Butter London Instagram Giveaway!!

As far as I’m concerned, June starts the summer, so um, why not kick off the summer with a little giveaway!? 

Great idea, right?!
One of my favorite beauty parts about the summer is…..NAIL POLISH COLOR!  
I’m a huge Butter London fan, and right now I have Kerfuffle on my nails, with Fruit Machine as an accent nail.  I can’t begin to tell you how many people, both friends and random people, have commented and complimented the greatness of this color combo. 

Fruit Machine
So, I was thinking, if everyone loves these Butter London colors so much, why not give a reader a chance to win them!?
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This giveaway will start today, June 2, and end Saturday, June 14!  The winner will be notified via email, and the prize will be shipped out on June 15th.  

This is an international giveaway. 

Thursday’s Fab Five

Thursday's Fab 5 (Jan 9)
Here’s what I’m loving this week!
Ms. Claus got me this from Anthropologie, one of my favorite stores.  I feel like I’m always 
losing my glasses in my bag, so at least I know they are safe in this super cute case.
I’m not sure if you’ve been watching the news, or living daily life, but if you do either then 
you probably know we’re in something called a polar vortex right now.  While we should 
all be moisturizing to the max, Lemony Flutter is ah-mazing for cuticles and nails, which 
can take some serious damage with this ridiculous weather.
My bestie Paulina got me this mini-candle for Christmas and I absolutely love it.  I 
have it in my bathroom and it seriously fills the room up with an amazing
cinnamon scent, perfect before a nice hot bubble bath in the polar vortex. 
My nail of the week is this awesome dark green from last year’s Stylenomics collection.  
Aside from the fact that this is a fabulous color, it looks spectacular with gold jewelry, 
and I’m even thinking of adding some gold glitter just for funziessss!
Hello, I’m obsessed with coffee table books, I have like 15 and only one coffee table..HALP.  
Anyway, I’ve had my eye on this for a while and Anthropologie used to sell it but they 
don’t anymore, but Ms. Claus got her hands on it anyway, she’s so fabulous.  I LOVE 
THIS BOOK, it’s so cute, each page is a different cocktail recipe in print that looks 
handwritten, with an accompanying picture.  I need to have a dinner party just to 
make a bunch of them. 

Are you loving anything in particular this week?? 
Let me know!

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Hong Kong De Chanel

Welcome to Hong Kong!
So, here we have Chanel’s two limited-edition nail lacquers for their Hong Kong Collection.  What do you think? 
I know for a fact I’ll be purchasing Western Light, not 100% sold on Eastern Light…I mean, a white is a white is a white, and I already have like 3.  I’ll check it out in store though, if it’s super saturated & opaque, I may bite. WHO KNOWS.
I must say though I am very intrigued by Western Light, it kinda looks like a chocolate glittery cherry, no?  I wasn’t very happy when I went to Nordstrom this past weekend, they aren’t getting this collection until possibly mid-April.  Annoying. 

Butter London Sweetie Shop Collection

Butter London’s Spring 2013 collection is so PRETTY and FUN.  It looks like it belongs in a beautiful and glamorous Easter basket.  But really, the name Sweetie Shop is too perfect– I’m reminded of cupcakes, cotton candy, and sherbet when I look at these colors, and it’s just all too exciting! 
All of the polishes are super opaque looking, which I really love- I like the super saturated look, it’s much more bold.
Starting from the top the names of the colors are…
Fruit Machine
Molly Coddled 
You can purchase the collection online right now on Butter London’s site here!  Although, the yellow pastel, Jasper, is currently out of stock.  It’s also out of stock on Beauty.com , along with Fruit Machine, Molly Coddled, and Fiver.  Just an FYI! 

Mani Monday: NARS Storm Bird

I mentioned NARS Storm Bird a little while ago in my postings, and I’ve used it once before, but I decided to use it again when I got my manicure this weekend! 
This color is so amazing I can’t deal.  I had multiple people including the employees at the nail salon asking me where I got it etc, and I even had women ask if they could use it. 
The color is so interesting…it’s grey, but it’s not, there’s a hint of blue, but there’s not, it looks a little brown when wet, but it isn’t.  Is it charcoal?  I’m not sure. 

Sephora describes it as “Shark Grey”…okay I’ll go with that! 
It was sold out everywhere when it was first released, but now you can find it in almost any department store and Sephora. 
Keep entering to win my Twas the Night Before by Philosophy Giveaway!!  Ends December 13!
You can earn 2 extra entries for every tweet! 

essie Winter ’12: Leading Lady Collection

What do you think of essie’s Leading Lady Collection for winter??  I think I’m going to purchase Leading Lady and Beyond Cozy…none of the other colors are really screaming my name.  I do like Butler Please, but I think the reality of me wearing it is slim, but who knows I may just get it anyway.  Oh, and Where’s My Chauffeur is great too, but I have a few polishes that are way too similar!
Find the collection here!   
Butler Please
Leading Lady

Where’s My Chauffeur 

Snap Happy

She’s Pampered
Beyond Cozy

Mani Monday: Chanel + OPI

Last week I wore Chanel Fall 2012 ‘Vertigo’ and paired it with OPI’s 2011 Holiday Muppet Collection ‘Designer de Better’ as an accent nail!  I went to Texas last weekend and I got a ton of compliments on it when I was out and about!
I’m loving Vertigo, at first I wasn’t going to get it because it looks just like Chanel Fall 2010’s Paradoxal….BUT, when you place each bottle side by side, they’re totally different.  Whew.
Vertigo is obvz very dark,  it’s kinda difficult to describe but I’d call it plumish-grey, with a hint of brown…if that makes any sense?
Designer de Better is an awesome color.  I think it’s a perfect mix of silver and gold…and it has super teeny-tiny specks of red glitter.

butter LONDON Holiday 2012

I mean really…who doesn’t just loveeeeee glitter?! 
Jack the Lad
Fairy Cakes
To be honest, I think I liked last year’s holiday collection better (Fairy Lights, Tart with a Heart, and The Black Knight), in my opinion it was more cohesive.  Anyway, I still like this collection, I think I’ll get Fairy Cakes and Jack the Lad. 
Purchase here

Essie Yogaga Collection

In case ya didn’t know, I’m obsessed with all Essie polishes.  Check out their Yogaga Collection below!  I’m loving Gym Dandy and Marathin!  

I don’t know about youuuu, but I’m not loving Spinning Again so much, and I think Boxer Shorts and Pilates Hottie look too much like some other Essie colors for me to actually buy them.  Nonetheless, I think the inspiration behind the collection is super cute! 

Essie Yogaga Collection

Shop the Yogaga Collection here
Top Left to Right: ‘Yogaga’, ‘Spinning Again’, ‘Marathin’
Bottom Left to Right: ‘Boxer Shorts’, ‘Gym Dandy’, ‘Pilates Hottie’