Bumble and Bumble, Coco de Creme

I’ve been coloring my hair since high school, it hasn’t been it’s real color since….8th grade.  SO, I need to make sure I’m using a shampoo and conditioner that is keeping my hair healthy and my color long lasting.  I used to switch around my hair routine, try different things, use inexpensive products…but I found that for me, it just doesn’t work.  My hair stylist, Lauren, recommended Bumble and Bumble’s Coco de Creme shampoo and conditioner to me about a year ago and I have not stopped using it since.

It’s super moisturizing, I have a problem with dryness in the winter (like most people, but worse) and even when using the shampoo you can tell it’s moisturizing.  Bonus: it smells like coconut because coconut butter is an ingredient, yay!  The conditioner leaves my hair super soft and shiny with no frizz (which is another huge problem of mine).  My comb slides right through after I shower, no tangles or anything.

Since beginning to use these products, and all other Bumble and Bumble products, I’ve noticed an amazing transformation in my hair.  It’s def much healthier than it used to be, looking shinier, and styles much better.  It’s also helped my scalp a lot which is super sensitive for some reason, I don’t know why…I’m weird.  Anyway, this truly is my favorite hair care line, I have tons of their products.

If you’re looking to buy either of these…whatever you do…DON’T PURCHASE FROM AMAZON, it’s counterfeit.  Your best option is to buy from the Bumble and Bumble website, Sephora, or any reputable salon that has a full range of Bumble and Bumble products (to make sure those aren’t knockoff too!)

Check out the Bumble and Bumble website here to see which “family” of their hair care products would be best for you!!

Lush’s H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment

Photo: Lush.com
Last night I put the incredibly popular hair mask, H’Suan Wen Hua by Lush, on and I absolutely love it!  I have super long hair so I used almost the entire pot, but it was def worth it.  My hair is also extremely colored treated, base color and highlights, so I was skeptical on whether or not this mask would have an obvious effect.
Since it’s kinda thin (I heard it was super thick…so, I’m slightly confused…but whatever), it was a little bit messy but no big deal.  I left it on for 12 hours (they recommend 20mins, but I’ve heard the longer you leave it in, the better).  I decided to just go to sleep with it in, then I shampooed and conditioned normally when I woke up.  I just pinned up all my hair, and covered it with my Hello Kitty ;] shower cap, it was fine and comfortable all night.
So far, I’m loving the effects on my hair.  I added the products I normally do right after I wash it, and I can tell there’s a difference from the texture of my hair to just the way its falling today as its drying.  It feels light and overall just looks healthier, shiner, and softer.  The smell lingered a little bit, a mix of cinnamon and bananas..I hate bananas…but I don’t mind this at all.  
This hair mask contains tons of natural ingredients (what Lush is known best for)…free range eggs (the main ingredient) bananas, avocados, watercress, bay leaves, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, rosemary, and cinnamon oil.  It also has some chemicals in it, but just from the consistency and overall effect I can tell how natural and pure it is, which is exactly why I like it so much! 
I’m giving the rest of the pot to my mom to try, she has short, color treated, curly hair.  I’m interested to see the different effects (if any) the mask has on our two different hair types!
Overall grade for the Lush H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment: A+  Everyone should def try it if there hair is needing a little love!  You can find it at any Lush retail store or Macy’s Lush store for $18.95.  I rather spend $19 than hundreds at my salon to get a hair treatment, so it was well worth the money!

My First Birchbox!

I was SO happy today when I came home from the beach…I saw a bright pink box from Birchbox!! YAY.  I wrote about Birchbox a couple of posts ago, I while I said I was hesitant at signing up, the good news is…I LOVE EVERYTHING IN MY BOX!
First off, the packaging is so cute.  When I opened the box I saw that Cynthia Rowley was a contributor to this month’s box.  I love Cynthia Rowley, I have a super cute silver sequin pillow by her and I take it everywhere with me…literally…it’s in my car right now.  The products in this month’s box are her favorites, which works perfectly for me because my favorite facial product of all time is in it!  
I’ll begin with my favorite, “Purity made simple” facial cleanser by philosophy.  This is my favorite makeup remover ever.  My mom and I both use it, and we’re addicted.  Of course, it’s a travel size, which is perfect because I’m going to Chicago at the end of the month, so I’ll def need it then.
My next product is “Redken shine brillance” glistening mist.  I thought maybe at first this was a light hair spray, but I sprayed it on my hand and it’s not sticky at all…which is what I was hoping for.  The smell isn’t so lovely, but we’ll see how it works out.
The next two products are Joya perfume and Nuxe dry oil.  I’m not familiar with either of these brands, so I’m excited to see if I like the products.  I don’t typically use shower oil in the summer (spray tan killer), so I probably won’t start using that until the fall.  The Joya perfume is a roll on, it smells very clean and fresh but I’m not sure I would really consider it a fabulous scent.
The last two products are a ybf beauty eyebrow pencil, in taupe, and a KIND almond and apicot snack bar.  Um, I was slightly confused as to why there was a snack bar in my beauty box…but then I read the note in the box and Cynthia Rowley says she always has one on her, so it’s an extra for this month.  I’m excited to use the eyebrow pencil, I’ve honestly never used one before because I really love my eyebrows, but whenever I go get my makeup done professionally they always still fill them in.  It’ll be a good experiement…hopefully.
SO, that’s my July Birchbox!  My expectations were definitely exceeded with this first box, from the products to the packaging.  I hope next month makes me just as happpyyyyy!

