Thursday’s Fab Five

Happy Thursday, y’all! I don’t know about you, but 2019 is flying by for me, and it’s a little overwhelming to be honest!! I’ve been super neglectful over here on LLB, but my content calendar is ready to go for May, and I have a ton of new posts coming your way. I figured what better way to get back into the swing of things then with a little Fab Five to brighten up your Friday Eve. The first thing I’ve been loving recently is…

Jade Roller,$32

Everything you read about a jade roller is…absolutely F’ing true. I’m obsessed with my jade roller and it wasn’t until recently that I really started to use it consistently for results. First of all, you can’t beat the relaxing massage feeling you get after a long day at work. It’s amazing. I’ve been using it pretty routinely after applying all of my night serums/ moisturizers, so it’s helping those products sink into my skin. The bonus small roller for under and over eyes is the bestttttttttt to use in the morning to drain excess fluid from underneath your eyes. Quality jade rollers aren’t that expensive- but if you buy a super inexpensive one, don’t be surprised if the roller ball comes loose and breaks, I’ve had this happen to a few friends before. I think this one is at the perfect price point- the one I have is out of stock on Amazon, but this one is comparable to price and reviews.

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Thursday’s Fab Five

Is it finally spring…?  Some days I can tell, other days I can’t…it’s so confusing here in D.C.  One thing I know for sure, I’m spring nail ready, and have been doing some major spring cleaning to try to get the season here faster.  Check out the five things I’ve been loving this week, and share what you’ve been loving in the comments!

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Thursday’s Fab Five

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching & I love being at home on the weeknights cooking dinner and catching up on my favorite shows.  Don’t you?!

The weather has been so weird here in D.C., first it was warm and gross, now it’s cold and clammy.  I honestly can’t keep up with it, and neither can my sinuses!!  The beginning of the week was chilly & rainy, it legit felt like January and gave me the worst sinus headache.  So annoying.

I can’t wait to have off from work tomorrow and drive up to NJ for a wedding!  My good friend Mike…we’ve been friends since pre-k 4, can you believe that…is getting married!!!  It’s going to be such an epic celebration, so make sure you’re following along on both Snapchat (@elizabethmayce) and Instagram stories, @elizabethmayce!

Here are some things I’ve been loving recently, some classic favorites and some new goodies too.  Tweet me some favorites of yours @elizabethmayce!

Thursday's Fab Five


Bath & Body Works Candle in Sweater Weather, $12.50
Right now all B&BW candles are $12.50, which gives you a perfect excuse to go out and buy tons of fall and winter scents.  My favorite for this time of year is def Sweater Weather- it always sells out, so make sure to buy some quickly!  Sweater Weather is the perfect fall scent with notes of woods, eucalyptus, juniper berry, and sage.  The apartment smells incredible within 5 minutes of lighting this, & as I said, it’s everyone’s favorite, so buy it now!!  PS: Ebates gives 1% cash back on Bath & Body Works purchases, if you aren’t an Ebates member, join here!

The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Skin Boost, $29
I wrote about this product back 2012…yes, 2012. Shocking.
It just recently reentered my life, and o.m.g. why did I ever stop using this?!  This skin boost is an incredible morning serum to use, it instantly brightens up my complexion, which has been much needed with this week’s weather.  You can read my original thoughts here, keep in mind, this post was from 2012- but my thoughts on how great the product is, are still the same!
Right now The Body Shop’s having a buy 3, get 3 free promotion.  & Ebates gives you 3% cash-back on your purchase!

Essie Kimono Over Polish, $9
My polish this week is this gorgeous deep purple from Essie’s fall collection last year.  It goes with everything, is the right degree of vampy, and will coordinate perfectly with my cobalt color dress for a wedding this weekend!  This was def one of my favorite colors from last year’s collection, and I’m so happy to be bringing it back into my life this season!  Shop through the link above, and save 2% cash-back through Ebates on HSN!

Gap’s High Rise Ankle Jeggings in Rich Wine, $30 
YOU. MUST. GET. THESE. Originally $60, these pants are so comfortable and the rich wine color is amazing with any boot you might have.  I love the rips, they’re subtle enough where people don’t give you a side eye, but just enough to be edgy.  Did that make sense?  I bought these about 2 weeks ago (for 40% off, not 50%!!), and I love, love, love, they way they fit and feel.  I bought the tall size, so they are full length and also look great with heels and flats.   I’m thinking about buying the black moss color as well…for this price, it’s a serious steal.  Use code CHEERS to save an additional 20% off, and use Ebates for 2% cash-back on your purchase!

Dog Mother, Wine Lover Muscle Tee, $30
I love the CoffeeInTheShower Instagram page, so when I saw they had a coupon code, I finally purchased this cute, and incredibly truthful, tee in black.  I love these graphic tees, and I’ve ordered from this company a few times.  It’s decent quality, comfortable fits, and I just love how this tee can perfectly describe me as a human being.

Have a fabulous weekend!! 



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2017 Spring Polish Trends

It’s officially warm & sunny in D.C., & while I’ve been wearing transition polish colors the past few weeks, I am so ready to break free and wear bright and colorful polish from now until September!
I love adding new polishes to my collection each year, and this spring has some super cute colors to play with.  If you have a favorite polish color right now, tweet me some more suggestions! @elizabethmayce, I’d love to chat with you!
Spring 2017 Polish Trends

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essie Winter ’12: Leading Lady Collection

What do you think of essie’s Leading Lady Collection for winter??  I think I’m going to purchase Leading Lady and Beyond Cozy…none of the other colors are really screaming my name.  I do like Butler Please, but I think the reality of me wearing it is slim, but who knows I may just get it anyway.  Oh, and Where’s My Chauffeur is great too, but I have a few polishes that are way too similar!
Find the collection here!   
Butler Please
Leading Lady

Where’s My Chauffeur 

Snap Happy

She’s Pampered
Beyond Cozy

Essie Yogaga Collection

In case ya didn’t know, I’m obsessed with all Essie polishes.  Check out their Yogaga Collection below!  I’m loving Gym Dandy and Marathin!  

