Trend: Polka Dots [Part II]


So, my laptop has been dunzo for the past couple of days but it seems to be okay now…let’s hope. Bleh. ANYWAY, here are some fabulous and affordable (with some fun splurges!) polka dot accessories if you’re not all into the clothing aspect of this trend.

Marc by Marc Jacobs has a lot of polka dot jewelry out this season, and duh I love it.  Zappos Couture has it all, so check it out!
Polka Dot Cocktail Confetti Bangle — $62.00

Trend: Polka Dots

I’ve been looking at the Fall 2011 runway shows…again…recently to see what’s going on as I get ready for the fall.  One look that kept appearing on runways (Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenburg) was polka dots, wearable  looks that can be easily translated to any fashionista’s budget.  I’m not that big into polka dot clothing, I’m much more of an accessories chick when it comes to any trend.  

Polka dots can be fun and super cute when worked with the correct way, a head to toe polka dot ensemble would just look…gross.  SO, I’ve put together a few clothing options, that I think make a statement for this fall trend…but won’t make you look stupid. 

Lauren Conrad seems to be having a moment, so I’ll start with this dress.  I love the color, it’s perfect for transitioning into the fall season.  I’d wear this to happy hour or dinner with my girls, and pair it with simple accessories so the focus can be on the dress.  

Shop the look here. $189.99

I also really love this dress by UK favorite, Asos.  You can dress this up or down with whatever accessories you choose.  I think going with a gold set of bangles would look awesome, and if you really wanna spice it up a bit, go with bright colored heels or flats.  AND, extra plus…it’s on sale!

Shop the look here! $41.37

This first shirt is from Forever 21, of course they’re all up on the polka dot craze.  Anyway, I love this because it looks super comfy and would be great for an everyday look.  I like the slouchy fit, if you wear it to class then wanna go out after, just dress it up with jewelry and it’ll look a little more than just the minimum casual.  For this price, you really can’t beat it.

Shop the look here! $12.80

I couldn’t get the picture of this next item to save!!  But, I like this shirt by Ark & Co I found on Piperlime a lot because you can pair it with dark skinny jeans or jeggings, and make it pop with chunky jewelry.  It’s simple, but the bow adds something different, and it’s not too much. As it gets cooler out, just put on a light cardigan and you’re set.

I’m having major computer problems right now, so I’m gonna do the accessories and shoes tomorrow!! 

Happy Birthday Zoe Report!

I die for this closet. Freakin ba-na-nas.
Today is Rachel Zoe’s Zoe Report’s second birthday!  If you don’t know, the Zoe Report is a daily email highlighting something fabulous in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle world.  I’ve been subscribed to the Zoe Report since it started, I’ve watched every single episode of The Rachel Zoe Project (and have the third season on my iPhone), read her book A to Zoe, been all up in her contributions to AND went to Neiman Marcus yesterday to look at her new collection.  
Obvz, I love her.  She truly is a style and stylist icon, we’ve all seen Anne Hathaway, Eva Mendes, and Cameron Diaz (pictured below) look absolutely gorg on the red carpet…besides their natural beauty you can credit all of that to Ms. Zoe for putting it together.  
Anne Hathaway styled by Zoe for the Oscars.

Cameron Diaz styled by Zoe for the Oscars.

Eva Mendes styled by Zoe for the Golden Globes.
 Not only is she awesome with everything she does (if you think I’m craycray for being obsessed with her, just watch her show…or read her book…) BUT she went to my college (GWU) AND majored in sociology.  Just. Like. Me.  OH, and she also grew up in Jersey, like myself…it really doesn’t get much better. 
Zoe recently launched her new high-end collection, check out the YouTube video of behind the scenes action she made with…one of my favorites…Shopbop.  PS. She also has a line with QVC, so check it out for super affordable finds. 


The daily Zoe Report is amazing, giving great advice to every fashionista in the world, even giving some awesome discounts along the way.  Sign up for the Zoe Report here!  I promise you you’ll love it and be excited to read it everyday.
Oh ya, and her baby Skyler Morrison Berman, will be the best dressed child…in the whole world.  Duh.

