Thursday’s Fab Five

I just love this scent so much, it’s so relaxing and moisturizing.  The scent is peach, guava, berries, and bergamot and it contains shea, aloe vera, & vitamin E to keep skin soft.  It’s a very feminine scent and I’ve found it lasts on the skin longer than most other B&BW shower gels, which is why I love it so much!
Benefit’s Benetint
I’m currently using a sample of this product, and I was really hesitant to start using it because it’s liquid.  While I can’t say I love it, I do like it.  I really love Benefit products, but I just don’t like the application of this, I’m not a big fan of cheek stains.  Howeverrrrr, I really do like the color on me, and I think it could work across skin tones quite well.

Sephora by OPI ‘Why Yellow There’ 
This is my nail polish of the week, it’s a literal mellow yellow & it’s super cute!  I can’t find it on the Sephora website anymore, but it’s on Amazon.  I think this is a cute color to wind down summer with, not too bright, but still bright enough for the season.

 Kitchen Garden Cookbook
I have so many cool books, so I figured I’d regularly start sharing them, and even doing longer single posts on my favorites.  I bought this cookbook from Anthropologie not too long ago and I’ve made a few great recipes.  I love this cookbook because not only does it give you amazing recipes for natural cooking, but each section is also dedicated to teaching the reader how to grow various veggies & herbs, which I really want to do, so I’ve found this particularly helpful!  More to come in the future!

I always love having flowers in my apartment, and I love sunflowers….so I figured they deserved a spot in my Fab Five this week! 

Thursday’s Fab Five

This is my new favorite snack…seriously.  Sunchips are healthy and I love all the flavors, but Harvest Cheddar is def my favorite.  
I’m a huge Bumble & Bumble junkie and the summer sun can certainly do major damage to my colored hair..especially since it’s so dark.  So I need a shampoo that’ll help keep my color true and dark in the hot summer sun…this one does the trick!
My summer job requires me to be outside a lot so I for sure need a great SPF to get me through the day.  Last time I purchased a bunch of Bobbi Brown products I got this as a sample and I love it!  It’s SPF 50 which is fabulous, and I use it after my AM moisturizer.  Since it’s a “Face Base” I personally feel I still need the moisturizer, but some may not.

This is one of my Yankee Candle favorites & it’s my candle of the week!  I’m so excited for fall to arrive so I can start buying my favorite fall scents.  But, for now, I’m loving my fresh flower picks!

I have this coverup in pink, and while it doesn’t look neon pink in the picture, if you go to your nearest Target and check it out you’ll see it’s super neon-ish and cute.  I love Target for all swimwear, so this $18 coverup def doesn’t disappoint- it’s perfect for the beach and then walking along the boardwalk afterwards!

Thursday’s Fab Five

 Here’s the Fab Five for the last week of July! I can’t believe it’s already August!! 

1. Bath & Body Works Kitchen Apple Mint Soap

I’m almost done with this kitchen soap, so I figured I’d share it here.  I love Bath & Body Works soap, especially their line of kitchen ones.  I also really love the Kitchen Lemon soap too! 
I bought these sandals during the pre-sale for the semi-annual sale [end of May], but they were back ordered so I just got them this week!  I love the pink and tan combo, they’re super comfy, and go great with jeans or sundresses. They aren’t on sale anymore, but they’re still pretty decently priced! 
I got this in and Allure Beauty Box, it’s perfect for keeping hair in check with the intense humidity.  The spray is loaded with vitamins, strengthens hair, and repairs damage.  I’m loving it as a detangler too! 
This is the second color I’ve used from the Neons 2013 line, the first was the neon blue ‘Bouncer, It’s Me’.  This neon purple is punchy, fun, and super bright.  I didn’t put a white as the base coat and it’s still super bright, so that made me happy! I love my Essie’s and this color def doesn’t disappoint.
This is my candle of the week, I wanna go to the beach.  That is all.

