I Started Working Out, & I Maybe, Kinda, Like It

Okay so this is no secret, I’ve always strongly disliked working out, the thought of working out makes me cringe, and I find it way too easy to come up with a million excuses as to why I don’t have time, energy, etc. I’ve come to realize, I’m just not naturally inclined to want to go on a run, or start doing push-ups.

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For 2019 I wrote down some goals, and becoming more active at my gym was def one of them. I mean seriously, why am I spending this money and not going?! I was doing yoga a couple times during the week over the summer, and completely fell off once the school year started. So when January rolled around, I knew I needed to make a change. One major influence for my change was the Apple Watch. My boyfriend, Rob, came in strong with this Christmas present, it’s been such a great motivation for me to get my b-u-t-t in the gym and close my rings as often as possible.

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Staying Fit with Blogilates

My best friend, Heather, introduced me a while ago to this amazing fitness blog appropriately called Blogilates, by Cassy Ho.  Cassy is a Pilates instructor that has taken fitness to a glamorous level and has done an amazing and inspiring job at building her blog and her brand.

I. Love. Pilates.  I took it both semesters this past year for credit, and it was my first time really trying it back in August when school started.  I love the flow and intensity, or sometimes lack there of, of the movements — I saw an instant change in my body, and the workouts leave me feeling energized, and more important, really good about myself.  So, when Heather told me about this blog I was all ears and now I check it weekly for new information and videos — and constantly go back to old videos for workouts and tips.

First, Cassy has an amazing line of workout apparel and yoga bags that she sells on http://www.ogorgeous.com/.  Her gear is super cute (see pics below), which I personally think always adds motivation to working out…and affordable, which is the best part.

All pictures from: http://www.ogorgeous.com/

Now aside from the shopping aspect of Blogilates, the real amazing part about this blog is the unending amount of fitness information and workout resources.

In the ‘Workout Videos’ section of the blog Cassy has tons of videos covering all parts of the body.  There’s a ‘Bikini Blaster’ series, Pilates videos that target every area, various ‘Challenges’, and Cardio  videos.  Each video is upbeat, her personality is amazing and I can guarantee you, (as someone who doesn’t particularly like to workout) you will be hooked on her workouts.

Blogilates also has a workout calendar that you can access every month when you sign up for the monthly newsletter, meal plans, and recipes.  Seriously, the meal plan is amazing and breaks down absolutely everything you need for a balanced diet.

Every section of the blog is filled with a ton of great information, all heard toward creating a healthier, stronger YOU.  I’m really trying to make some big lifestyle changes, which includes getting into better shape and reshaping my current eating habits.  It’s definitely difficult, but I’ve found Blogilates so inspirational while starting.

Let me know if you check out the website and like it, or if you’ve already heard of it, and love it!!  Believe me when I say…YOU’RE GONNA LOVE BLOGILATES.

PS: Check out her two YouTube channels and subscribe for the latest workout routines and healthy living vlogs!

The Original POP Pilates  
Blogilates Healthy Food Obsession ‘n Vlogs

Working Out Made Easy

Truth: I hate going to the gym.   I always think it smells weird.  I’m scared the machines are super dirty.  And if I’m gonna go, I want it to be empty– which is only at 6am (…snooze).
Although I hate the gym I do know how important it is to work out and stay healthy.  So, I’ve attempted to make my dorm room into a mini-gym that caters to exactly what I want to do.  I don’t have to worry about my room smelling weird, being dirty, or too crowded- it’s perfect!  So, if you don’t like going to the gym either here are some simple suggestions to create your room into a relaxing and easy place to get a good workout in.

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