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NJ Eats: Metro North, Princeton

When I’m home in Jersey for the holidays I make sure to go to some of my favorite restaurants.  On a dreary day while home my Mom and I decided to head over to Princeton to casual eatery, Metro North, and took a seat at the bar.

Since we usually eat one large meal a day when I’m home, we went all out.For appetizers I started with a small Caesar salad, and my Mom ordered the clams casino.  Both were great, the salad was the perfect size & I loved the amount of cheese on top, and the clams casino had great flavors from the peppers & onions.

As our entrees I ordered a simple cheddar cheeseburger with parmesan truffle fries, while my Mom tried out the


My cheddar cheeseburger was yummy, & the parmesan truffle fries were to die for, they were crisp and perfectly seasoned.

Lastly, we shared creme brûlée for dessert- it was okay, not the best I’ve had, but the presentation looked great.  I wish we had ordered either the Oreo cheesecake or Tartufo, but oh well, there’s always next time.  I also ordered an Irish Kiss martini featuring vodka & Bailey’s.  It tasted great, & was a perfect warm up for the gross weather outside, but the presentation piece was kind of boring.

If you’re in the Princeton area and are looking for a cozy restaurant to catch a bite to eat at, I highly recommend stopping by Metro North!

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Welcome, 2016!!

December came and went so quickly for me.  I still cannot believe it is January 1, 2016 right now.
How did we get here so fast?!
Between wrapping up this half of the school year, enjoying a long weekend in Disney, visiting all my friends and family in Jersey for Christmas and NYE, and now getting settled back into my apartment, so much has gone on in such a small amount of time!
With a new year comes new personal and professional goals, but it can be so hard to stick with them.  Life gets in the way, we become busy and overloaded- the very same reasons we created these lofty goals become the reasons we leave them behind.
So, how can we be goal oriented, without being outrageous and setting ourselves up for failure??
Here are some tips & tricks I’m using daily to keep myself on track in this new year.  It might not be easy but I know for a fact it is manageable.
First, on a personal side, I want to align healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle with budgeting and creating a larger savings account.  If I consistently tell myself these things go hand-in-hand, i.e. not thinking that spending a little more money on organic items is going to hinder my ability to save $$, the transition of merging them is that much easier.  Cutting back on some of my going out will help me achieve both goals- & notice how I’m saying cutting back, not cutting out.  It’s not about eliminating, it’s about moderating
Second, I want to remain a strong teacher, and work on two particular aspects of my instruction.  If I focus on just these two things for the rest of the year, I know I will be able to take myself up a notch without stressing myself out, or feeling like the goal is unattainable.  Ive been collecting different ways to integrate these changes slowly, & I have every confidence I can do it in a solid manner.
Third, I want to elevate this Love. Life. Beauty. to a second job, rather than just an awesome “hobby” type of job.  I know what I’m capable of, and it is much more than just posting once or twice a week.  I’ve gotten lazy with Love. Life. Beauty. because teaching takes control of almost everything, but I’m determined to make a change with that this year.  I mean seriously, there are 168 hours in a week.  Take away sleeping time that gives me 119 hours a week to accomplish whatever I want to accomplish. 
So, what’s my plan for keeping myself accountable for this great sounding stuff? 

+ My Punctuate by Barnes & Noble 2016 Planner
Last year I used an Erin Condren, and while I did love it, I always found I didn’t have enough space to write.  I used to always use the Punctuate Planners in college, and I’m bringing it back for this year.  We’ll see how it goes!
+MyFitnessPal App 
To track what I’m eating and how much I’m exercising.  The goals I’m setting within the app are realistic and honestly not too difficult.  Having alerts set and a visual for how I’m doing each day is a great way for me to see progress and have little reminders for when I’m getting off track.

