Spring Makeup Must Haves

I’ve been dying to add some new items to my makeup collection, so I was perusing the Sephora & Ulta websites this weekend checking out what new goodies they have for the season.  I picked out 6 products I’m seriously considering purchasing over the next couple of months.  
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Spring Makeup Must Haves

This truly is the ultimate palette, omg these colors are incredible.  You can create equally soft and dramatic looks with these shadows.  I love Too Faced shadows so I know the quality will be great!
Benefit makes great blush, not to mention their packaging is always incredibly adorable.  The GALifornia blush is the newest addition to the Benefit family, the pinks and gold shimmer scream beach day and boardwalk night out to me.  It apparently also smells of vanilla & grapefruit, which sounds amazing. 
Creamy oil really caught my eye with this Too Faced product, and the Peach-sicle color looks gorgeous.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t used a Too Faced lip product before, and I don’t even own any of their Peach line yet, so I thought this would be the perfect product to start with.
Smashbox collaborated with beauty guru Casey Holmes for this highlight palette and I am obsessed with all three colors.  There are two different palettes, Gold and Pearl, I’m really liking the Pearl palette it goes better with my skin tone.  These highlights apparently look great as an all over lid look as well!
I have the Marc Jacobs Beauty Glowstick and I love it so I have high hopes for this liquid highlight.  In addition to just applying it on the tops of my cheeks, the way I would with any highlight, I like that I could also mix it in with my foundation.  Or, if you’re going with a no makeup look, mixing it with your AM moisturizer would give a great glow for the day. 
This color is right up my ally for a spring/ summer lip.  The product itself looks like it deposits a lot of color, and I love the overall packaging and crayon style of the product.  I’ve never tried an Hourglass lip product, so I’m really excited to give it a try!
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Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème & Setting Powder

Wearing a great concealer is probably one of the most important parts of my makeup routine.  I need it to polish a barely there makeup routine just as much as I need it to help perfect a full glam look.  I have a small list of go to concealers, but I’m always looking to try new ones.   I was super excited when I was sent the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer, with the Edge Concealer Brush.  & I am so happy I was able to give this, and the Setting Powder with Precision Powder Brush, a try!
To be honest, I’m not sure I would’ve picked up the concealer in Sephora on my own, but using this product, along with the Setting Powder, for a few months now, has really gotten me more interested in the Kat Von D brand.  I love the packaging of both these products, the brushes have a rock and roll look to them, and the black packaging of the concealer and setting powder have a very Kat Von D vibe to them.

I was sent two colors which is perfect because I really do go back and forth between them, Warm and Neutral.  This is the perfect concealer for my everyday work makeup.  It’s creamy and stays put all day, which is important for me since I have absolutely no time for touchups during my work day!

Each morning I use just a little under my eyes, down the sides of my nose and on any blemishes I might have.  Luckily, because my skincare routine has been so strict lately I haven’t had any blemishes, but when I do, this works great to cover anything up.  It’s full coverage without being heavy or cake-y, and the creamy, light-weight, texture makes it easy to blend with the Kat Von D Lock- It Edge Concealer Brush or just your fingers.  I’ve been trying to use the Concealer Brush more often, it’s quite different than some other concealer brushes I’ve used in the past, and while I’ve had no problem using it, I do prefer just using my fingertips instead.

The Lock-It Concealer contains a patented HydraBoost Complex that aims to both hydrate and create a crease-proof finish, which is especially necessary for underneath the eyes.  I love how it brightens up my under eye area, as well as the area down the sides of my nose.  I can also dab just a little of this on any redness I am experiencing and it covers it right up.

When I finish my entire makeup look for the day, or night, I use my Kat Von D Lock- It Precision Powder Brush, to apply Kat Von D’s Lock- It Setting Powder all over my face.  This light powder helps to set my makeup and give me a bright finished look.  It has a natural finish so you don’t need to worry about it affecting your makeup, and its matte finish is just enough where you look natural and polished.

I’ve used quite a few setting powders that have looked a bit white and chalk-y after applying, and I always freak out.  The soft hue of this finishing power allows it to blend perfectly with my skin tone, keeping texture and color exactly how it should be.  Similar to the concealer brush, I enjoy using this brush as well, but I do think that there are other less expensive options out there.  I love the fact that I  have this brush, but I must admit I probably would not purchase on my own.

Kat Von D Lock- It Concealer Creme | $26
Kat Von D Lock- It Edge Concealer Brush | $24
Kat Von D Lock- It Setting Powder | $30
Kat Von D Lock- It Precision Powder Brush | $32

[Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review.  All opinions are my own.]


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Fall Beauty Wish List

As the season changes, so does the makeup.  I’m stashing some extra $$$ so I can purchase some of fall’s newest palettes, and let me tell you, it’s gorgeous stuff.  This is my ultimate wish list, I know I won’t get everything but I’ll be sure to pick up 2 or 3 things…

Fall Sephora Wish List

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Palette Color Wheel, $44 
I have a weird obsession with blush, I have 0 idea why, but I literally want every color blush in this whole world.  I can do without eyeshadow, but not blush.  Ever.  Tarte’s new color wheel palette looks INCREDIBLE, and I will for sure be purchasing this.  Drool.

bareMinerals The Wish List Eyeshadow Palette, $45
The colors in this palette look perfect for the holidays, both soft and smokey colors.  & I’m loving the pinks, browns, and shimmer feel to this palette.

Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighting Palette, $39
Because I just really need another highlighter….said no girl in 2016 ever.
…but this one is just so pretty!!

Benefit’s They’re Real! Big Sexy Eye Kit, $36 
I’m a Benefit junkie for sure, and this neutral kit is right up my alley.  I’m loving the design of the palette, the two colors are layered & ready to be swept across your lids.  Add in some blending and you have a perfect look in a snap.

Laura Mercier Fall in Love Face Illuminator Collection, $58 
The packaging of this collection…die.  & yes, I know, another highlighting product.  I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

Sephora & Ulta have tons of new makeup palettes and sets for the fall & holiday season, go check them out and treat yo’self!!

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Givenchy Acti’me Color Correcting Primer

If you’ve been reading LLB for a while now, you’ll notice I talk quite a bit about which products I use to calm, combat, and hide, my rosacea.  Even though my skincare game is on point in keeping it at bay, it’s still sometimes visible, depending on the weather some days worse than others.  When I do my makeup I don’t want to have to wear a ton of concealer (ps: see my review of my favorite, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, hereto hide the redness, so on days that aren’t so great I reach for my Givenchy Acti’me Color Correcting Primer in Acti Kiwi.
I used to be a huge fan of the Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer (ps: read my review, here), which is still one of my faves, but when I saw this Givenchy Color Correcting Primer, I was really interested in giving it a try.

The color of this redness corrector is a bit more minty looking compared to every other I’ve seen, which means it looks a bit more milky on the skin, which of course, looks sort of weird when applying.  I try not to pat it in as much as I would a moisturizer, but more so intentionally target it around my red areas, and just gently press it into the skin.
I look like I’ve used mint green blush after I apply, but as soon as I get started with my makeup it evens out and all redness disappears.  It also helps my skin brighten up, sometimes the redness can make me look tired and dull, but the coloring of this primer helps to brighten up those dull spots.

I’ve been really enjoying this primer, and I appreciate how well it covers my rosacea.  This is my first Givenchy product and, not surprisingly, I’m impressed!  The price tag is a little high, but I purchased this during the Sephora V.I.B. Rogue sale, so that justified it to me!  There are a few other Acti’me Color Correcting Primers that target different skin concerns, as well as a universal brightening primer, so check those out too!
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NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

This summer my skincare game has been on point, which has allowed me to seriously cut back on my makeup usage- it’s been great to say the least.  However, one product I have been consistently using this summer is NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, and it’s now a favorite.  I just ordered two from Sephora so I can have it whenever I might need it…I’m keeping one in my makeup drawer and one in my bag.

Since I’m tan right now I’ve been using Honey, which is a warm peach tone for light/ medium complexions.  This concealer blends so well into my skin, the formula in my opinion is lightweight and the level of hydration it delivers is excellent.  I’m able to use this concealer everywhere, around my nose, on any blemish, & over my rosacea.  It handles it all and I find I don’t even need to use too much product to get the job done.
I know the price may deter some buyers, but this truly is one of the top concealers out there, and if you have dry skin the creaminess of this NARS Concealer will save your life.  I tend to have more oily skin, but to be honest that hasn’t affected anything for me when using this product.  I use a setting powder to lock everything in place, which I think helps a lot.  Lastly, I think NARS delivers a great color range for this product, 16 different colors to be exact, so you’re hopefully guaranteed to match up with one of them!
Next time you’re in Sephora try out the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, the texture is different than other concealers I typically use, but I think that is what puts this products ahead of others!

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Top 5 Everyday Makeup Products

We all have those products that we turn to time and time again in our daily makeup look, right?  I know I do for sure!  Any time of day, or even any time of year, I can reach for these five products and know I’ll look just fine after using them.

Top 5 Everyday Makeup Products

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24hr Foundation in Shell Beige
You can read my full review on this product here, but all in all this is the best drugstore/ everyday foundation I have ever used.  The application is so smooth and blendable, not to mention it even covers blemishes so I don’t need any added concealer for those areas of my face.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey 
I have a full review for this product next week, but for now just know it has made its way into my heart as a top 5 everyday product.  This is your one stop concealer for covering up absolutely anything on your face you want or need to cover.  I mostly use it for brightening up under my eyes, and covering redness around my nose.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara
This has been my go-to mascara since it came out a couple of years ago.  I also have a full review on this here.  This mascara is not waterproof, just an FYI, but it gives my lashes a voluminous look with great length and curl.

NARS The Multiple Stick in Orgasm
I’ve been using this since high school, without a doubt it’s NARS’ #1 product.  This multipurpose stick gives a great flush to the cheeks with a little gold shimmer.  You can also use this on eyes and lips, but I mostly use it as a blush.