OOTD: Stayin Cool

It is so hot and gross out I just wanna lay around in a bathing suit all day and do nothing.  Unfortunately, that’s not an option. Boo.  This is an easy outfit to wear on a hot day like this, sometimes it’s easy to dress kinda bland on redic hot days, but this combination was easy and doesn’t look drab!
I’m wearing a shirt by Silence and Noise that I bought in Urban Outfitters about a year ago.  It was on sale for $9.99…lovely!  I paired it with a black belt, I’m not sure where I bought that.  I really like this shirt but you have to wear it with a high waist belt.  Why?  Well, this shirt is a size small but without a belt it looks absolutely awful, which is why I think it was so cheap.  I remember thinking when I first tried it on, ew…why is this shirt shaped so terribly..but then I thought about it and my belt plan worked perfectly!
My shorts are Calvin Klein, I bought them at Macy’s.  They are so comfortable and wash really well, I wear them all the time.
I didn’t want to wear any necklace with this, it would’ve been too much with the belt.  I just added this cuff I bought in Forever 21 a while back.  It’s simple and the blue-green matches well with the color of the shirt.
Because I’m not wearing a lot of jewelry I decided to jazz this up with these flat sandals by Jessica Simpson.  I bought these at DSW, I think they’re adorable, and they match anything!  I tried to search for them online to post on here, but I can’t find them anywhere.
Hope you like!

Shop It To Me…Literally…

 I’m a part of this wonderful online shopping community called Shop it To Me: Your Personal Shopper.  Basically you create a profile where you choose your favorite brands or stores, put in your size (you can choose multiple sizes), price range, discount range, and categories (accessories, shoes, dresses, etc).  Then, Shop it To Me sends you an email, you choose how often you want to receive it, filled with sales from all the stores/brands you chose!  Clearly genius.
I have mine set up to send me a compilation twice a week and I also receive their VIP emails which have secret sales for members.  Also, Shop It To Me members can save on shipping or additional discounts with various coupon codes that are in each email.
You can also constantly update your profile, so if I want to add a store or brand…for example I recently added Express to my list…it’s super easy to do so and that store’s sales will be in your next email!
If you want to sign up send me your email address and I’ll send you an invite! 
Here are some FAQs on the website if you want to read up on it some more!

Haul: Anthropologie

This past weekend I went to Anthropologie, it’s one of my favorite stores because they have the cutest clothes and household accessories.  I went shopping with my mom, and got a few things.  Hope you enjoy!  PS: I have yet to find a decent background for pictures, sorry, I’m still working on it!  
When I saw this dress, known as the Wayfarer Dress, I knew it would be perfect for my internship this coming semester.  When I tried it on, I was very impressed with how professional it looked, while still looking incredibly stylish.  I’m a tall girl, but the length is perfect on me, which is sometimes difficult for me to find!  The middle is a little too big, so I’ll need to get it taken in a bit, but the bottom half is perfect and super flattering.

Most of my shirts are sleeveless, and in the summer going into a restaurant can prove to be quite the chilling experience.  The air conditioning is full blast, but I still don’t want to wear a sweater, or necessarily something with sleeves.  I think this Circle Vest is super cute, the color, taupe, is perfect for matching any outfit, and (hopefully) it’ll take away the slight chill when indoors.  I like the design, and it’s slouchy frame.

I loved the style and fit of this shirt when I tired it on.  I know it’s simple, but I can dress it down with jean shorts or dress it up by tucking it in with black shorts for going out.  Adding a big chunky necklace will be great too, the coloring is perfect so I can choose either gold or silver jewelry.  Unfortunately, I can’t find this shirt online!  It wasn’t on sale, so I don’t know why I can’t find it…but check out the store if your interested!

I always find myself picking up a book in this store, when I saw The Gospel According to Coco Chanel I knew I had to have it.  Any book title with the words ‘gospel” and ‘Coco Chanel’ should be in any fashionista’s life.  While I haven’t started reading it yet, I know I’ll start it soon…I think it’ll be a perfect beach read.

