Protect Your Locks: Aveda Sun Care Protection Hair Veil

I have black hair and teal-ish/ green highlights.  My real hair color is light brown.
Bottom line is…I need to protect my hair color all of the time.  I can never take a break or else the sun’s UV rays will turn my color brassy, light, and awful looking & my texture will get super dry and ew.  Nobody needs that hair drama on a perfect summer day!

Aveda Sun Care Hair Veil

I’ve relied on Aveda’s Sun Care Protection Hair Veil all summer long while I’m out in the sun.  It’s UVA/UVB filters protect from the sun’s rays, while interesting ingredients cinnamon bark oil and wintergreen oil also help out with protection from sun damage.

I also love the smell of this product, it’s nice and citrusy!  I usually apply this quite a few times while I’m out in the sun, I never douse my hair but I make sure I spray an ample amount, I also have a lot of hair, so I need to make sure I’m covered from all angles.  It never weighs my hair down, or makes me look greasy and/or oily.  If anything it works as a nice detangle spray for after the beach/ pool.

  PS: You’ll need to reapply after swimming!

I feel like I really need the rest of Aveda’s Sun Care products.  The Sun Care After Sun Hair Masque sounds amazing after a day at the pool!    

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Aveda's Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

I color my hair every few months and have changed the color drastically quite a few times since being 15.  So, it’s safe to say that I sometimes suffer from super dry ‘HAAAAALP ME’ strands.  BUT, I combat this issue the best ways I can…not washing my hair everyday, using color-treated hair products, regular hair masks, and this little product right here…
I started using this product a little over a year ago, when my stylist told me I needed to do something about my dry ends.  My salon is an Aveda salon, and I had never really used Aveda products before, so I was excited to try it out.  She gave me a handful of samples to try out, I used them all up immediately and went back to buy the full size!
I use it each time I wash my hair, just a nickle sized drop, and I smooth from root to ends on my damp hair.  I have noticed a huge difference in the way my hair dries (less frizz) and my split ends are nowhere near as awful as they used to be.  
Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair is seriously nourishing and is perfect if you need some extra in keeping a healthy moisturized mane.  It even helps with detangling, which is perfect for me because for some reason I have a huge problem with that!
If I didn’t have so many hair products already I would definitely branch out into the rest of the Damage Remedy line…hopefully I can use up some of my stash so I can finally put it on my list!