What are you loving this week? Let me know! xo 

Thursday’s Fab Five

My 23rd birthday is tomorrow, yay!
I’ll be headed to Atlantic City for the weekend and I’m so excited to see my besties friends from Jersey! 
Here’s my Fab Five from the week. xo. 
I received this product in my Birchbox a little while back and I just got around to using it now.  It really does color change, I went to a water park today, forgot it was a color changing polish, and was like WOAH OMG when I saw that my pink nails were now purple.   Check out the other color combos!
Have you stepped outside recently?  If not, it’s hot as hell.  Anyway, this candle reminds me of a sunny day at the beach, my apartment smells like summer flowers and I love it!
 I love trying new makeup wipes and I already love Simple’s non-exfoliating wipes, so I thought I’d give these a try.  I’m out with kids all day long, mostly outside, so I just wanna scrub my face off by 4pm when I leave work.  These def do the trick helping to make me feel fresh and renewed again. 
I bought these off Piperlime two weeks ago, they’re simple and go with any outfit.  I really like Report shoes, so I knew I’d like these simple sandals.  If you’re interested def pick up a pair ASAP because they’re on sale! 
I’ve been using this product literally since it came out, I’m almost finished with my probably 5th or 6th bottle.  It says it’s sold out on the Sephora website, and wait listing isn’t an option so I hope they didn’t stop making it or something!  It dries your nails quickly and moisturizes cuticles, basically like the oil they put on in the salon just spray form.  Anddd, for some reason I really like the smell.  I’m probably just weird.

Thursday’s Fab Five

        Happy Thursday everyone! Here are my favorites of the week! xo 
1. Color Club Wonderlust Collection’s ‘London Calling’
Okay this nail polish is the most amazeballs polish in all the land.  It’s electric green but a more mellow grassy green, but so bright it’s naturally neon and always glows.  Did any of that make sense…because it did to me.  Anyway this color is a Birchbox exclusive, and I’m so incredibly tempted to buy the whole collection because this color has yielded me SO many compliments I can’t even deal. 
Best part, the four color collection is only $8!  Check it out on Birchbox!

2. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

So, in looking at their locations I see this is a super popular national and international chain place…but I’m just discovering it now.  Cool.  Anywhoo, this place is DELISH with endless flavors [I mix dolce de leche and chocolate] and endless froyo toppings.  Love. It.  Check your nearest location, here!
3. Apple Cider Vinegar
I did a post on ACV this week…def check it out!
4. Bath & Body Works ‘Twilight Woods’ Fragrance Mist
I use this scent as a room spray, and it’s so light yet warm and inviting.  Twilight Woods is perfect with top notes of berry, mandarin, & coconut.  Pop into B&BW and see what it’s all about!!
5. butter LONDON Sweetie Shop Collection’s ‘Kerfuffle’ 
This color is currently on my nails, it’s a bit more demure than London Calling, but it’s still a beautiful coral color…orange sorbet to be exact.  Andddd, I love the name fact I love all the polish names in the Sweetie Shop Collection.

Thursday’s Fab Five

Happy Thursday!  It’s almost the weekend!! xo 

1. Rachel Roy Eyelet Scalloped Shorts

I bought these shorts last weekend & just loveeeee them.  They’re super cute, comfortable, and add a bit of pizazz to your basic black shorts.  Check ’em out here
2. MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Powder 
I had to restock on this product last week, so I just feel like [once again] saying this is one of my favorite products ever in life.  I wrote a post on it a long time ago (here), and it’s still one of my most read posts!  Prep + Prime is an awesome setting powder, especially for the summer.
3. Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom Shower Gel
This is my shower gel of the moment, it smells so fresh and floral, and I mean, obviously the color is perfect.  B&BW shower gels combine aloe vera and vitamin E, so they aren’t harsh at all.   

4. Calvin Klein ‘Kendall Pump’ in Apricot Fish 
These pumps add the perfect color and style for summer.  I think the texture is unique, and looks great against the color.  They’re also super comfortable which is always a good thing!  I got them at Macy’s and they’re currently on sale, with an extra 15% off!

5. Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson 
Since I’m making some major lifestyle changes and cooking so clean and healthy, when I saw this cookbook at Anthropology, I just had to get it.  Well, I feel the need to buy all of the cookbooks/ books and Anthro…all. of. the. time.  Anyway, it’s a vegetarian cookbook, but I can definitely see where I can add meat if I chose to in the recipes.  I basically collect books from Anthropology at this point, so it’s a lovely new addition! I can’t wait to try some new recipes.  Check it out, here!  

