Budget Beauty: CoverGirl TruBlend

I’m all about Budget Beauty when it comes to skincare. There are some awesome wallet friendly skincare brands and products on the market! Recently, I’m slowly coming around to introducing more budget friendly makeup options, a couple of which are the CoverGirl TruBlend products. I often partner with Influenster when new products come out- so I was super excited when I got a nice little CoverGirl package in the mail! I received four products, I’ll feature two of them today, and two next week.

The first product I tried out was the new TruBlend Base Business Primer. I love a good primer, especially because I have oily skin. & I need a primer to set my makeup up for success through the day. I typically reach for high end primers, thinking that the quality is better than your average drug store brand. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the TruBlend Base Business Primer! I’ve been using it daily before work, after applying my current moisturizer, & I’m loving how my makeup looks after a long day of teaching!

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Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer

Ladies, ladies, ladies. I have almost no words for how much I love this Too Faced Born this Way Concealer. If you’re unfamiliar with the Born this Way line, it came out last summer and has been wildly popular ever since. Part of its popularity is because YouTube Queen Jackie Aina, yes I call her a Queen, was heavily involved in making sure the Born this Way line was inclusive of all skin tones. The beauty industry has been attempting to add more color shades to foundations and concealers, & in my opinion, Too Faced has done an excellent job being skin tone inclusive with 35 shades for this line.

The Too Faced Born this Way Concealer has been my one and only face makeup product this summer. I typically try to wear less makeup during the summer months, but I always find I reach for a tad of foundation, and of course concealer, just to make myself look even and reduce redness. Well, this concealer is so amazing, all I need is the tiniest bit to look even, less red, and glowy.

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Budget Beauty: L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Concealer

It’s Monday, and I’m actually not bothered by it!  I had such a relaxing weekend at home with Rob- we visited The Cheesecake Factory and watched both our football teams lose so…super productive.  Okay okay, I also totally cleaned the house too so that was pretty productive.

Anyway, I’m here today to share one of my favorite concealers, the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Glow.  I switch between this and two not so budget friendly concealers (that I’ll share in the upcoming weeks) for my every day look.  I use a few different concealers because I enjoy trying different brands and different formulas.  I usually tend to spend a bit more $$ on my makeup, but between this concealer and the Infallible Pro Matte Foundation, I’ve really been enjoying L’Oreal makeup.

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Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème & Setting Powder

Wearing a great concealer is probably one of the most important parts of my makeup routine.  I need it to polish a barely there makeup routine just as much as I need it to help perfect a full glam look.  I have a small list of go to concealers, but I’m always looking to try new ones.   I was super excited when I was sent the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer, with the Edge Concealer Brush.  & I am so happy I was able to give this, and the Setting Powder with Precision Powder Brush, a try!
To be honest, I’m not sure I would’ve picked up the concealer in Sephora on my own, but using this product, along with the Setting Powder, for a few months now, has really gotten me more interested in the Kat Von D brand.  I love the packaging of both these products, the brushes have a rock and roll look to them, and the black packaging of the concealer and setting powder have a very Kat Von D vibe to them.

I was sent two colors which is perfect because I really do go back and forth between them, Warm and Neutral.  This is the perfect concealer for my everyday work makeup.  It’s creamy and stays put all day, which is important for me since I have absolutely no time for touchups during my work day!

Each morning I use just a little under my eyes, down the sides of my nose and on any blemishes I might have.  Luckily, because my skincare routine has been so strict lately I haven’t had any blemishes, but when I do, this works great to cover anything up.  It’s full coverage without being heavy or cake-y, and the creamy, light-weight, texture makes it easy to blend with the Kat Von D Lock- It Edge Concealer Brush or just your fingers.  I’ve been trying to use the Concealer Brush more often, it’s quite different than some other concealer brushes I’ve used in the past, and while I’ve had no problem using it, I do prefer just using my fingertips instead.

The Lock-It Concealer contains a patented HydraBoost Complex that aims to both hydrate and create a crease-proof finish, which is especially necessary for underneath the eyes.  I love how it brightens up my under eye area, as well as the area down the sides of my nose.  I can also dab just a little of this on any redness I am experiencing and it covers it right up.

When I finish my entire makeup look for the day, or night, I use my Kat Von D Lock- It Precision Powder Brush, to apply Kat Von D’s Lock- It Setting Powder all over my face.  This light powder helps to set my makeup and give me a bright finished look.  It has a natural finish so you don’t need to worry about it affecting your makeup, and its matte finish is just enough where you look natural and polished.

I’ve used quite a few setting powders that have looked a bit white and chalk-y after applying, and I always freak out.  The soft hue of this finishing power allows it to blend perfectly with my skin tone, keeping texture and color exactly how it should be.  Similar to the concealer brush, I enjoy using this brush as well, but I do think that there are other less expensive options out there.  I love the fact that I  have this brush, but I must admit I probably would not purchase on my own.