Buxom Full-On Lip Creme in White Russian 
Perfect neutral nude pink gloss that’ll match whatever you’re wearing.  It’s soft and tingly, giving your lips a plump look.  Double bonus, it’s super creamy and filled with vitamin A & E to keep lips hydrated.

What are some of your Everyday Makeup Products?!  I’d love to try out some new ones!

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Budget Beauty Roundup

Right now I’m in the testing phase for quite a few new Budget Beauty items, so I figured today I would roundup some of my past Budget Beauty Favorites.  The links will bring you to my full reviews!  Happy Monday!

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Sephora VIB Rouge Sale

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I opened my email to a 15% off sale at Sephora for VIB Rouge members.  Now, I know that membership into VIB Rouge signifies you’re a beauty obsessed crazy person spending way too much $$$ at Sephora, but between my Mom & I, come on, it kinda makes sense.
The good news is, I only purchased 3 things!  I’m really trying to clear out my beauty closet and I have a ton of products I have yet to even touch, but toner and cleanser are two things I typically run out of quickly.  I decided on the Korres Pomegranate Toner because it’ll help with redness, and the Ren ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser sounded awesome and will hopefully help me be proactive in avoiding breakouts.  I also have been wanting the Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder Duo.

If you’re a Rouge member and deciding what to purchase for this quickie sale, here are some suggestions.  Also, his sale ends Wednesday, August 13, so shop online today or head into your nearest Sephora ASAP!!
Tried-and-true favorites…

If I had an unlimited bank account I also would’ve purchased….

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Budget Beauty: L’Oreal Infallible Matte-Pro Foundation

I’m forever looking for new foundations, & I’m pretty much willing to pay any price for a great foundation that’ll cover imperfections and give me a natural look.  So, with that being said, I cannot even remember the last time I used a drugstore foundation before this one.  I had heard such great things about the L’Oreal InfallibleMatte- Pro Foundation since it came out, and I thought I’d at least give it a try, I color matched to 102 Shell Beige, and give it a whirl.

This foundation seriously delivers, & I mean it delivers all day long, and doesn’t take a break.  Labeled as a 24 hour foundation I was skeptical of L’Oreal, and while thankfully I’ve never quite made it to the 24 hour mark, I have made it to the 16 hour mark (a Friday for a teacher can be a pretty long day), and it still looked good!

Clearly, as you can tell from the name, this foundation is going to give you a matte finish, an easily blendable matte-pro finish to be exact.  It gives flawless coverage without looking cake-y or dry, and it creates the perfect canvas for a highlight, blush, and bronzer.

I’ve used both a Beauty Blender and foundation brush to apply the  L’Oreal Infallible Matte- Pro Foundation and both work great.  As I said, it’s blends well and you can slowly build coverage and not worry about it looking like too much.  It also has a wide variety of color choices, so you’re almost guaranteed to find a perfect match.

This foundation truly has all the makings of a high end beauty product, but with the budget beauty price point.  I highly advise you give it a try next time you’re in your local drugstore or Target!

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Vapour Organic Beauty Luminous Instant Skin Perfector

Some mornings, if I’m in a rush, I need to be able to apply something quickly over my moisturizer that gives me a little bit of oomph, without a real “makeup routine”.  You know, #teacherlife.
One of my favorite YouTuber’s, Esteé Lalonde, aka Essie Button, featured organic beauty brand Vapour in one of her haul videos, and I instantly checked out the brand.  Esteé had featured their Stratus Luminous Instant Skin Perfector– essentially a primer, blur-er, & brightener in stick form.  SO convenient, am I right?

I had a Stratus Luminous Instant Skin Perfector at my doorstep a few weeks later, &  I was so psyched to give it a try as I’ve been trying to incorporate more organic products into my daily routine. 
 Vapour products are 70%+ organic, and the remaining ingredients are “mineral pigments and essential oils”.  I really enjoyed learning about the company’s commitment to sustainable beauty, I encourage you to take a look at the Vapour Organic Beauty Philosophy, here.  Anyway, after using the Instant Skin Perfector for two weeks straight, I was beyond hooked.  Here’s why…
After going through my morning routine I swipe the stick all over my face & blend it with my fingers a bit, concentrating on areas that need a little more coverage than others.  My skin looks refreshed, bright, and some trouble spots, most often my chin area, look more even and less bothered.  I simply apply some concealer under my eyes, around my nose, and again, on those troubling spots…and I’m done.  That’s it.

Can you tell it’s been well loved?

All of this happens in under 3 minutes.  I swipe some mascara on my lashes, & we’re good to go.

As a primer this product really does create a nice canvas for whatever makeup you want to apply.  The use of the stick was interesting at first, I was worried about pulling on my skin, but after a few tries I was able to apply the Instant Skin Perfector easily.  The blending with my fingertips, especially around those problem areas I mentioned, was a nice alternative to how I typically apply primer.

As more and more women make the switch to organic beauty products it’s important we have brands we can trust.  After my continual use of the Stratus Luminous Instant Skin Perfector I’m looking forward to adding some more Vapour Organic Beauty products to my routines.

Have you started adding more organic products to your beauty routine? 

[Disclaimer: Vapour Organic Beauty provided me with this product.  All opinions are my own.]

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