+Banking Text Alerts
On both my debit card (USAA) and credit card (Discover) I have text alerts so I can know when my balance is over a certain number, when deposits are posted, and when bills are due.  Honestly, I’ve been using this texting alert system for a while, but I don’t always pay attention to it the way I should.  This time, I’m making it a priority.
+Teacher planning time v. Blog planning time
I’m setting aside a certain number of works each weekend for both & I cannot teacher plan if it’s during blog plan time and vice-versa.  Having these times already written down in my planner, and underneath what I need to accomplish during those blocked out times, should help a lot! 
+Blogging Calendar
I want to create an awesome consistent calendar for series postings.  Having that direction of what I’m writing about, and when I’m writing about it, will help dictate my blocked out blog planning sessions, and make the writing piece easier each week.  I’ll have a skeleton for what’s going on, which really helps me focus my direction and time management when it comes to creating content.  I have a May Designs blank weekly planner I’ll be using.
PS: If you’ve never shopped at May Designs before, sign up for their emails & receive 15% off your purchase!
+Beauty Product Purging
I have so many products in my beauty closet, and I can write about every single one of them.  I’m trying to come up with a system where I can make a huge dent in my beauty closet, and from that dent, create some quality content for Love. Life. Beauty.
I haven’t figured everything out yet, but I do know I am well on my way! 
What are some of your personal & professional goals for the New Year??

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Stay Aware with Glamulet

As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This is a huge month for raising awareness to the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.  Did you know, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime?  It seems unreal to me that a disease like this still doesn’t have a cure.

While breast cancer doesn’t affect my family and I directly, I do have quite a few friends who have had to cope with family being diagnosed.  Enough is enough, and as a social and loud generation, we need to do all we can to raise awareness, and find a cure.
Throughout this month tons of brands, restaurants, and sports teams will show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing pink and giving portions of sales to help the cause.  While this is all important, of course, it is also important to educate yourself on the issue- here is a great fact page from the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Supporting the cause is maximized when you’re actually educated about the issue.
I’m proud to be teaming up with Glamulet on their Pink Limited Edition Charms, which were created to support the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.  For every set of Pink Charms added to your cart, 50% of what you spend is donated directly to breast cancer charities.  I highly suggest checking out their Pink Charm selection, they’re affordable (actually, they’re on sale right now!), and fit all major brands of charm bracelets.
I’m also loving their complete bracelets, which are also on sale, and in stock!
The most important part of this month is educating yourself and learning about ways you can help the cause.  I encourage you to take time out to explore ways you can support Breast Cancer Awareness and help to empower women from this deadly disease.

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Happy Friday: 4th of July Edition

I’m in Jersey visiting friends and family for the weekend, so basically shopping & the beach are on my schedule.  
Looking to spice up your 4th of July?  
Yesterday I did my nails in red, white, and blue just for fun.  I think it came out really well, I wish I had brought a gold glitter to Jersey with me for an accent nail, but WHATEVER.
Fourth of July Nails

Laura Mercier ‘Moderne Red’ | no longer available.
Sephora by OPI ‘A-ha Moment’ | no longer available.
Have a safe & fun-in-the-sun filled Independence Day weekend! 
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Safe travels and happy eats!
I cannot wait to create an awesome appetizer spread, garlic mashed potatoes, and thyme popovers.  EEK, I’m so excited!

Oh yah, and autumn sangria. YAS. 

& naturally, I’ll be super busy Black Friday getting things I don’t really need, but of course, in the moment need.
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The First Day of 2nd Grade

I start teaching today!  Finally!  Yay!
I’m teaching 2nd grade math and science at a public school in D.C.  I could not be happier to start this new journey, and I’m really looking forward to, and excited for, this new school year.
I figured I’d share some pictures of my classroom, I’ve worked hard on putting everything together and organizing for the past two weeks, it’s been insane.
As I do certain things I’ll share them on here, if you know any teachers, please share this with them! 
This will be my morning meeting area and also the area for my whole group / small group instruction.
I wanted there to be plenty of space around the computers both for the students working on them, and to lessen distraction for other students working throughout the room.

 Student math journals and GoMath books will be housed on this bookshelf.  Each group of desks will also have their own supply caddy.  I’m not going to fill them until all of the supplies are brought in and in order.
 I always want books visible in the classroom, even though I’m teaching math & science.  I have Eric Carle’s Animals Animals, National Geographic Kid’s First Big Book of Why, Andrew Clement’s A Million Dots, and Greg Tang’s Math Fables.  Apologies on the picture being so dark!
Math manipulative area.  I’m keeping all the math manipulatives close to my desk for good reason.
 My school follows Responsive Classroom, so our first week will be all about creating community and learning our everyday routines and procedures.  This is what we’ll be doing today!
Our 2nd grade theme is 2nd Grade Scholars Are Stellar
Our educational aides did an amazing job with the hallways bulletin board and our doors!

 This is my science book library & my main bulletin board with our calendar and news.