Kat Von D Lock- It Concealer Creme | $26
Kat Von D Lock- It Edge Concealer Brush | $24
Kat Von D Lock- It Setting Powder | $30
Kat Von D Lock- It Precision Powder Brush | $32

[Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review.  All opinions are my own.]


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NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

This summer my skincare game has been on point, which has allowed me to seriously cut back on my makeup usage- it’s been great to say the least.  However, one product I have been consistently using this summer is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, and it’s now a favorite.  I just ordered two from Sephora so I can have it whenever I might need it…I’m keeping one in my makeup drawer and one in my bag.

Since I’m tan right now I’ve been using Honey, which is a warm peach tone for light/ medium complexions.  This concealer blends so well into my skin, the formula in my opinion is lightweight and the level of hydration it delivers is excellent.  I’m able to use this concealer everywhere, around my nose, on any blemish, & over my rosacea.  It handles it all and I find I don’t even need to use too much product to get the job done.
I know the price may deter some buyers, but this truly is one of the top concealers out there, and if you have dry skin the creaminess of this NARS Concealer will save your life.  I tend to have more oily skin, but to be honest that hasn’t affected anything for me when using this product.  I use a setting powder to lock everything in place, which I think helps a lot.  Lastly, I think NARS delivers a great color range for this product, 16 different colors to be exact, so you’re hopefully guaranteed to match up with one of them!
Next time you’re in Sephora try out the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, the texture is different than other concealers I typically use, but I think that is what puts this products ahead of others!

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Brighten Up with Benefit’s Erase Paste

Concealer. I need it every day.  At least I think I need it every day…I am a teacher after all.  & I’m always tired.  Therefore, I would think concealer is an absolutely non-negotiable.  
My absolute favorite concealer for both under eye and to cover blemishes, which I’ve been using for years, & I mean seriously, years, is Benefit Erase Paste
, a “brightening camouflage for eyes & face”.  & trust me when I say, Erase Paste is the ultimate camouflage ever…in life.

Benefit Erase Paste

The consistency of Benefit Erase Paste
is my favorite part, it’s very creamy and on the thick side.  So, a little goes a long way and the blend is flawless- it seriously just melts into my skin, which gives me great even coverage.  I always make sure I top it with a translucent powder to help set it and prevent any oiliness throughout my long day.

One bonus of this product is that it comes with a little “how to” guide so you can really maximize your use of the product!  How nice of you, Benefit!

As I said, this is my favorite go to & daily concealer.  With three color choices, deep | medium | fair, I know you’ll find your perfect match.

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Bobbi Brown: Face Touch Up Stick

The change of seasons always wrecks havoc on my skin no matter what prevention measures I take against it.  SO, in an effort to just disguise anything imperfect I turn to Bobbi Brown’s Face Touch Up Stick…it’s such a lifesaver and definitely one of my must-have products.
I’ve been using this since last winter, and it always does it’s job covering up an unsightly blemish or redness from the cold.  It’s super small and compact, you can keep it anywhere.  I have one in my makeup bag at all times, but I’m thinking about getting another one maybe for the car or something, in case I need to touch up quickly before going somewhere.  
You don’t need any brushes with this, I just dot it on the area I’m covering up, and tap it in with my ring finger until it’s all blended.  The formula is creamy, oil-free, and not cake-y at all, so it’s very easy to just blend with your finger when you’re on the go.  Another amazing aspect of this product…it comes in 19 shades, so no matter what complexion your working with, Bobbi Brown has you covered…literally.  It’s also very compatible for any skin type whether you’re normal, combo, oily, or dry…so no worries there!
You can purchase this on Sephora.com, it’s not available in stores, unfortunately you can only buy it online from Sephora.  I bought mine from Blue Mercury, I’d highly suggest stopping by a store first to make sure you pick the correct color since there are so many options!  

Bobby Brown’s Face Touch Up Stick

In my quest to try every concealer in the world I recently stumbled upon Bobby Brown’s Face Touch Up Stick at Blue Mercury.  This product has won InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys 2011 and Best Undercover Agent from O Magazine, and I can totally see why!  I’d call this a precision concealer because it’s so easy to just dot a problem area if you have one.  It’s super creamy and blends into skin perfectly, covering up any blemishes, unevenness, and just plain redness (oh hello harsh winter weather).  The website says this concealer is best for normal or combination skin types, although I’m more on the oilier side and I haven’t had any problem with this product at all!
Another great aspect about Bobby Brown’s Face Touch Up Stick is that it comes in a billion different colors, which I think is very important and says that Bobby Brown as a company realizes that women come in a billion different colors!  I particularly use #2 Sand as my color, it works if I’m pale and it can also work if I have my sprayyy tannn onnnn.  Super perfect.  The Bobby Brown website also has a great link to help finding your perfect shade, it’s a pretty detailed chart so check it out on this page if you need help determining what color would work best for you!!
One reason I love this product is I can take it anywhere and not have to worry about having to be careful when applying it.  You just press it into the skin and you’re good to go, it really does blend that easily.  It’s super compact so you can carry it in your clutch when you go out in case you need a quick touch-up during the night!

