Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

The brand Hourglass is huge right now, especially the Ambient Lighting Blush, and with good reason.  I finally purchased the Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush, which is described as a champagne rose.  Don’t you just love the sound of that, champagne rose?  I do.

Luminious Flush is perfect for fall, and gives great depth and color to my cheekbones.

Hourglass is known for it’s Ambient Lighting Powder highlighter, which is next on my makeup must buy right now list.  I love that they combined the great effects of their staple highlighter to a blush.  The product is fabulous, and a little goes a long way, the pigment is fantastic.  
Aside from the product looking fab on my face, the packaging and design of the product in the pot is so beautiful.  I definitely want to try a few more Ambient Lighting Blushes, all of the colors are gorgeous and work perfectly for different seasons.  
If you’re looking for a top of the line fall blush, look no further than Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes, even if Luminous Flush isn’t the best color for you, stop by Sephora and test all 6 of them out!! 

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Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush

The Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow has been on my face almost every day for the past, oh I’m not sure, maybe 3 months?
I’m in love with it.
First of all, the colors are amazing- they’re bright and punchy give an excellent flush.  The colors in Candy Glow, rose pink shimmer, soft coral pink, and peachy pink shimmer, may be a bit intimidating because they’re so pastel-y, but I can assure you they are perfect.
{Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush, $30}
Candy Glow is very natural looking, lasts the whole day, and gives me an amazing healthy looking glow.  And honestly, the packaging is ridiculously cute, anything shaped in a heart, I will probably buy.  Duh.

The Perfect Flush Blush is also very buildable- I love using all three colors initially and then playing around with the rose pink shimmer if I want a bit more dramatic look.  I also love using the peachy pink shimmer as a highlighter and right below my brow bone- it looks gorgeous and luminous.

Cargo Water Resistant Blush

I’ve been a huge fan of Cargo for a long time, like since high school.  I used to religiously collect their Lip Gloss Duos, my favorite was LaLa Land, unfortunately they don’t make those anymore, oh well.
I haven’t used Cargo in a while, so when I opened my Birchbox and saw this little Bali Blush inside I was pleasantly surprised!  
Cargo Water Resistant Blush in ‘Bali’, $26
Bali, a water resistant blush, gives a perfect flush look that’s very natural and is great for summer.  Not gonna lie, at first I questioned the whole “water resistant” part of the product, but after I wore this blush every single day in some of the most humid days so far this summer, I was very impressed.
This blush applies evenly and smoothly, and is super easy to build upon depending on how dramatic you want your look to be.
I’m glad Birchbox reminded me how great of a brand Cargo is- I highly recommend this product for any skin tone!
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Bobbi Brown’s Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick

Today I wanted to feature a product I’ve been using since the weather warmed up and the sun started really shining.  
I’m loving Bobbi Brown’s limited edition Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick Compact.  If you’re familiar with Bobbi Brown cosmetics, I’m sure you know she’s pretty well known for her shimmer brick compacts.  Well, let me tell you, this one is by far my favorite.  
I featured this in my Spring Forward Makeup Must Haves post back in the beginning of spring, and I’m here to tell you now, this was the best purchase ever.  I love that I can use this sparingly or dramatically, when I’m tan or when I’m pale, and day or evening.  It covers everything!  
The different pigments of pink are awesome with their icy/shimmery composition, they blend together so well & also look great as eye shadow (not cartoon-y or weird).  Also if you use just the top two colors, it makes a great highlighter on the high cheek bone area.  
The Lilac Rose Shimmer Brick is a great way to add some pop to your daily routine, without having to do much at all & also keeping your look natural at the same time.  I’ve even just been doing concealer and a little bit of the Lilac Rose for my morning routine & calling it a day.  It’s that easy- especially for summertime, you need to keep your routine at a minimum. 
I know this product is already out of stock on Sephora’s website, but check your local department store or order directly from Bobbi Brown.  If you’re interested in purchasing, remember it is limited edition, so it won’t be around forever!
Per usual I love me some Bobbi Brown, and this product just proves how great her brand continues to be!