Spring Break: Cozumel Edition

DCPS had a late spring break this year…it seriously took forever to finally arrive, and when it did I hopped on a plane with my girl Tiana to Cozumel, Mexico!
I’m happily surviving my first year of teaching, so why not treat myself…right??? RIGHT?????
We stayed at the Hotel Cozumel & Resort, which was nice…nothing spectacular, but really, I didn’t care.  It was all inclusive, which was perfect.  The food was okay, but the drinks were pretty decent, so once again, really who cares.
Naturally, we swam with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery in Chankanaab National Reef Park, because who wouldn’t want to swim with dolphins?????  I also had the opportunity to swim with manatees, and OH MY GOD, they are just the most amazing creatures ever.  I’ve always loved manatees, so I was freaking out- they’re adorable and just so large and cuddly!!  Sadly, they don’t take pictures of you swimming with them, which made me mad, but oh well.
[Dress: LOFT, last year, no longer available] 

We also visited the Mayan ruins at Tulum on the mainland.  Those Mayans were effing psycho…  Anyway, the ferry ride over to Playa del Carmen was super easy and once we were there we took a simple tour followed by beach time.

And really, who doesn’t love a good time at Senor Frogs, with their yard length drinks??? 
I seriously loved Cozumel, it was just the recharge I needed to finish out the school year & I can’t wait to get back there someday!