Just Because…Birchbox

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Last night I took the $10 plunge and signed up for the beauty-box-of-the-month club, Birchbox!  This club is relatively new but so far the press and reviews have been great!  In case you haven’t heard about Birchbox here’s a quick rundown…every month, for $10, you get a box with four or five beauty samples.  The samples cover hair, skin, makeup, body, and fragrance.  

Also, you can earn reward points, there are different things you can do to earn these points like purchase full size products (recieve 1 point for every dollar), refer friends (50 points for every friend who signs up), and review products (10 points for every review you do).  Once you get 100 points, you’ll get a $10 reward that you can put towards a full sized product.
I’m super excited to recieve my first box in July.  I took a beauty quiz so my box is more tailored for me.  For example they ask about skin tone, hair color, etc.  It’s very similar to the jewelry profile Jewelmint asks you to complete. It’s all about narrowing down the best options for you!  
I was slightly skeptical about this club for the past month, samples are samples.  They’re small, and although you get 4 or 5 per box is $10 really worth it?  Well, I decided it was once I took a look at their brand page.  I think Birchbox has done a great job of securing deals with amazing brands, I recognized and think highly of almost all of them!  bareMinerals, benefit, Cargo, juice Beauty, laura mercier, Nars, Oscar Blandi, stila, too faced, and Kate Spade are some of my favorites from the list!  I use these brands, and others listed, almost every day.  So I know I’ll use, and hopefully love, every sample given to me!
I’m constantly looking for ways to build up and evolve my beauty routine.  Rather than spending $30-$50 for a new product, I can try the sample first and then really think about whether or not I want to purchase it.  And if I do, I can purchase directly from Birchbox and get rewards points!  While I’m not really looking to spend money on full sized products any time soon, I’m loving my beauty routine right now, it’s always a good option down the road.  
For now, I think I’m gonna have fun sampling new things every month!  I’ll do a review with pictures once I get my first box!

April Favorites

I know I’ve been seriously MIA lately, but with junior year almost ending things have been hectic and for some reason, super dramatic!  BUT, I’m back with my April must haves and I’s super excited about them!! 
The first product I’ve noticed I cannot stop using is my Bumble and Bumble Classic hair spray.  This hair spray definitely isn’t light– and I’m going to have to disagree with the website’s claim of it’s easy to brush through.  BUTTT I LOVEEEE using this for when I go out at night– I know I won’t frizz or fall limp (meaning my hair of course) while dancing the night away.
Urm, this is actually empty…  
I have combination hair, it’s have wavy but not really…and can get super frizzy.  Most hair sprays in my opinion are too sticky and just leave my hair gross– the Bumble and Bumble Classic spray doesn’t do either.  I would use another one of the Bumble and Bumble hair sprays to begin with while styling your hair, but def end with the Classic for the strongest hold and shine.
My second love of the month is my Present Clear Makeup Primer by Philosophy.  It really is like clear makeup.  The key to using this product is not using too much– a little bit seriously goes a long way.  During the warmer months I like to go light on makeup, so using this product def helps me have that bright, clear, and super even complexion without loading up on foundation or anything else (besides concealer).  When I used too much (although I didn’t think I had) it made me look shiny, so make sure you use a small amount.  Remember, even though it is a thicker formula and you’ll think you need more to cover your entire face…YOU DON’T!
Can you tell I love this?
You can also use Present at night before you layer on your bedtime products.  I would suggest you trying it for a week with just layering serum on top since Present is already moisturizing.  If you don’t think it’s moisturizing enough then add a small amount of your typical nighttime moisturizer on top of the serum like usual!
My last favorite product I’ve been using is Zero Oil by Origins.  You already know I loveee Origins, so this product was quick to become another one of my favorites.  I tend to have oily skin in one area of my face, so this is a perfect way to mattify and treat that one area.  I put this on top of my VitaZing in the morning (esp since it’s getting hot outside which equals humidity yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk).  HOWEVER, Zero Oil is totally liquid…like water…so I just pat it into my skin–VitaZing has pigment in it so if you rub in Zero Oil on top it’s not too pretty.  
Shake the bottle well before using!
As great as Zero Oil is I reallyyyyyyyyyy wish it came in a spray bottle, it’d make it way easier to use! Nonetheless, I have seen a great improvement in my complexion throughout the day when I don’t always have time to touch up and focus on my shiny areas!! 
Click the links above to shop each product!!