Charming Charlie Under $15 Holiday Gift Guide

I’m obsessed with Charming Charlie.  Too obsessed.
I used to only be able to shop in-store when my Dad was living in Georgia, and until Black Friday I hadn’t been in one in years.  Luckily, a Charming Charlie opened up in New Jersey, so when I was home for Thanksgiving weekend I literally lost my mind and bought everything I saw- even my Mom got hooked immediately.  Charming Charlie has changed so much since I first walked into one, 6 or 7, years ago.  I love how the brand has expanded into way more accessories and now even home items.   

The best part of Charming Charlie is the price point, everything is affordable, on trend, made well, and suer gorgeous.
If you’re like me it’s so easy to go Christmas gift crazy.  I have so many important people in my life, and when I see something I think they’ll like, I feel this overwhelming need to get it for them!  The truth is, Christmas shopping can get a bit out of control.  I have a work Secret Pal, as we call it, coming up, and I want to get my best girlfriends something small, so here’s a quick girlie guide for some wallet friendly Christmas gifts this season, specifically from Charming Charlie.

Charming Charlie Under $15 Gift Guide

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Haul: Charming Charlie

I’m in the Atlanta area (Suwanee, GA to be exact) visiting my Dad for the week.  Unfortunately, but excitingly (I didn’t know that was a real word), he’s moving to the Fort Worth area in a few months.  While I know I’ll be in the city area of Atlanta still quite often, one thing I will miss is the jewelry store Charming Charlie which is just about a 10min drive from our house. 
I had absolutely no idea what Charming Charlie was until I walked passed it one day, at which point I turned my head and thought to myself OMFG I NEED EVERYTHING IN THIS STORELiterally.  I truly felt like I hit the fashion jewelry mecca.  If you’ve never been to, or heard of, this store before I have one word to describe it…color. TONS OF COLOR.  It’s a huge store (at least the one by me is) and all the accessories are divided up by color on huge round tables.  Also, everything is super inexpensive, think one step above Forever 21 in price, but a flight of stairs above them in quality, which is why I always seem to walk out with half the store.
Before I get started on my haul, here’s a quick commerical from their YouTube channel! (PS: Check out all their videos on YouTube, they’re great!!)  They also have a a blog, Charm Chronicles, which while I’ve only read a few posts, looks pretty good!!  
Here are my purchases!!!  Unfortunately you cannot buy their products online…lame.  But check out the store locater because you never know if there’s one near you!!  I just found out there’s one about 40mins from my house in Jersey!!  Enjoy!
I love classic looking pieces like the one on the right that I can dress up or dress down.  I have a few necklaces along the line of this one but I love the layered look and I have great bracelets that will complement it!  The black and silver necklace with flowers reflects my true style and I know that one will get a lot of wear.
I loved these earrings when I saw them, I think they could go both in a casual and elegant direction.  I actually have a bracelet that will match perfectly with them!  I love that color blue against a rustic gold color, and the shape with that coloring looks great.
A cute flower power ring, just because.  I thought it was summery and I could wear with a black outfit for a pop of color, or at the beach! And, an owl ring because owls are our mascot and I can’t help myself when I see owls!
Two owl necklaces one gold and one silver.  As I just said, I can’t help myself when I see anything owls, and the price was right, so I went with it!  I don’t think you can tell but the other necklace is gold with a hint of copperish color to it.  I thought the coloring was interesting and I would have the focus be on the necklace when I’m wearing it since it might be hard to match other pieces with it.
Another owl, this one kinda looks scary but it has abuncha purples in it which is why I liked it so much!  I loved this drop ring because of the color and while it’s still a piece of fashion jewelry I know I’ll be able to dress it up if I want to!
I thought this necklace was really pretty and I absolutely love the colors.  It’s light and perfect for the summer– I think I’ll layer on tons of bracelets with complementing colors when I wear this.
I know this bracelet is a little loud and ridiculous, but I really don’t care…I think it’s fun and unexpected.  I have an all black bathing suit that I know this bracelet will look great against when I’m at the beach.  It might be hard to incorporate this into a lot of outfits, but I think its a great easy option for the shore.