Thursday’s Fab Five

I’m so happy to be writing a Fab Five for today! I missed this so much! Here are five products I’ve been using just about daily for the past couple of weeks.

Bath & Body Works ‘Fresh Fall Morning’ 3-Wick Candle, $24.50

My candle game since quarantine has been ridiculously strong. Now that it’s fall, my candle game is just out of control & I have no regrets. Every time Bath & Body has some sort of candle special I head to the mall to pick up at least two more. Teaching from home means a lit candle at all times – my home smells like the epitome of autumn and I couldn’t be happier. Of course, Sweater Weather and Leaves are two of my faves, but Fresh Fall Morning has been my most recent and I loveeeeeee it! It’s woody with a hint of apple, and I love lighting it at 7am while sipping my decaf Nespresso while watching GMA. If you aren’t signed up for Bath & Body Works emails, sign up now, so you can stay updated on any and all candle sales. DO NOT BUY any candles from Bath & Body Works without a special going on- just wait a week and I can guarantee they’ll either be half price or BOGO.

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Thursday’s Fab Five

Happy Thursday!  There’s been so much going on recently, all great things, & I’m so happy to be back today to share five of my recent favorites.

Yes to Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask, $3 

I spoke about this mask on my Insta-stories last week because Target was & still is, having a 25% off sale on all Yes To products!  I love a good charcoal mask, but the application & clean up process can sometimes be a bit too much, if ya know what I mean.  Having a charcoal mask in sheet mask form, especially with a ton of product on it, is perfect for a Wednesday night.  The fit could be a tiny bit better but given how budget friendly this mask is, it’s really no big deal.

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Thursday’s Fab Five

Happy Thursday!

It’s been a decent summer so far, I’m still little by little organizing and cleaning the house since getting back from vacation, but, it’s been a veryrelaxing week!  I’m super excited to be doing a Fab Five today, since I haven’t in so long!  Don’t forget, share any of your current favorited with me, in the comments below!

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Thursday’s Fab Five

It’s been such a busy past few weeks!!  Rob & I moved into a townhouse, I went to Disney to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday, and I’ve been busy organizing and setting up our new place, all while lesson planning and tutoring.  Humph.  Anyway, I’m back today to share a new edition of Thursday’s Fab Five, with some favorite things I’ve been loving a lot lately.

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Thursday’s Fab Five

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching & I love being at home on the weeknights cooking dinner and catching up on my favorite shows.  Don’t you?!

The weather has been so weird here in D.C., first it was warm and gross, now it’s cold and clammy.  I honestly can’t keep up with it, and neither can my sinuses!!  The beginning of the week was chilly & rainy, it legit felt like January and gave me the worst sinus headache.  So annoying.

I can’t wait to have off from work tomorrow and drive up to NJ for a wedding!  My good friend Mike…we’ve been friends since pre-k 4, can you believe that…is getting married!!!  It’s going to be such an epic celebration, so make sure you’re following along on both Snapchat (@elizabethmayce) and Instagram stories, @elizabethmayce!

Here are some things I’ve been loving recently, some classic favorites and some new goodies too.  Tweet me some favorites of yours @elizabethmayce!

Thursday's Fab Five


Bath & Body Works Candle in Sweater Weather, $12.50
Right now all B&BW candles are $12.50, which gives you a perfect excuse to go out and buy tons of fall and winter scents.  My favorite for this time of year is def Sweater Weather- it always sells out, so make sure to buy some quickly!  Sweater Weather is the perfect fall scent with notes of woods, eucalyptus, juniper berry, and sage.  The apartment smells incredible within 5 minutes of lighting this, & as I said, it’s everyone’s favorite, so buy it now!!  PS: Ebates gives 1% cash back on Bath & Body Works purchases, if you aren’t an Ebates member, join here!

The Body Shop’s Vitamin C Skin Boost, $29
I wrote about this product back 2012…yes, 2012. Shocking.
It just recently reentered my life, and o.m.g. why did I ever stop using this?!  This skin boost is an incredible morning serum to use, it instantly brightens up my complexion, which has been much needed with this week’s weather.  You can read my original thoughts here, keep in mind, this post was from 2012- but my thoughts on how great the product is, are still the same!
Right now The Body Shop’s having a buy 3, get 3 free promotion.  & Ebates gives you 3% cash-back on your purchase!

Essie Kimono Over Polish, $9
My polish this week is this gorgeous deep purple from Essie’s fall collection last year.  It goes with everything, is the right degree of vampy, and will coordinate perfectly with my cobalt color dress for a wedding this weekend!  This was def one of my favorite colors from last year’s collection, and I’m so happy to be bringing it back into my life this season!  Shop through the link above, and save 2% cash-back through Ebates on HSN!

