#ManicureFriday: CND Shellac

I got my nails done today!  I got my nails in CND’s Brilliant White #502, and my toes in a regular white that my nail salon had.  The CND polish can only go on nails because it is a gel polish, or if your familiar with the term, Shellac polish.  Shellac manicures have been all the rage lately (especially with celebs) because they last for…forever. Literally, you could stretch it to two or three weeks if you wanted too…compared to a week, or week and a half, with a regular manicure. 
I already have gel tips, so I typically get a gel polish color, but you can use Shellac nail polishes on your regular nails too!  These polishes seriously don’t chip [or more importantly, ruin your nails], and you don’t have to wait for them to dry because the gel is instant under UV ray hand box thingy (I really don’t know how to describe that better…) that your nail salon has.
Also, whether you’re cleaning a lot (i.e. doing dishes, work outside) or doing anything that would wreck your nails, have no fear...this polish is indestructible…not even nail polish remover can take it off!  My nail techinican takes it off with the drill when I get my gels filled in every 3 weeks, but here’s a video from CND on how to get the Shellac off!  Not gonna lie, the video kinda reminds me of videos that put me to sleep in chem class last semester (when I went…), but it’s still interesting to hear how this stuff works!
Next time you go to the nail salon, give Shellac a try.  I think it’s a little pricier than a regular manicure, but just try to once to see how you like it, or before you go on vacation or something to make sure your hands look great the whole time!  Also, you wouldn’t need to get your nails done as often, so the pricing kinda works out!
I’m trying to upload a picture of my nails from my phone, but for some reason it’s being stupid!  I’ll put one up as soon as it’s working!!

[Update]: Here’s a picture!! Now, let me explainnnnn…I messed up the index finger nail on my own, it was not a result of the application of the gel polish.  It wasn’t fully dry and I nicked it on the table.

Now I’m going to get a spray tan to offset the white, and thennnn it’ll be a perfect day!