I don’t know about youuuu, but I’m not loving Spinning Again so much, and I think Boxer Shorts and Pilates Hottie look too much like some other Essie colors for me to actually buy them.  Nonetheless, I think the inspiration behind the collection is super cute! 

Essie Yogaga Collection

Shop the Yogaga Collection here
Top Left to Right: ‘Yogaga’, ‘Spinning Again’, ‘Marathin’
Bottom Left to Right: ‘Boxer Shorts’, ‘Gym Dandy’, ‘Pilates Hottie’ 

Lovin’ Mojito Madness

I recently did my nails in Mojito Madness from Essie’s Summer 2012 Collection.  No surprise, I loved it!  Mojito Madness is described as a “fun loving, lime green” and that is exactly right.  I know this color isn’t for everybody, but I think it’s a great summer bright to have on while poolside.  
It’s sold out online, but use Essie’s store locator to try to find it!  I know Nordstrom, CVS, and Target all carry Essie, so if you’re looking to try out the summer collection, try there.  
As you can see I have a small bottle of the polish.  I wrote a post about a month ago (check it out here) saying I was going to order the mini collection of Essie’s new summer colors.  These little bottles are perfect and I’m so glad I ended up getting them.  It’s def the best way to build up your polish collection, and actually use all of the polish. 
What colors are some of you experimenting with this summer? xo 

Bikini So Teeny, Essie Summer 2012

Now that nail polish is officially taking over my life, today I wanted to share the Essie Summer 2012 Collection appropriately titled “Bikini So Teeny”.  I just ordered the mini set from Nordstrom which comes with the first four photoed below, I’m not sure why it doesn’t have ‘All Tied Up’ which is a glittery-bronze but that’s okay but I don’t love it anyway.

I’m such an advocate for the mini bottles of collections, it lets you see if you really love a color (you can always go buy the full size if you want to, but honestly those little bottles go a long way).  I love being able to try a whole collection, without having to pay the price for it.  Very convenient.

Check out the Bikini So Teeny collection below, all links are to Nordstrom (they can even be found in Nordstrom stores if that’s easier for you).  FYI: the actual color Bikini So Teeny is def the color of the summer, so if you’re liking it, buy it ASAP!

I loveeeeeeee Bikini So Teeny, the amount of glitz is perfect, and the blue is unique and not an overpowering blue.  My second favorite is Mojito Madness, the opaque lime green is def a statement, and will look great against a tan.

Bikini So Teeny

Fear or Desire

Mojito Madness 

Off the Shoulder

All Tied Up 

Hopefully I’ll have the polish by the end of the week, and Bikini So Teeny on my nails by Saturday!

December Favorites

I’m going to try to make sure I do a favorites post at the beginning of every month of the products, accessories, and whatever else I was obsessed with during the previous month– in no particular order! 

Essie ‘Bobbing for Baubles’ and Deborah Lippman ‘I Love the Nightlife’


I love these polishes so much and sported these nails on New Year’s Eve and a few more times throughout the past month.  I’m obsessed with the glitter, although beware, it’s not easy to take off.  At all. 
Wine Bites

I bought this book at the Water Club hotel in Atlantic City, they had an amazing store called Vintage, it was basically a wine tasting store with tons of choices and different tasting sizes.  They had a cute gift section and when I saw this book, Wine Bites, I knew I needed it.  For Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s I made their Salmon and Caper Dip.  I’ve also made their Crabmeat Dip and amazing little cheese puffs, fancy term, Gougeres. (All in the pics below)  I’m truly obsessed with this book it has amazing little appetizers and gives suggestions for wine pairings with each one. 

The Lovely Bones

I love to read books on my phone, it’s super easy and convenient to be able to read wherever I want to, whenever I want to.  Many people have told me how great this novel is, and I’ve been meaning to read it for a while now.  So far I’m loving this book, the story is heart wrenching, but it’s written so well– I’m sure the movie doesn’t do it justice.  If you’re interested check it out here on Amazon. 

I loveeeee the scent of this holiday body butter.  It’s not overpowering, and the smell of cranberry is great.  It was a perfect choice for the holiday season, and as always, the Body Shop’s body butter is great for the winter weather. 

Bvlgari’s Eau Parfumee White Tea

My mom bought this perfume a while ago, I has used it a few times, but for some reason I decided I really loved it so I basically stole it from my mom. You can find it at any department store, or here on the Sephora website.  According to Sephora it has notes of artemisia leaves, ambrette, white pepper, white tea, musk, and woody amber.  I think it smells clean and fresh, and you can wear it day or night.  It smells mature and classy, which sounds weird, but if you can a chance to try it out you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! 

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Essie Mint Candy Apple

This is one of my favorite Essie colors…next to Fiji of course.  I got a manicure/ pedicure and I just wanted to show you all this fabulous  color if you haven’t seen it yet!  This came out in the Winter 2009 collection, but I personally like it better for the warmer weather.  I wore it last summer too, it’s very popular and def a statement color!  
It looks like Tiffany blue, which I love!  If you’ve seen this in the store or salon before you may think this color on my nails is slightyyy different from what you saw.  In my opinion, the color while in the bottle appears much lighter/pale than what it is on.  Some people love it, other people think it’s too loud.  I think it’s unique which is why it’s one of my faves!!