Thursday’s Fab Five

1. Sephora by OPI ‘Ocean Love Potion’ 
Described as an opaque Mediterranean turquoise this color is so awesome I can’t even deal.  It’s perfect for the summer and you’ll definitely get tons of comments.  Case in point, this morning the [almost] 2yr old girl I nanny took one look at my nails and screamed ‘OOOOHHHHHHHHH’. 
Bonus: All Sephora by OPI polish is on sale for $4.50, it’s usually $9.50, so stock up!
2. Hello Kitty Lip Balm 5-Pack
I got this for Christmas and I must say I just opened the pack.  I put one in every bag I use, in my bathroom, & next to my bed.  I’m Hello Kitty covered from all angles.  I’m just loving these this week because all of the flavors are good, and it’s an effective lip balm, which is obvz most important. [No longer available for purchase, wahh]
3. Express ‘Scarf Print Tube Dress’ in Coral
Express is having a pretty good end of season sale right now, so good that I bought like 10 things last week online and ended up only returning 3…success. This is def my fave dress of the bunch because you can dress it up or down, it’s super comfortable, and the color/ print is too cute and perfect for 
4. The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolman
My aunt bought me this book and I finally have a few free weeks where I can sit down and read it.  The Lemon Tree recounts the stories of an Arab man and a Jewish woman, from the time they were children, about the turmoil in the Middle East.  It’s taught me so much about an issue, and area, I knew very little about.  
It’s an amazing book, definitely heart-wrenching and moving beyond belief, and I would recommend it to anybody.  You can purchase it on Amazon, here!
5. Prabal Gurung for Target Rainbow Tote
When the Prabal Gurung line for Target debuted I was lucky enough to get everything I wanted [yes, I had to refresh about 437588 times, but that’s besides the point], including this tote bag.  Right now it’s my tote of the moment: perfect colors for the summer, super cute & unique, & can fit a lot but still isn’t too overpowering & big.  Anybody who was able to get this directly from Target, job well done, because it’s going for as much as $96 on Amazon/ eBay…the original price was $40!

Thursday’s Fab Five

I know I haven’t been the best with my Fab Five recently, hopefully I can get back on track now!!
1. Bath & Body Works ‘First Bloom’ 3-Wick Candle
As always, I try to have a candle of the week.  This week, or actually past 2 weeks, it’s been the amazingly fresh floral scent of First Bloom.  Once again B&BW really hit the nail on the head with their Fresh Picked Collection!
2. TRESemme Curl Care Flawless Curls Hair Mousse
I love this product year round, but I really love it during the summer to create a beach-y look.  It’s extra hold & humidity resistant…perfect for the somewhat sticky weather during this time of year.  TRESemme has been favorite mousse for years, but I’ve been using it so much recently, I figured I’d add it to my Fab Five list!
3. Shick Intuition 
Since we’re all probably wearing sundresses every day, especially in D.C. we’re experiencing a lovely heat wave right now, it’s super important to flaunt super smooth and moisturized legs.  Duh.  The Shick Intuition is honestly the absolute best razor ever…so I think.  I use the Naturals one, it’s 100% Aloe and Vitamin E, so I know I’m getting a great amount of moisturizing qualities with every shave.

4. Essie’s ‘Bouncer, It’s Me” 
This color, from the Neon 2013 line, is everything.  It’s looks best as a pedicure, but I’m currently wearing it on both nails right now.  It’s so bright, I love it.  I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with my bottle, or just the fact that the consistency is so different because its “neon”, but it wasn’t very easy to apply…I had to be super meticulous.  However…once it was on it looked great.  Just don’t get discouraged if it looks weird after one, or even two coats, just do your best to even it out!
P.S.: Essie suggests using a layer of ‘Blanc’ as a base coat to make the neon color pop, I didn’t do that and it still looks fab. 
5. Oklahoma
We all know about the devastating tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma.  Everyone across the country was so quick to help out with Hurricane Sandy, and we all need to be as equally quick with Oklahoma.  Check out this website for a list of how you can help the tornado victims!  Even just the smallest $5 can go a long way.  

