Hong Kong De Chanel

Welcome to Hong Kong!
So, here we have Chanel’s two limited-edition nail lacquers for their Hong Kong Collection.  What do you think? 
I know for a fact I’ll be purchasing Western Light, not 100% sold on Eastern Light…I mean, a white is a white is a white, and I already have like 3.  I’ll check it out in store though, if it’s super saturated & opaque, I may bite. WHO KNOWS.
I must say though I am very intrigued by Western Light, it kinda looks like a chocolate glittery cherry, no?  I wasn’t very happy when I went to Nordstrom this past weekend, they aren’t getting this collection until possibly mid-April.  Annoying. 

Paris Fashion Week: Chanel

This collection, masterminded by none other than Karl Lagerfeld, is by far my favorite Fall 2013 collection.  I. Want. To. Wear. It. All.   
I easily could’ve said each of the 79 looks were my favorite, but here are 30 of my super favorites. xo 
Shout out to this man, for always being perfect, and never giving a damn. 

All images from The Cut. 

Pre-Fall 2013: Chanel, Burberry Prorsum, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Rachel Roy

Nothing like a little cozy pre-fall 2013 clothing to get ya in the winter mood!
Here are my favorites, from everyone’s favorite designers! 

Burberry Prorsum 

3.1 Phillip Lim

Rachel Roy 

 All images from The Cut. 

Mani Monday: Chanel + OPI

Last week I wore Chanel Fall 2012 ‘Vertigo’ and paired it with OPI’s 2011 Holiday Muppet Collection ‘Designer de Better’ as an accent nail!  I went to Texas last weekend and I got a ton of compliments on it when I was out and about!
I’m loving Vertigo, at first I wasn’t going to get it because it looks just like Chanel Fall 2010’s Paradoxal….BUT, when you place each bottle side by side, they’re totally different.  Whew.
Vertigo is obvz very dark,  it’s kinda difficult to describe but I’d call it plumish-grey, with a hint of brown…if that makes any sense?
Designer de Better is an awesome color.  I think it’s a perfect mix of silver and gold…and it has super teeny-tiny specks of red glitter.

Manicure Time..Chanel Blue Rebel

You can’t see it too well but I had OPI Navy Shatter on my nails last week over a Sephora by OPI beige-y color. Loved it.
A few weeks ago I posted on the new Chanel Jean nail lacquer line, which is only being sold for a month.  My favorite was Blue Rebel, and I ordered it right when they went on sale…duh.  WELL, I finally found the time to get my nails done this weekend in between meetings and chemistry notes.  I’m loving every single thing there is to love about this color.  It’s a great fall transition, and I think it just looks ahhhhmazingg.
Chanel Blue Rebel is super chic, and I think everyone should get it before it’s gone forever!  If you’re interested in purchasing, click here!