Thursday’s Fab Five

DC is hot, hot, hot! No really, it’s been hot af with no rain in sight. Argh. Anyway, here are some of my recent warm weather faves I’ve been reaching for on the reg!

Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen SPF 30, $9

It’s pool & beach season, which means we all need to apply, and reapply, the SPF! This is my favorite sunscreen because it’s spray, so it is easy to apply, and 30 is just enough SPF for me to get a decent tan and not burn. I reapply often especially if I’m in the water a lot, but I love that it doesn’t smell weird or give me any sticky feeling. It’s on sale at Ulta right now, so stock up for the summer! They also have Beach Defense in 70 and 100 SPF if you want to block out all signs of the sun!

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Thursday’s Fab Five

Happy Thursday!  Fall is in full swing, okay not really but, I’m speaking into existence…

…anyway, fall is here, yay!  D.C. has been hot all week, but apparently we’re getting cooler weather this weekend so, I’m here for it.

So, what have I been loving for the last couple of weeks?  Check it out below & leave me your favorites in the comments!

Yankee Candle in ‘Spiced Pumpkin’, $22

The totally quintessential fall candle, it smells like a pumpkin, and will fill your whole room with the scent of fall.  It’s not a sweet smell which I really appreciate too.  Bonus, it’s currently on sale through Macy’s, so make sure to click the link above to save some $$$. Continue reading “Thursday’s Fab Five”

Brighten Up with Benefit’s Erase Paste

Concealer. I need it every day.  At least I think I need it every day…I am a teacher after all.  & I’m always tired.  Therefore, I would think concealer is an absolutely non-negotiable.  
My absolute favorite concealer for both under eye and to cover blemishes, which I’ve been using for years, & I mean seriously, years, is Benefit Erase Paste
, a “brightening camouflage for eyes & face”.  & trust me when I say, Erase Paste is the ultimate camouflage ever…in life.

Benefit Erase Paste

The consistency of Benefit Erase Paste
is my favorite part, it’s very creamy and on the thick side.  So, a little goes a long way and the blend is flawless- it seriously just melts into my skin, which gives me great even coverage.  I always make sure I top it with a translucent powder to help set it and prevent any oiliness throughout my long day.

One bonus of this product is that it comes with a little “how to” guide so you can really maximize your use of the product!  How nice of you, Benefit!

As I said, this is my favorite go to & daily concealer.  With three color choices, deep | medium | fair, I know you’ll find your perfect match.

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Benefit Cosmetics Cabana Glama

I’m a huge Benefit fan, I love their mascara, concealer, blushes, and highlighters, so why wouldn’t I love a perfect looking summery palette?! 
Nobody likes wearing a lot of makeup during the summer, which is why I love the Cabana Glama palette so much…aside from of course, it’s fabulous name.  It has your summer makeup essentials without going overboard in any way.
First, you have your Some Kind-A Gorgeous foundation, a cream to powder that is perfect for summer months.  You don’t feel like you’re wearing foundation, yet you have an even coverage that will cover any minor skin issues you may be experiencing at the moment.

Benefit Cabana Glama, $18
Next, the eyeshadow palette has three colors that, in my opinion, scream natural beach-y glam.  The pink looks amazing with the other two bronze shadows.  You can opt for a light and natural look with Peach Fizz and Bronze Buzz, or take it up a notch with the darker brown, Cocoa Pizzazz, for some dramatics.

Peach Fizz, Bronze Buzz, Cocoa Pizzazz
Lastly, follow up with the Hoola bronzing powder to give yourself a sun-kissed glow, and apply cult favorite Posietint to cheeks and lips for a bright and natural flush.
I. love. Cabana. Glama.
It’s seriously all you need for summer, I use it every time I’m going to a relaxing happy hour, and I used it before brunch this weekend.  I know I look bright and fresh, and have a natural summer glow.

PS: This palette is currently on sale!  It was originally $36 but is now only $18 on Benefit’s website!

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Finding Mr. Bright

Benefit’s ‘Finding Mr. Bright’ Makeup MANual is an awesome makeup kit that includes everything you need to look bright and beautiful to…find the man of your dreams.  

I received one of these in my Gorgeous on the Go: Summer Edition Birchbox (different from the monthly Birchbox, it was a limited edition that is now sold out).  It’s great that this came in the Gorgeous on the Go box, which was $48 (I actually ended up only using Birchbox points to pay for the whole thing), because this kit retails for $36…although now it’s on sale on Benefit’s website for $28.  ANYWAY, the box has four products, two of which I already use religiously.  I figured I’d go through each product to give you an idea of what exactly goes into “finding mr. bright”!