While I was in Anthro I tried on a pair of AG Stevie Ankle jeans in sulfur plum.  Colored denim is taking over this summer.  Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Cameron Diaz has been seen rocking ROYGBIV via denim.  I love it, but I wasn’t sure I could pull it off…turns out I really liked the look!  I decided not to get them because I wasn’t 100% sold on the color, but I’m glad I tried them out and I’m happier I liked it!

Haul: Charming Charlie

I’m in the Atlanta area (Suwanee, GA to be exact) visiting my Dad for the week.  Unfortunately, but excitingly (I didn’t know that was a real word), he’s moving to the Fort Worth area in a few months.  While I know I’ll be in the city area of Atlanta still quite often, one thing I will miss is the jewelry store Charming Charlie which is just about a 10min drive from our house. 
I had absolutely no idea what Charming Charlie was until I walked passed it one day, at which point I turned my head and thought to myself OMFG I NEED EVERYTHING IN THIS STORELiterally.  I truly felt like I hit the fashion jewelry mecca.  If you’ve never been to, or heard of, this store before I have one word to describe it…color. TONS OF COLOR.  It’s a huge store (at least the one by me is) and all the accessories are divided up by color on huge round tables.  Also, everything is super inexpensive, think one step above Forever 21 in price, but a flight of stairs above them in quality, which is why I always seem to walk out with half the store.
Before I get started on my haul, here’s a quick commerical from their YouTube channel! (PS: Check out all their videos on YouTube, they’re great!!)  They also have a a blog, Charm Chronicles, which while I’ve only read a few posts, looks pretty good!!  
Here are my purchases!!!  Unfortunately you cannot buy their products online…lame.  But check out the store locater because you never know if there’s one near you!!  I just found out there’s one about 40mins from my house in Jersey!!  Enjoy!
I love classic looking pieces like the one on the right that I can dress up or dress down.  I have a few necklaces along the line of this one but I love the layered look and I have great bracelets that will complement it!  The black and silver necklace with flowers reflects my true style and I know that one will get a lot of wear.
I loved these earrings when I saw them, I think they could go both in a casual and elegant direction.  I actually have a bracelet that will match perfectly with them!  I love that color blue against a rustic gold color, and the shape with that coloring looks great.
A cute flower power ring, just because.  I thought it was summery and I could wear with a black outfit for a pop of color, or at the beach! And, an owl ring because owls are our mascot and I can’t help myself when I see owls!
Two owl necklaces one gold and one silver.  As I just said, I can’t help myself when I see anything owls, and the price was right, so I went with it!  I don’t think you can tell but the other necklace is gold with a hint of copperish color to it.  I thought the coloring was interesting and I would have the focus be on the necklace when I’m wearing it since it might be hard to match other pieces with it.
Another owl, this one kinda looks scary but it has abuncha purples in it which is why I liked it so much!  I loved this drop ring because of the color and while it’s still a piece of fashion jewelry I know I’ll be able to dress it up if I want to!
I thought this necklace was really pretty and I absolutely love the colors.  It’s light and perfect for the summer– I think I’ll layer on tons of bracelets with complementing colors when I wear this.
I know this bracelet is a little loud and ridiculous, but I really don’t care…I think it’s fun and unexpected.  I have an all black bathing suit that I know this bracelet will look great against when I’m at the beach.  It might be hard to incorporate this into a lot of outfits, but I think its a great easy option for the shore.

Sophie Theallet for Nine West

Photo: Scottsdale Fashionista
 I was so happy when the doorbell rang this morning because my Sophie Theallet for Nine West flats finally arrived!!  In case you don’t know French designer Sophie Theallet has cleverly teamed up with Nine West for a spring/summer 2011 collection.  Ms. Theallet has many achievements under her belt including work with Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Her collection with Nine West is interesting because she reprises the same pattern in every different style shoe yet they all have their own individual feeling and distinguished look.  There are only two colors to chose from, pink or chocolate — I chose pink, naturally, but the chocolate is cute too!! The inspriation of the collection is Theallet taking a trip from Paris to NYC and the pattern reflects the vibe of both cities.