Gap’s High Rise Ankle Jeggings in Rich Wine, $30 
YOU. MUST. GET. THESE. Originally $60, these pants are so comfortable and the rich wine color is amazing with any boot you might have.  I love the rips, they’re subtle enough where people don’t give you a side eye, but just enough to be edgy.  Did that make sense?  I bought these about 2 weeks ago (for 40% off, not 50%!!), and I love, love, love, they way they fit and feel.  I bought the tall size, so they are full length and also look great with heels and flats.   I’m thinking about buying the black moss color as well…for this price, it’s a serious steal.  Use code CHEERS to save an additional 20% off, and use Ebates for 2% cash-back on your purchase!

Dog Mother, Wine Lover Muscle Tee, $30
I love the CoffeeInTheShower Instagram page, so when I saw they had a coupon code, I finally purchased this cute, and incredibly truthful, tee in black.  I love these graphic tees, and I’ve ordered from this company a few times.  It’s decent quality, comfortable fits, and I just love how this tee can perfectly describe me as a human being.

Have a fabulous weekend!! 



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Bath & Body Works Candle Haul

Confession: I honestly didn’t do any shopping this holiday weekend except for a candle purchase from Bath & Body Works.  I really wanted to do some more shopping but, I’m trying so hard to #budget.

I know it’s only February, but I wanted to start stocking up on some spring scents.  I still have a fair amount of winter candles, but I figured that with the sale price, and my coupon code, now was the time to buy.  Bath & Body Works candles are my favorite, the scent is strong, so I only need one burning in the apartment to have my entire home smell incredible.

Have you purchased any candles recently?  I’d love to know some favorites!!

Bath & Body Works Candle Haul

Mahogany Teakwood | Lemon Mint Tea | Seaside Citrus 

French Lavender  | White Gardenia | Fresh Cut Lilacs

Bath & Body Works currently has all of their candles for $12.50, and I have some coupon codes for you to use as well!  
For $10 off a $30 purchase use code SP168993
& for 20% off your purchase use code F152193

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Bath & Body Works Spring Candles

Candle obsessed is a perfect way to describe me, & my favorites are the 3-wick candles from Bath & Body Works.  
As soon as the Hawaiian Five Spring 2015 Collection came out in March I picked up the Oahu Coconut Sunset and Guava Colada candles.  I am ridiculously in love with the jars, I think the bright ombre colors are beautiful & it’s such a great addition to my dark coffee table for spring.
The Easter Bunny left me the Hawaiian Hibiscus candle, which is an amazing flowery coconut-jasmine blend- very light and luxurious.  I think it’s the perfect powder room candle for this time of year.
The last candle I’m currently burning is Island Waters, an oldie but goodie from Bath & Body Works.  I have this in my bedroom and it’s a very fresh scent of bamboo and greens.  I love water scents, so for me it’s nice & relaxing, just what I need right before bed.
Head over to Bath & Body Works and pick up a few spring candles during their next 2 for $22 (or did it change to $24, I can’t remember).  They always last me a fair amount of time and the scents are so strong in a great way!


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Things I Love…Candles

I. Love. Candles.  Love love love them.  I think it’s because my dad would bring home tons sometimes after business trips.  I always have a candle lit in my room and in the bathroom…always.  I hate that we aren’t allowed to have candles in our dorms at school, but obviously I totally understand it.  I thought I’d share some of my favorite scents from my favorite brand, Yankee Candle Company.  They had amazing sales this weekend for Memorial Day which gave me the idea to write this post!!
My absolute favorite candle in the WHOLE WORLD is Lemon Lavender.  Santa got me this candle a few years ago and I’ve probably bought at least 5 since.  I even have the car air fresheners and I always get compliments on the smell! This scent is fresh and clean (the lemon) yet relaxing and soothing (the lavender).  I think this will be my fave scent for the rest of my life, I swear I’ll never get tired of it!! 
Another one of my favorites is Fresh Cut Roses, I’m currently using this one in my bedroom right now.  This is a very light scent, which is perfect for the hot weather.  I have this lit all night and it’s nice to wake up to in the morning, my room basically smells like a garden (which I don’t mind at all)!!
My last favorite from Yankee Candle is Eucalyptus.  I usually use this fragrance in my bathroom since it’s very good aromatherapy wise.  I’ll have that candle lit while using my eucalyptus spa products…it’ll smell like heaven while I’m taking a bath.  It’s so fresh and really wakes you up and makes you feel alive (sounds deep, but it’s totally true). 
You can find all these scents either online at Yankee Candle or in store!  I usually buy in store because I like to find new scents to try out.  Most of the time they have great sales and if you give them your email they send great coupons!
Lastly, in celebration of Memorial Day Weekend Yankee Candle is having a “red, white, and blue jar” sale, meaning any candle, any size, that is either red, white, or blue is buy 1 get one 50% off.  Pretty good deal considering tons of their candles are those colors!  
PS: These are what I call my off-season favorites.  I love all the fall and Christmas-y scents, I’ll write about those when it’s weather appropriate!!