Girl Meets Pearl is an all-over luminizer that you can either mix in with foundation or even wear alone (although I vote for mixing it in with foundation).  It has a pearly color, hence the name, but it’s not sparkly or anything like that…it’s not too much.  I probably wouldn’t normally buy this product, I do like it, but I mostly use Benefit’s High Beam (click for a previous post I wrote on it) as a luminizer in certain areas, and not all over my face. 
Erase Paste has saved my life so many times, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this product.  I use it as a concealer for any and all blemishes, it seriously covers up everything.  I also use it right down the sides of my nose, it brightens up my face and gives a completely even skin tone.  The only caution with this product, seriously use sparingly!  You don’t need to pile on product with this, a little goes a long way in making you look flawless!

HIGH BEAM IS THE BEST HIGHLIGHTER EVER, IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.  I use this almost everyday on my brow bones and higher up on my cheek bones.  The look this gives you is so natural, yet super bright.  If I’m going out at night I’ll also put some on the bridge of my nose, it reflects the light nicely and gives a great glowly look. 
I’ve actually have had a Posietint sample for a while that I just haven’t used, and now I have two…whoo.  I had never used this product before I got it in this kit, I don’t know why but for some reason I’m scared of cheek stains.  I think the word stain bothers me…I don’t know.
Anyway, I wasn’t entirely sure on how to apply it, but thankfully Benefit’s website has step-by-step instructions (see here) and I applied it flawlessly!  It’s a nice soft pink, I typically only use NARS Orgasm Multiple on my cheeks, but this was a little brighter and refreshing for the summer.  Posietint can also be used for the lips, I didn’t use both at once but this morning I put on my Chapstick, then blended some Posietint over it.  It looks good, very soft and not too dramatic, which is exactly how I like it! 

Each one of these products definitely enhances natural beauty, it’s not too much or what I call “makeup-y” at all and it’s perfect for summer, when natural is the go to look for the daytime.  If you’re looking for a new kit, or want to sample one or two of these products def try this out!

Battle of the Benefit

Benefit Mascara

Benefit is without a doubt my favorite makeup brand…ever…in life.  From High Beam highlighter (see my post here) to That Gal primer, I seriously love all their products.  One of my favorites has always been ‘BADgal lash’ which creates volume and length for any type of lash.  
I’m lucky in that I was blessed with some great eyelashes, but using ‘BADgal’ seriously amps them up, and people always ask if they’re real or not.  I used to use ‘BADgal’ everyday until I met….’they’re Real’ the newest mascara to the benefit line.  The mother of my fabulous friend Sonia, who perfectly works at Sephora, gifted me with a benefit makeup bag with some goodies in it, one of which was the ‘they’re real’ mascara.  I’ve been wanting to try this for awhile, but I never really felt like actually purchasing it, and I was so loyal to ‘BADgal’!
Anyway, short and simple, I’m addicted.  I seriously LOVE this mascara, but it’s only for those who love the VAVOOM.  It’s volumizing, lengthening, adds curl, and seriously separates lashes (which I admit I didn’t love at first, I thought it looked sort of weird, but once I played with it I liked it much better). If you don’t like drama eyes for an everyday look, I think you should pass on this product.  BUT, if you’re like me and you want your eyes to be the cents of attention all day everyday, then def purchase this ASAP
If you’re unsure on super VAVOOM lashes, stick with ‘BADgal’, which in my opinion adds amp, but not too much if you’re weary of extra amp.  If you love super big, super long dramatic lashes, then try out ‘they’re real’ — I think you’ll like it!!   

So Hooked On Carmella

When Benefit came out with their perfume line last year I was super excited to try all of the scents out.  I ended up getting a sample pack, with the first four fragrances, for Christmas last year.  Now that I’m almost out of my samples, and I’m dying , I figured I’d talk about them a little bit!

Benefit is seriously expanding and becoming a mega cosmetic company.  Between their fragrance line, new and popular skincare line, and their cute and colorful packaging of their cosmetics, this company knows what’s doing to attract a loyal audience.

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Benefit High Beam Highlighter

I leave for London in a few hours, but I really wanted to get a post in first!  One thing I know I will be wearing every single day while I’m in London and Rome is Benefit’s High Beam liquid highlighter!
I purchased my first High Beam about a year ago– and I can def say it has become a year round staple in my makeup bag.  I bring it everywhere with me!
High Beam can be used anywhere on your face…I use it on my eyes, on the top of my cheekbones, and a tiny bit above my brow bone and on the bridge of my nose.  It instantly brightens up my complexion without doing too much….so easy and effortless!!
I also sometimes mix a small amount into my tinted moisturizer…but depending on how you apply bronzer, it may lose its effect.  If you just go through the day with tinted moisturizer on, I suggest mixing some High Beam in…you’ll have an awesome glow throughout the day!

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