This line has gotten so much press it’s crazy!  All major fashion outlets have reported on it making the launch this month extremely successful. I knew I wanted a pair of shoes but I didn’t know which one (there are 3).  I opted with the flats for comfort, and I know I would wear them the most. The shoes and two bags are pretty much the same price $80-$100 but I think it’s well worth it for a capsule collection!
Anyway as I was saying…I ordered the Pila flats in pink I LOVE them!! They fit perfectly (true to size) and have a good cushion which is always important when wearing flats.  Because they’re pink and have a bow I was thinking they may be too ‘loud‘ but they actually match my outfit today perfectly and are in no way too over the top looking!  

 I think that Sophie Theallet collaborating with Nine West was a great move for the company.  Sometimes I think Nine West isn’t for people my age — some of their styles can be kinda dry and boringBUT, they def changed the game with this capsule line (even their regular summer collection is good this year) and hopefully they’ll continue to do more to appeal to a younger crowd!
Almost forgot to mention, I’m a Nine Loves Rewards member and I had a $10 coupon which I put to good use on this purchase!! If you ever shop at Nine West I highly suggest signing up for this free program.  You get points per dollar spent (on special days triple points) and for every 150 points earned you get a $10 reward to use on anything (including sale and clearance)!! You’ll also get special promo codes and secret sale information throughout the year, and a birthday coupon! 

The Tale of the Fairy

Okay SO.  Karl Lagerfeld, AKA the genius behind Chanel just created this film for the Chanel Cruise 2012 line.  It’s called, as you can guess from my title, The Tale of the Fairy.  All fashion critics are saying this short film is his best to date, so I decided to share it on here!
Obviously I’ve watched it, and even gone back to some parts, I love it and I think you will too!! You can’t help but want to dive into your computer and be in the scene (I hope I’m not the only one…) everything is just over-the-top beautiful– except, the acting. Good thing people are only watching it for the clothes, jewelry, and everything in between (minus…the acting…).
Enjoy the opulence!

Spring Splurge: Kate Spade

I’m a magazine junkie, and I’m honestly loving all the Kate Spade spring campaign ads with Bryce Dallas Howard I’ve been seeing for months now.  I don’t think its possible to not instantly perk up when you see these ads, I mean COME ON they’re so bright and as I like to call them, candyesque.  I. want. everything.
I love Kate Spade, I remember my mom let me one of her Kate Spade black bags when I was likeeeee 12, and I was on cloud nine when I used it.  Although, I’m sure the general public thought I was weird because it’s just so classic looking, and I was 12. ANYWAY, I don’t care! 
Another reason why I’m so pro Spade right now is their efforts to help empower women around the world!  The Women for Women International campaign has helped to heighten awareness of women empowerment issues throughout Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Rwanda.  I def plan on purchasing this straw tote, which was made by women in Rwanda.  Proceeds from the purchase of this bag will go directly back to the Rwandian women.  And, since I’m always skeptical about things like this I have made sure that this is 100% true.  While I wouldn’t use this as an everyday bag, I’m a huge beach girl and would def bring this down the shore!
Although Kate Spade may be pricey for some, their shoes will certainly last you a long time!  I have flats and sandals that I’ve had for years and they still all look great!  As far as spring 2011 goes I’m wanting more neon in my life, which fits in perfectly with the shoes below!
I know for an absolute fact I’ll be buying the Tipsy flats in pink!  They also come in yellow, but I’m much more of a pink girl.   I love the mix of neon and canvas, which can be seen through the spring collection in shoes and bags.
Photo: Fashionologie
For an everyday sandal, I’m loving the Hula Too photoed below!  It’s functional and you can build on the intensity of the color with great accessories.  And, I’m all about the extra glitz so I also love the top of them.  
Photo: Polyvore
For right now, the bag and two pairs of shoes are on my wish list for April and May! Def check out the Kate Spade website for tons more spring options that are to die for!