absorbs nicely.  Since the feeling is quite different than that of a moisturizer, I can only really compare it to how your skin feels once you’ve applied a primer. 
The last Modere product I’ve been using is the Dual Action Eye Gel.  I typically use roller balls for my eyes, I love the cooling feeling and overall it’s just so much easier to use.  I wish this gel was more in that form, it makes life much easier when you’re in a hurry.  Aside from that the Dual Action Eye Gel feels really good, it’s nice and cool which aids with depuffing.  It also helps with wrinkles, lines, and dark circles.  Luckily I’m only preventing these issues, I don’t actually have them, yet.  
Overall I’ve really enjoyed using the Modere skincare line.  I think the Antioxidant Gel and Dual Action Eye Gel were my favorite products, I found them both unique and I would highly consider purchasing the Antioxidant Gel.  Subscription boxes are all the rage now, and I think it’s awesome to have a skincare subscription service like this that has such a high quality.

Epionce Renewal Eye Cream

The last product in my Epionce skincare series is the Renewal Eye Cream!
I’ve never had any under eye issues {i.e. puffiness, dark circles, etc.} so I use eye creams as more of a preventive measure.  I always enjoy trying new ones and I find they each have something different to offer.
I first noticed how thick this Renewal Eye Cream was compared to eye creams I’ve used in the past.  For this reason, the first time I applied it I think I applied too much- it was too thick…a little definitely goes a long way! 
{Epionce Renewal Eye Cream, $70}
The Renewal Eye Cream is so incredibly moisturizing and it absorbs quite quickly too.  It felt great and my eyes looked brighter and hydrated, which is so important in this freezing weather we’ve been having.  The cold & wind can wreck havoc on skin, having a super moisturizing eye cream like this one is key to staying one step ahead!
I love how on the website Epionce states, “formulated to complement the use of eye makeup”- sometimes eye creams can make eye makeup (or concealer) uneven and/or greasy looking.  I’m happy to report that that does not happen with the Renewal Eye Cream, yay!  After I applied eye makeup it stayed put with no creasing or greasiness.  
As i mentioned above, this is my last product in my Epionce skincare series.  I would like to thank Epionce for reaching out to me and providing me with these products.  I honestly had never heard of Epionce before, and now I can’t stop talking about how these products have changed my skin!  
If you have skin issues, check out the Epionce website for information on which products are best for you!  I can promise you won’t be disappointed.
[Note: I was provided with the above product by Epionce. All opinions are my own.] 

Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum

Spring has officially sprung, there’s beautiful flowers all over campus, everyone’s getting pedis so they can wear their sandals, and sundresses are in full force.  While I of course LOVEEEE all of this, one thing I don’t love is my allergies.  One aspect I especially can’t deal with are itchy and puffy eyes, which for me, is basically the norm.  SO, to at least combat the cosmetic part of this issue I turn to Clinque’s All About Eyes Serum.  I literally only use this product during allergy season since I’m so obsessed with my Origin’s GinZing Eye Cream.  BUT, I’m thinking about incorporating this product more into my everyday routine, it’s gotten so popular and has won many awards, including Allure’s Best of Beauty.

Photo from print advertisement.

Basically, the All About Eyes serum is perfect for me because you apply it using a roller ball which is super cool (I mean literally cooling, especially when your eyes feel like they are burning and you’re gonna die) and refreshing.  The main ingredients are caffeine, antioxidants, and various botanical’s which help to get rid of puffiness and create brightness.  I really love it because of the roller-ball thingy though, it feels like a mini massage which is great to combat the uncomfortableness of itchy eyes or just plain old fatigue.  And, it might not look like there’s a lot.

If you’re looking for a daily mini eye massage and treatment (and seriously, who isn’t?!), this product is definitely for you!!  Click here for it’s availability from Sephora, or you can find it in any major department store!

Boost Those Eyes: Origins GinZing

I first bought Origins GinZing eye cream when I purchased my favorite AM moisturizer of all time VitaZing (check out the link for my post on it).  At first I didn’t really use this product too much, but then I read online about the multiple benefits of eye creams (even for young adults) and I made sure I incorporated this into my everyday routine.  My main concern for underneath my eyes is lack of brightness.  Luckily, I don’t really ever get puffy unless I’m out all night and just haven’t slept.  However, I do want to begin prevention of fine lines and wrinkles, and GinZing covers both.

I only use this product in the morning, since it’s purpose is to make your eyes look better (and do behind the scenes work too) — nobody will care if my eyes look bright while I sleep…I don’t think.  The main ingredients in GinZing are, not surprisingly, caffeine derived from coffee beans, and ginseng.  If you’re not familiar with ginseng, it’s a chinese herb that can be used on the skin and taken in pill form as a supplement.

Super creamy texture. Light pink color.

I apply this after my morning serum by gently tapping a small amount into my skin right underneath my eyes.  I let it sink in for about 30secs and then apply my VitaZing.  I see the results right away, my eyes really do look brighter and more awake.  Hopefully, the fine line and wrinkle aspects of the cream are doing their secret work as the day goes by!

If you’re looking for a new eye cream to add into your routine, I highly suggest this product. Or, poke around Origins.com and see if there are any other eye creams that may suit your skin type better!