Thursday’s Fab Five

Happy Thursday everyone! Most importantly… 
Happy 23rd Birthday [old] to one of my best friends, MS. PAULINA VERA! 
Or, better known as my Pauli-olli-olli
I’ve been super busy wrapping up my graduate classes & applying to approx 948424759275093 jobs, so sorry for skipping a Fab Five last week, but now I’m back on track! [Well, kinda]
1. Essie ‘Turquoise and Caicos’
This is my polish of the week and…it makes me want to go on vacation.  Hm, I wonder why?  But really, this is a staple Essie color for the summer, and one of my personal favorites!
2. Grey Goose Vodka
I love Grey Goose for many reasons.  #1, it’s my favorite alcoholic beverage [mix with seltzer & lime and I’m golden] and #2, it’ll zap a breakout overnight– which is why it’s in my Fab Five this week.  The extremely hot and gross heatwave mixed with my apartment not turning the air conditioning on caused me to have a horrific breakout.  SO, my esthetician at Clarins told me to mix some vodka with a crushed aspirin, spread it on the breakout, and wake up the next morning looking perfect.  Well, I did just that, and it was actual magic.
3. Clarins Truly Matte Hydra-Matte Lotion 
In the warmer weather I need to be matte, like…super matte.  I had a facial at Clarins last week and used this product and it was seriously amazeballs.  I was looking to change up my summer AM moisturizer, and this one has done the trick all week, I’m verrryyy happy with it!  It’s perfect for sensitive skin [I tend to have redness] and eliminates all shine.  So far so good! 
4.  Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips
My new favorite snack food!  These are so yum, have flax, sunflower, and sesame seeds, AND is nomilicious with any dip, hummus, salsa, whatever.  Basically, they’re just great…and most importantly healthy.  If you’re looking to spice up your snacking, try these out!
5. Sam Edelman ‘Gigi’ Sandals
I have these in ‘black boa’ and ‘silver boa’, and I feel I need them in ‘saddle’ and ‘shocking pink/cork’.  They’re comfy, will match anything, and they’re just super easy for an every day sandal.  I highly suggest everyone own a pair…or two…or four.  & to put it plainly, I just love me some Sam Edelman!
xo – enjoy rest of the week & weekend! 

Thursday’s Fab Five

1. Butter London ‘Kerfuffle’ from the Sweetie Shop Collection
I did a post on the Sweetie Shop Collection a little while back, and I’m so happy it’s finally hit April so I can start using all my spring colors!  Aside from my favorite part, the name Kerfuffle, this color is amazing.  It’s so opaque and literally looks like sorbet on my nails.  A lot of the Sweetie Shop Colors have been backordered, but I just found them available at DermStore, so check it out here!  
2. Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee
Not sure if everyone knew this but in March Dunkin Donuts had free iced coffee every Monday….and while of course I participated it just didn’t seem right, it was still so cold out.  Well, I’m happy to report that I feel I can comfortably have an iced coffee every morning now without being too cold while drinking it.  Finally.
3. Laura Mercier ‘Secret Concealer’ 
This product made my top five this week because I just ran out of it yesterday.  Boo.  Read my post about this concealer, here.  I have yet to find a decent competing under eye concealer, but then again I guess I’m not really looking because I’m so happy with Laura’s.  It gives a dewy look and will cover up any tiredness/ puffiness…which I’ll be especially grateful for once allergy season is in full spring.  Purchase here!
4. Pier 1 Imports ‘Happy Floral’ Goblets 
I was in the market for some spring wine glasses, so naturally I went over to Pier 1 with my mom this past weekend!  I had been eyeing these Happy Floral Goblets for a while, and they ended up being 20% off when I was there!  So, my mom & I both got a set of four.  WHOO.  It doesn’t look like the glasses are on sale anymore online, but maybe they will be again soon!  Next up: the perfect margarita glasses!   
5. Bath & Body Works ‘Pink Sangria’ Candle 
My candle of the week is Pink Sangria, it’s so fruity and fun, and makes my apartment smell like summer, I mean, what’s better than that?  Nothing.