Glitter Nails!

I love me some glitter. Duh.  On my nails right now is, one of my favorites, OPI’s ‘Lincoln Park After Dark‘.  Layered on top of it is another OPI color, from Katy Perry’s collection for the nail brand, called Teenage Dream‘.  Every time I move my hand in the light, I see a new pop of sparkle.  I’ve gotten SO many compliments since I got them done — I’m lovingggggg itttttttt.

Tell me what you think!!

Favorite Winter/Holiday Nail Lacquer

Yay for holiday colors!!  This is my favorite time of year to play with fun colors, there are tons of super dark blue and purple colors for winter and sparkly or red colors to celebrate the holidays.  All the best polish brands have great Winter/Holiday 2011 collections this year.  Here are some of my favorites I’ll be sure to try out!


Bobbing for Baubles
Cocktail Bling
Size Matters

OPI’s Muppet Collection has been getting hyped up since May.  Now that it’s finally here, I can’t wait to order some of the colors.  I love the Muppets, and once again OPI has created a fun line that, even though this may sound strange, people have a connection to.  The names are all perfect, which is always true with OPI colors, and I mean seriously…who doesn’t love Miss Piggy?!  Click here to shop the 12 polish collection on Amazon!

Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It
Pepe’s Purple Passion


Designer, de Better!
Fresh Frog of Bel Air

I’m loving Butter London’s holiday collection, highlighting glitterly and plum purples.  I wanna use either Fairy Lights or Tart With a Heart on all nails except for my ring finger nails, and put The Black Knight on those.  The contrast would be perfectttttttt.  Click here if you’re interested in purchasing one of these Limited Edition polishes!!

Fairy Lights

The Black Knight
Tart With a Heart

Fall Beauty Must Haves

I’ll be putting more Milan and Paris Fashion Week favorites up tomorrow, but I thought I’d get back to the beauty for just a quick sec.
I’m loving all of these new products, and I’m determined to make them all mine, in due time!
Chanel Joues Contraste in OR
Sephora for OPI Manhattan Collection Minis
Sephora Collection Moonshadow Baked Palette — In The Nude
Charlotte Ronson A Perfect Mess Beach Hair
Philosophy Trick or Treat Set
Comment below and tell me what some of your fall beauty must-haves are! XO

Manicure Time..Chanel Blue Rebel

You can’t see it too well but I had OPI Navy Shatter on my nails last week over a Sephora by OPI beige-y color. Loved it.
A few weeks ago I posted on the new Chanel Jean nail lacquer line, which is only being sold for a month.  My favorite was Blue Rebel, and I ordered it right when they went on sale…duh.  WELL, I finally found the time to get my nails done this weekend in between meetings and chemistry notes.  I’m loving every single thing there is to love about this color.  It’s a great fall transition, and I think it just looks ahhhhmazingg.
Chanel Blue Rebel is super chic, and I think everyone should get it before it’s gone forever!  If you’re interested in purchasing, click here!

Chanel: Shade Parade

This video is too cute.  Chanel, promoting their fabulous nail polishes, created a short video called Shade Parade.  Adorbs. 
PS: I cannot wait to order from the limited edition polish collection Les Jeans de Chanel.  Blue Rebel is my fave and will be mine.  You can only purchase these in a Chanel boutique or online starting this Thursday, September 8 aka….FASHION NIGHT OUT.  If you really like one of these colors I suggest you buy it ASAP, they’ll only be sold during September…then will probs be on eBay for $9321439.
Sign up for the Les Jeans de Chanel wait list here.

Chanel Graphite

I was at Blue Mercury yesterday and I picked up Chanel’s Fall 2011 Graphite Le Vernis.  This nail color got rave reviews after it was used in the Chanel Fall 2011 runway show, even Harper’s Bazaar says it’s the “new must have”.  I love this color and can’t wait to wear it, I’m thinking I’m gonna wait until October.  I think describes the color perfectly, “[it] has an amazing iridescent quality in which it appears green-gold and shimmering pewter all at once”.
If you love this, buy it now because I can promise you it’ll be sold out everywhere and selling for a bajillion dollars on eBay come fall.  This happened last year with Paradoxal and Black Pearl…I was so happy I bought Paradoxal in the summer and I feel the same way with Graphite!
PS: Some sites are selling Graphite for more than what the price really is, I paid $25.00 at Blue Mercury, that’s how much it retails for on and in all department stores.  Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers are charging more, so be careful.  Only pay more if you want it and it’s sold out everywhere, but I can tell you for a fact that right now it’s widely available!!

Essie Mint Candy Apple

This is one of my favorite Essie colors…next to Fiji of course.  I got a manicure/ pedicure and I just wanted to show you all this fabulous  color if you haven’t seen it yet!  This came out in the Winter 2009 collection, but I personally like it better for the warmer weather.  I wore it last summer too, it’s very popular and def a statement color!  
It looks like Tiffany blue, which I love!  If you’ve seen this in the store or salon before you may think this color on my nails is slightyyy different from what you saw.  In my opinion, the color while in the bottle appears much lighter/pale than what it is on.  Some people love it, other people think it’s too loud.  I think it’s unique which is why it’s one of my faves!!

#ManicureFriday: CND Shellac

I got my nails done today!  I got my nails in CND’s Brilliant White #502, and my toes in a regular white that my nail salon had.  The CND polish can only go on nails because it is a gel polish, or if your familiar with the term, Shellac polish.  Shellac manicures have been all the rage lately (especially with celebs) because they last for…forever. Literally, you could stretch it to two or three weeks if you wanted too…compared to a week, or week and a half, with a regular manicure. 
I already have gel tips, so I typically get a gel polish color, but you can use Shellac nail polishes on your regular nails too!  These polishes seriously don’t chip [or more importantly, ruin your nails], and you don’t have to wait for them to dry because the gel is instant under UV ray hand box thingy (I really don’t know how to describe that better…) that your nail salon has.
Also, whether you’re cleaning a lot (i.e. doing dishes, work outside) or doing anything that would wreck your nails, have no fear...this polish is indestructible…not even nail polish remover can take it off!  My nail techinican takes it off with the drill when I get my gels filled in every 3 weeks, but here’s a video from CND on how to get the Shellac off!  Not gonna lie, the video kinda reminds me of videos that put me to sleep in chem class last semester (when I went…), but it’s still interesting to hear how this stuff works!
Next time you go to the nail salon, give Shellac a try.  I think it’s a little pricier than a regular manicure, but just try to once to see how you like it, or before you go on vacation or something to make sure your hands look great the whole time!  Also, you wouldn’t need to get your nails done as often, so the pricing kinda works out!
I’m trying to upload a picture of my nails from my phone, but for some reason it’s being stupid!  I’ll put one up as soon as it’s working!!

[Update]: Here’s a picture!! Now, let me explainnnnn…I messed up the index finger nail on my own, it was not a result of the application of the gel polish.  It wasn’t fully dry and I nicked it on the table.

Now I’m going to get a spray tan to offset the white, and thennnn it’ll be a perfect day!