Makeup In Chicago

Today waking up in Chicago, I realized…I had to go shopping.  My first stop was at Saks Fifth Avenue, and boy was it a good stop.  Walking into the beauty department I was immediately stopped by a woman working for Giorgio Armani cosmetics.  She said she saw my eyelashes from across the room and had to stop me…yeah right, but I went with it because I do have pretty great lashes.  She offered me a makeover, and we all know what that means, I’ll have to buy products at the end of it.  Honestly, I didn’t really care, I’ve never tried Armani makeup before so I was intrigued.  I’ve heard amazing things about Armani’s foundation, so I was especially excited to try it out!
I love the look she created for me, I ended up walking around the entire day exploring the city.  It’s so hot here in Chicago, I felt like all of the makeup literally melted off my face, but it was so natural and she took a lot of time to teach me how to recreate the look which I appreciated.
So, as I had expected…the foundation is absolutely amazing.  I’m in the middle of a breakout right now and it didn’t even look like I was wearing any makeup after she applied it!  This foundation won Instyle Magazine’s “Best of Beauty” award, and I think it was well deserved.  I got the Luminous Silk Foundation in #5, it matches me perfectly.  The consistency is honestly the best I’ve ever used, and even as I blend it into my hand right now as I’m typing this I just love it…it gives amazing coverage while remaining super light.
Accompanying the foundation I bought the Fluid Sheer in #2, Jane [the makeup artist] told me to mix one pump of this into the foundation for a dewy look.  This reminds me of Benefit’s High Beam [click the link to read my post on it] except this is slightly more sheer and blendable.  Once again, while blending it into my hand it’s super sheer and lightweight…perfect for the summer. AND, as I said earlier, I was sweating from walking so much…I was afraid the luminosity would make me look oily…it didn’t! YAY.  
The next two items I purchased are live savers if you’re like me and tend to get the strangest weirdest random annoying breakouts.  I was super surprised by what Jane said about this first product…the Master Corrector in #1.  Most of the time to cover up redness I’ve always used a green base, which counteracts redness.  Well, this is red based…I was a little scared at first…red on red just didn’t sound right…but I could not believe the way this covered up my under-eye circles and blemishes.  As you can see the brush is super thin, so I thought it wouldn’t cover much.  WRONG.  The less the better and the way the brush applies, very minimally, is great too.
The second concealer I got is a skin tone matching concealer, High Precision Retouch, it has the same brush a the master corrector.  Jane taught me to just lightly sweep over the area I want to cover, on top of where I put the master corrector, and then anything that was once there…is magically gone!  PS….it totally works.
The last item I bought was the Blender Brush.  I’m obsessed with brushes, and I loved the way this one felt and blended in everything.  Not only did Jane use this for primer, foundation, and concealer…she also used it to apply my eyeshadow base.  I was amazed by the way it perfectly set and blended in everything [even the eyeshadow], my current blending brush was made by Sephora and to be honest…it sucks.  So, I’m really glad I got this one!
I think I’m gonna become a big fan of Armani makeup, I knew Megan Fox was the spokeswoman for the brand this past spring so I included some videos and an interview so you can familiar yourself with the brand a little more!
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Laura Mercier: Secret Concealer

Photo: Laura Mercier 
Laura Mercier is my favorite makeup brand, I’ve been obsessed ever since I went to Blue Mercury literally 4 or 5 years ago.  A Laura Mercier rep was there and begged me to let him do my makeup.  I loved everything he did and ended up buying almost all of it, including some brushes.  It was the first time I ever really paid attention to the quality and application of my makeup, and I was thrilled with the results.
One product that has become a staple in my everyday makeup bag is the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer.  I have gone through so many of these little pots, it’s ridiculous…but necessary.  It is by far the best concealer I’ve ever used, Benefit’s Erase Paste is a close second…but I’ll save that for another time.  In my opinion, concealer is (next to mascara) is the most important part of any daily makeup routine.  
I use the Secret Concealer in #2, and if I’m darker than that, like in the summer, I just make sure I have bronzer on.  This formula is very dewy on the skin, and while it’s recommended for under the eyes only, I occasionally use it to cover up a breakout (it’s a thick formula so it covers everything perfectly), but I make sure I layer a little extra finishing powder on top.  Anyway, I really only use this for under the eyes, and trustttttt meeeeee it makes a huge difference in your overall appearance.  It makes me look alive and bright whether I was up all night from studying…or partying.
Layer this concealer on after your tinted moisturizer or foundation, it settles and looks much better this way.  I usually apply with my ring finger (FYI: this finger applies the least pressure, so try to only use your ring finger around the sensitive under eye area!) by gently pressing and blending the concealer into the eye area.
I really love this concealer, but it needs to be applied correctly in order to make it work.  It can be thick, so I always remember that less is more with this product…seriously.  If you’re looking for something new to try, I suggest this product!  Go to Sephora or any department store to try it out first and find your color.