Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black

All of the Burberry perfumes have always been my favorite.  But, oh em gee, I always heard about how amazing and incredible Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black was, so naturally, I felt I could no longer live my life without purchasing it.

Words cannot describe how in love I am with this perfume.  It is the most sophisticated, feminine, and sensual perfume I have ever come into contact with.  No lie.  I want to bathe in it…weird, but also true.

I originally just purchased the roller ball, which is great because it gave me time to figure out if I really wanted to purchase the full size bottle, AND I can literally bring the rollerball everywhere with me…which I do.
The Nirvana Black has strong notes of vanilla, violet, and sandalwood…the blend is just flawless and super sexy.  Bravo Mary-Kate & Ashley…bravo.

Side note: Who knew they’d go from Michelle Tanner to high fashion designers who make an ridiculously amazing fragrance??

Anyway, when layered with the Nirvana White both perfumes are just unstoppable.  I tried the combo out in Sephora and loved it, I just need to put aside some $$ before I go and purchase Nirvana White too!

I highly advise stopping by Sephora and trying out Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black, and White, but Black is def my top choice if you’re only going to purchase one.